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78. John Greenland1678. Daniel Woodward1679. Isaac Fox1679. Stephen Willis1680. Thomas Willis1680. John Hall1680. Gersham Swan1684. Joseph Angier1684. John Bradshaw1685. Stephen Francis1685. Peter Tufts1686. Jonathan Tufts1690. John Tufts1690. Simon Bradstreet1695. The following owned lands in Medford before 1680in bearing their share of the expense of rebuilding. The Committee chosen to prosecute the whole matter to its final settlement were Deacon Thomas Willis, Ensign John Bradshaw, and Mr. Ebenezer Brooks. The appeal of Medford was just, and it was met by the Court of General Sessions of the Peace, sitting at Charlestown, Feb. 16,herefore appealed. The consequence was a legal trial of the case; and Medford, July 11, 1715, passed the following: Voted to empower Deacon Thomas Willis, Ensign John Bradshaw, and Mr. Ebenezer Brooks, as a Committee to defend the town against any suits in law having reference to the rebuilding of Mistic Bridge. The decision was
l Wade, Lieutenant Peter Tufts, and Stephen Willis, were chosen Selectmen. John Bradshaw and John Hall, jun., were chosen Surveyors of highways. Ensign Stephen Frais day, the town-clerk says:-- At said meeting the town reckoned with Ensign John Bradshaw; and there was due to him, upon the balance of all accounts, both for woFrancis1707. Stephen Willis1708. John Francis1709. Ebenezer Brooks1710. John Bradshaw1711. John Whitmore1712. Thomas Willis1713. Stephen Willis1714. Jonathan Tufts1715. Samuel Wade1717. Thomas Tufts1718. John Bradshaw1719. Jonathan Tufts1721. John Bradshaw1722. Thomas Tufts1723. Ebenezer Brooks1724. John BradshawJohn Bradshaw1722. Thomas Tufts1723. Ebenezer Brooks1724. John Bradshaw1725. Ebenezer Brooks1726. Stephen Hall1730. Thomas Hall1732. John Hall1733. Stephen Hall1734. John Willis1736. John Hall1737. Benjamin Willis1738. John HalJohn Bradshaw1725. Ebenezer Brooks1726. Stephen Hall1730. Thomas Hall1732. John Hall1733. Stephen Hall1734. John Willis1736. John Hall1737. Benjamin Willis1738. John Hall1739. Benjamin Willis1740. Simon Tufts1742. John Hall1743. Benjamin Willis1744. Samuel Brooks1745. Benjamin Willis1746. Jonathan Watson1749. Samuel Brooks17
lors and Senators. John Brooks, Councillor1812. P. C. Brooks, Councillor1818. Timothy Bigelow, Councillor1820. James M. Usher, Senator,1851. Sanford B. Perry, Senator,1852. E. C. Baker, Senator,1855. Representatives of Medford in the General Court. Peter Tuftschosen1689. Peter Tufts1690. Nathaniel Wade1692. Peter Tufts1694. Thomas Willis1703. Ebenezer Brooks1704. Thomas Willis1705. Stephen Willis1708. Thomas Tufts1714. Peter Tufts1715. Thomas Tufts1718. John Bradshaw1722. Samuel Brooks1723. John Allfordchosen1726. Benjamin Willis1730. William Willis1735. John Hall1741. William Willis1742. Andrew Hall1744. Stephen Hall1751. Samuel Brooks1762. Stephen Hall1763. Benjamin Hall1770. Simon Tufts1772. Benjamin Hall1775. Thomas Brooks1776. T. Brooks, (under the Constitution)1780. Thomas Brooks1781. Aaron Hall1782. John Brooks1785. James Wyman1787. Thomas Brooks1788. Ebenezer Hall1789. Nathaniel Hall1800. Timothy Bigelow1808. Dudley Ha
