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. W. Parks. wounded. Co. A. 1,Corporal Charles F. Hall, severely. 2,Private Joseph B. McClain, dangerously. 3,Private Henry C. Duly, slightly. 4,Private Benjamin W. Roberts, slightly. 5,Private Charles Burman, Jr., slightly. Co. B. 6,Corporal Elisha Eudaly, slightly. 7,Private Delany R. Shipley, slightly. 8,Private Washington Hunter, slightly. Co. C. 9,Capt. Jesse E. Hamill, slightly. 10,Second Lieut. Henry McMullen, slightly. 11,Sergt. Isaac Temple, severely. 12,Private Frank Brown, severely. 13,Private Baily Johnson, slightly. 14,Private Orlando Bridewell, slightly. 15,Private Jefferson Jewell, slightly. Co. D. 16,Private Francis M. Young, slightly 17,Private Ephraim Kester, slightly. Co. E. 18,Private John Delong, slightly. 19,George W. Eyestone, slightly. 20,Oscar F. Whitney, slightly. Co. F. 21,Corporal George W. Lowley, severely. 22,Private Iredell R. Allgood, slightly. 23,Private David C. Baker, slightly. Co. G. 24,Corporal James Martin, sl
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Mayor's Court yesterday. --Frank Brown, a youth, arrested some days since by detectives Reese and Weatherford, on the charge of obtaining money from Mrs. Jefferson Davis on a forged freight bill on the Southern Express office, was, at his own request, again conducted before the Mayor. Brown stated that he desired to make a statement, and was proceeding to do so when His Honor ordered him to bush, as he had already heard enough to know that, instead of its being likely to benefit his caseBrown stated that he desired to make a statement, and was proceeding to do so when His Honor ordered him to bush, as he had already heard enough to know that, instead of its being likely to benefit his case, it would greatly injure it. He was again committed to await other transactions which have not yet come to light. A free negro man, named Frederick Smith, was ordered fifteen lashes for using insolent and threatening language to a little son of Mrs. Brooks, near the corner of 4th and Canal streets. As usual in almost nine cases out of every ten, where the "upper ten" free negroes are arraigned for offences committed, and there can be no rebutting evidence brought forward, there was an arr
Hustings Court, yesterday. --Frank Brown, charged with obtaining money ($50, 35) from Mrs President Davis under false pretences, was led to the bar, and thereupon a nolle prosequi was entered by the attorney for the Commonwealth, with the advice of the Court. This course was pursued by the Court because of the youth (seventeen) of the accused, and in consideration of the fact that it had been arranged with the Secretary of the Navy that he should be apprenticed to the navy. The case of Benjamin Degroot, charged with exhibiting the game of taro, was continued till the next term.