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Fitzhugh Lee, General Lee, Chapter 14: siege of Petersburg. (search)
a note to Mrs. Lee, dated Petersburg, June 19th, he says: I am much obliged to the kind people for the clothes; but if they are not gray they are of no use to me in the field. I hope to go to church this blessed day, and shall remember you all in my poor prayers. The ladies were always contributing to his comfort. He writes from Camp Petersburg, July 24, 1864: The ladies of Petersburg have sent me a nice set of shirts. They were given to me by Mrs. James R. Branch, and her mother, Mrs. Thomas Branch. In fact, they have given everything — which I fear they can not spare-vegetables, bread, milk, ice cream. To-day one of them sent me a nice peach — the first one I think I have seen for two years. I sent it to Mrs. Shippen. Mr. Platt held services again to-day under the trees near my camp. We had quite a large congregation of citizens, ladies and gentlemen, and our usual number of soldiers. During the services I constantly heard the shells crashing among the houses of Petersburg.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A list of Confederate officers, prisoners, who were held by Federal authority on Morris Island, S. C., under Confederate fire from September 7th to October 21st, 1864. (search)
. H. Griffin, Balto battery, Baltimore. Zzz=Capt. Eugene Diggs, 2d Md. cav., Post Tobacco, Va. 2d Lt. J. E. V. Pue, 1st Md. cav., Ellicott City. 1st Lt. E. G. Dudley, 1st Md. cav. Virginia. Lt.-Col. J. C. Council, 26th Va. inft., Amherst county. Zzz=Lt.-Col. Chas. B. Christian, 4th Va. inft., Amherst county. Maj. Richard Woodrurn, 26th Balto. inft., Union. Zzz=Maj. W. H. Hood, 44th Balto. inft. Zzz=Maj. D. A. Jones, General Jones' staff, Hamburg. Zzz=Maj. Thos. Branch, General Ransom's staff, Petersburg. Capt. J. Carrington, bat., Charlottesville. Zzz=Capt. E. E. Depriest, 23d Va. inft., Richmond. Zzz=Capt. W. P. Carter bat., Clark county. Zzz=Capt. Geo. W. Mercer, 29th Va. inft., Rural Retreat. Zzz=Capt. J. H. Johnson, 25th Va. inft., Princeton. Zzz=Capt. J. J. D. Dunkle, 25th Va. inft., Princeton. Zzz=Capt. H. C. Dickerson, 2d cav., Liberty, Bedford county. Zzz=Capt. J. H. Mathews, 25th inft., Beverley, Randolph county.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Personal reminiscences of the last days of Lee and his Paladins. (search)
ith Mahone's division. The denouement, as we shall see later in my story, proved the wisdom of his words. We went into camp that night about a mile from the courthouse, were undisturbed during the night, and rising early next morning I rode to the courthouse alone, to view the prospect and to receive my orders. There I found, or rather just before reaching there, a bivouac of officers high in command, one or two generals amongst them, at breakfast around a fire, and I recognized Maj. Thos. Branch, who introduced me to several officers whose names I do not remember, and who asked me to breakfast. I politely declined this civility and made known to the major the object of my visit. He could not tell me where General Lee was or where or how I could get further instructions, but I was informed that the train, which, it was expected would be there with rations for the army, had gone on to Richmond through some blunder of somebody, and that it would probably supply the Yankee commi
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A confederation of Southern Memorial Associations. (search)
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The "Union" Men of this city, on Wednesday night, enlisted the services of the First Regiment Band, and proceeded to serenade Governor Letcher, at the Executive Mansion; Hon. John M. Botts, at his own residence, and Timothy Rives, Esq., of Prince George, and Thos. Branch, Esq., of Petersburg, at the Exchange Hotel. The compliment was appropriately acknowledged by each recipient of the intended honor.
Affairs in Maryland. From the Baltimore papers of the 21th we gather the following. The prize schooner Beverly--search of a boarding school for Contrabands--1 Portent suit, &c. Baltimore.--The examination of the case of the schooner Beverly, Capt. Thomas Branch, of Nova Scotia, captured by the United States schooner Gemsbock, on the 3d of October, off the Frying Pan Shouls, near the coast of North Carolina, while attempting to run the blockade, took place before United States Commissioner Ridgley on Saturday, who sent the case to the United States District Court. The vessel arrived in port on Friday, in charge of a prize crew, under Acting Master George W. Donnell, United States Navy. The schooner is of 113 tone burthen, and is valued at $2,500. Her cargo is value at $6,000, and consists of shoes, salt fish, and $2,000 worth of dry goods. The schooner was built in Beverly, Massachusetts, in 1842, for the firm of Foster & Co of Halifax who, it is supposed, still own he
well county; amending and re-enacting the 8th section of the 29th chapter of the Code of Virginia, edition of 1860. King William Indians. A communication from the Executive, in response to a resolution of the Senate calling for information "in relation to the exemption of individuals and classes" in the county of King William from military requisition for laborers to be employed on fortifications, which was on March 7th referred to a special committee, consisting of Messrs. Douglas, Branch, and Urquhart, with power to send for persons and papers, was reported on by said committee, through Mr. Douglas, its chairman, as follows: 1st. The County Court of King William county, in response to requisitions for laborers to work on the fortifications in the Peninsula, and under the authority of the ordnances of July 1st, 1861, "for the enrollment and employment of free negroes in the public service," caused certain free persons of mixed blood, living in what are called the Indi
The Daily Dispatch: December 14, 1865., [Electronic resource], Southern Representation — the latest news from Washington. (search)
's annual report was dispensed with, on motion of Mr. Branch. The Chairman of the Committee of Examinatiosion. When the third resolution was read, Mr. Thomas Branch moved a division of the question, which was ag The question coming up on the second clause, Mr. Branch moved that it be laid upon the table. He could sded to give facts bearing upon the question. Mr. Branch fully replied to Mr. Joues, opposing his views. n to him, and this discussion is the result. Mr. Branch said that if there was one thing he claimed to dowithdrawn. Brief explanations were made by Messrs. Branch and Sutherlin. The first-named gentleman discltors. Mr. Edmonds referred to the remarks of Mr. Branch relative to the action of the Committee and the Dotten that he was in a meeting of gentlemen. Mr. Branch said that whatever he said he generally stood up The second resolution was also withdrawn. Mr. Branch submitted the following resolution, which was una