hed here in 1692, consented to remain in the plantation; and the town accordingly voted that he shall be boarded at Mr. John Bradshaw's for the year ensuing, if he shall continue his ministry so long among us. The usual price of board was five shilsent, with other delegates of the churches. The reverend elders and messengers being assembled at the house of Br. John Bradshaw, the first thing they did was the gathering a church; which was done by a number of the brethren's signing to a coven Nathaniel Pierce. Ebenezer Brooks. John Francis. Samuel Brooks. Thomas Willis. Stephen Willis. John Whitmore. John Bradshaw. Stephen Hall. Persival Hall. Jonathan Hall. Francis Whitmore. Thomas Willis, jun. Signed Feb. 11, 1713. ThMather, the Rev. S. Bradstreet, the Rev. R. Brown, and the Rev. J. Fox. The rest, being present, at the house of Brother John Bradshaw, formed themselves into a council, and, having distributed the several parts of the work, went to the place of pu
to its beauty or its warmth. July 28, 1702: Voted to give Ensign John Bradshaw fifteen shillings for sweeping the meeting-house one year, cting; and also, it being contrary to a former vote of the town. John Bradshaw, Selectmen. Thomas Tufts, Selectmen. John Willis. John Richardson. Benjamin Willis. Benjamin Parker. John Bradshaw, jun. Nathaniel Hall. John Grattan. Jonathan Bradshaw. Peter Seccombe. John Halth side of the country road, on a piece of land belonging to John Bradshaw, jun. This spot was afterwards rejected. More unanimity began nohe supposed social rank of each:-- Mr. John Francis, sen., Mr. John Bradshaw, Captain Ebenezer Brooks, Captain Samuel Brooks, Lieutenant Sts, Mr. John Albree, Mr. Joseph Tufts, Mr. William Patten, Mr. John Bradshaw, jun., and Mr. John Hall. We know not the exact position of make a convenient horse-block. July 23, 1736: Voted that John Bradshaw, jun., should have liberty to cut a door-place and make a door at
haniel Wade164 John Whitmore068 Stephen Hall, jun.075 Eliezer Wier058 John Bradstreet076 John Man010 Lieut. Peter Tufts1510 Ens. Stephen Francis0168 Serg. John Bradshaw0115 Mr. Thomas Willis0176 Nathaniel Hall054 John Francis0126 John Hall, jun.086 Jonathan Tufts01910 Stephen Willis, jun.068 Stephen Hall, sen.066 Se£ 50--the half-yearly pay of Rev. Ebenezer Turell--is inserted:--  Heads.Real estate.Personal estate.  £s.d.£s.d.£s.d. Captain Ebenezer Brooks090110099 Mr. John Bradshaw0600123039 Deacon John Whitmore030070013 John Richerson, Esq.0300820110 Captain Samuel Brooks0300188084 Captain Samuel Wade0600176030 Thomas Tufts, Esq.0enjamin Willis0300143059 Mr. John Albree03009110110 Mr. John Hall030078043 Mr. Andrew Hall0300820311 Mr. Thomas Oakes0600188020 Joseph Tufts0300156077 John Bradshaw, jun.060094021 Jonathan Bradshaw0300106020 Nathaniel Hall0300940011 Nathaniel Francis030096013 Stephen Francis030040004 Samuel Polly030041004 Benjamin Tufts<
