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t of the Council, he probably had much to do with designating Prescott and his thousand Massachusetts and Connecticut men for the service. He was anxious to bring the foe out of their pent-up quarters, and fight them at once on more ‘equal terms.’ He had just been made brigadier-general by his adopted state, and he was now made general superintendent of the detachment. Said Colonel Samuel Swett in his story of the Battle--of Bunker Hill, which was published in 1818, and was declared by Alden Bradford, the historian of Massachusetts, ‘The Christian Examiner,’ and other highest authorities, to be the most correct and perfect of all the earlier accounts of the engagement, whatever additional details have since been gathered: ‘General Putnam, having the general superintendence of the expedition, and the engineer, Colonel Gridley, accompanied the troops.’ General Seth Pomeroy, it may be stated, also went with them, and this was on the evening of June 16. As they reached the base of
nd Church Covenant according to Scripture, drawn up by Mr. Higginson, of which each of the thirty received a copy. Governor Bradford of Plymouth had been invited to witness the organization of the church, and he, and some others with him, coming bylace, both for plantation and trade, at the Fresh or Connecticut River, and in June, 1633, Governor Edward Winslow and Mr. Bradford came to Boston partly to confer about joining in a trade to Connecticut, for beaver and hemp, and to prevent the Dutcho any place they shall think meet to make choice of, provided they continue still under this government. In August Governor Bradford wrote to Winthrop, complaining that men from Dorchester had set down at Connecticut near the Plymouth trading housement was let go upon his behaviour for further censure. Upon the sailing of the Charity for England in July, 1624, Governor Bradford followed her a few miles to sea and procured copies of letters which both Lyford and Oldham had written, full of co
Jackson to furnish the means, and the engineering skill of a Moody and a Jackson to accomplish the work, but they are entitled to full credit for the measure of success to which they attained. In 1813 Messrs. Francis C. Lowell and Patrick T. Jackson, of Boston, purchased Boies's Mr. Boies's cottage was situated nearly opposite the counting-room of the company. Directly in front of its site there stood, until within two years, a fine large willow tree, said to have been planted by Alden Bradford, the old Secretary of the Commonwealth, from a willow stick which had previously been used for one or more days as a drover's staff. paper-mill and water-power at the upper fall, and in connection with Mr. Nathan Appleton and other associates, incorporated as the Boston Manufacturing Company, with an authorized capital of $400,000, by an Act passed February 23d of that year, began the erection of the cotton-mill that was to be the nucleus of some of the largest cotton-manufactories in Am
estions between Watertown and New Town, 19. Bounty for killing squirrels and blackbirds, 98; to soldiers in Canada expedition, 101. Bowers, Mrs. Isaac: only domestic goods store in Boston, 131. Bowles, Mrs., Sarah, innkeeper, 90. Bradford, Alden, plants a willow near cotton factory, 130 n. 1. Bradford, Governor of Plymouth, visits Salem, 11; gives right hand of fellowship to church, 12; visits Winthrop to arrange for trading at the Connecticut, 35; complains against the settlers Bradford, Governor of Plymouth, visits Salem, 11; gives right hand of fellowship to church, 12; visits Winthrop to arrange for trading at the Connecticut, 35; complains against the settlers on the Conn;, 36; shrewdness of, 37. Bradshaw, Eleazer, sells tea, 85. Bradstul, Simul, owner of Oldham Farm, 38. Brewer, Col., Jonathan, wounded at Bunker Hill, 82; proposed an expedition to Quebec, 103 n. 1. Brick building for English weavers still standing, 126. Brick Tavern, old, 89, 90. Bridge; Matthew, Cornet Nathaniel, William property of, 80. Bridge on Lyman Place, 96. Bridges at Bemis Station, 128. Bright, Deacon Henry, Jr., fatal accident to, 49-50; marriage