fficult at first; and the pound came early into use. It was placed so near a stream of water as to allow the cattle in it to drink. Where the first one in Medford was placed, we know not. The first record is as follows:-- Feb. 25, 1684: At a general meeting of the inhabitants, John Whitmore granted a piece of land for the use of the town, for the setting up of a pound; which land lies on the south-east of John Whitmore's land, lying near John Bradshaw's house, and is bounded south on John Bradshaw, and east upon the country road. At the same meeting, the inhabitants agreed to set up a pound on the land aforesaid. April 28, 1684: Thomas Willis was chosen to keep the town's pound; and said pound-keeper shall have, for pounding, twopence per head for horses and also neat cattle; one penny for each hog; and, for sheep, after the rate of sixpence per score. This answered all purposes until May 15, 1758, when the town voted to build a new pound with stone. This was built accord
 Sarah Blanchard, m. Joseph Souther, Dec. 22, 1746.   Hannah Blanchard, m. Jedidiah Leathe, of Ch., Jan. 16, 1754.  1Bradshaw, John, son of Humphrey and Patience B., of Cambridge, b. June 24, 1655, was one of the earliest recorded tax-payers. He Watson, Jan. 16, 1729.  11Hannah, b. Jan. 31, 1706.  12Stephen, b. Sept. 16, 1707.  13Simon, b. Oct. 3, 1709. 1-5John Bradshaw m. Mercy Tufts, Mar. 14, 1718, and had--  5-14John. b. Feb. 13, 1719.  15Mercy, b. Dec. 27, 1721; m. Joseph Newell, 7 mo., 1658; m. John Oldham.  10John, b. 13, 10 mo., 1660.  11Nathaniel, b. 7, 5 mo., 1666.  12Mary, b. 1668; m. John Bradshaw.  13Stephen, b. 1670.  14Percival, b. Feb. 11, 1672.  15Susanna.  16Jonathan, b. 1677.  17Sarah, b. 1679.  18Th member of Vermont Legislature; Judge Court of Common Pleas, &c.; d. in Boston in 1849.  213Sewall.  214Jeffries.  215Bradshaw, d. in Castine, 1826, leaving six children.  216Timothy, b. 1769; father to Rev. J. Hall, of Newcastle,
llevue, 54. Berry, 36, 43. Betts, 37. Bigelow, 249, 308. Birdue family, 501. Bishop family, 501. Bishop, 36, 49, 54, 95, 110, 336. Blanchard family, 502. Blanchard, 36. Blaney, 44. Boylston, 506. Bradbury, 36. Bradshaw family, 504. Bradshaw, 36, 65, 103, 329, 335, 431, 478, 526. Bradstreet, 28, 37, 97, 103, 482, 504, 544, 558. Brickmaking, 355. Bridges, 59, 72. Brook, Whitmore's, Marble, &c., 9. Brooks family, 506. Brooks, 19, 29, 34, 36, Bradshaw, 36, 65, 103, 329, 335, 431, 478, 526. Bradstreet, 28, 37, 97, 103, 482, 504, 544, 558. Brickmaking, 355. Bridges, 59, 72. Brook, Whitmore's, Marble, &c., 9. Brooks family, 506. Brooks, 19, 29, 34, 36, 43, 49, 51, 53, 55, 65, 72, 106, 109, 112, 114, 126, 127, 161, 164, 185, 197, 225, 255, 265, 285, 307, 315, 411, 545, 563, 569, 570. Brown, 509. Brude, 87. Buel, 51. Bugbe, 36. Bunker, 43. Burden, 36. Burgess, 441. Burying-grounds, 425. Call, 36. Chadwick, 509. Chairmen, Board of Selectmen, 126. Child, 315. Chubb, 509. Clark, 509. Cleaveland, 509. Clough, 509. Collins, 34, 36, 41, 42, 43, 93. Colman, 208, 221, 232, 304. Communion-plate, 265.
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Hazelwood, John 1726-1800 (search)
Hazelwood, John 1726-1800 Naval officer; born in England about 1726; settled in Philadelphia. In December, 1775, he was made superintendent of fire-ships; in September, 1777, became commander of the naval force of Pennsylvania. Col. William Bradshaw wrote in a letter, dated Oct. 7, 1777, that when Lord Howe, who had anchored with his squadron in Delaware Bay, sent word to Hazelwood to surrender his fleet, with the promise of the King's pardon, the latter replied that he would defend the fleet to the last. He died in Philadelphia, Pa., about March 1, 1800.
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