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am Sprague, John Symms, Elijah Cutting, Cutting Clark, Josiah Bemis, Jr., Asa Gould, Amos Fiske, David Smith, George Wellington, John Viles, Habakkuk Stearns, Abijah Fiske, Elisha Stearns, Eliphalet Warren, Thaddeus Child, Edmund Lock, who probably formed the company which went to Bunker Hill a month later. They likewise delivered to Eliphalet Hastings, Abraham Parkhurst, and Daniel Warren the guns of Jonas Dix, Esq., William Wellington, and Josiah Brown respectively, the owners being willing to lend the same. Two weeks later, May 27th, a vote was passed advising their Representative that if the Honorable Congress should, for the safety of the United Colonies, declare them independent of the Kingdom of Great Britain, they, the said inhabitants, will solemnly engage with their lives and fortunes to support them in the measure. June 11, 1776, the Selectmen ordered the Treasurer to pay Josiah Wyer for a bayonet lost by Eliphalet Hastings
general of the district shall certify that a horse is necessary for the proper discharge of the duties of the said post officer, was considered and passed. Senate bill to provide for the promotion of officers in certain cases, returned by the President with his veto, was taken up and considered, the question being, should the bill pass notwithstanding the objection of the President. After debate, the bill was passed over the veto of the President by the following vote: Yeas.--Messrs. Brown, Caperton, Graham, Henry, Hunter, Johnson of Georgia, Johnson of Missouri, Orr, Semmes, Vest, Wigfall--11. Nays.--Messrs. Barnwell, Maxwell, Oldham, Simms and Watson--5. House bill to provide for the payment of arrears now due to the army and navy was reported back from the Finance Committee with the recommendation that it pass. The bill authorizes the issue of $80,000,000 in addition to the amount now authorized by law, if so much shall be found necessary for the payment
idge.--John Letcher, John W. Brockenbrough, James J. White. Russell.--E. R. Bayler, Dr. Eastwardly, James A. Beckly. Raleigh county.--John H. Anderson, William Prince, William Ferguson. Scott.--Thomas W. Carter, William Nash, James O. Wood. Smyth.--James Porter, James W. Sheffey, Nicholas Pratt. Sussex.--J. M. Rogers, J. D. Howie, E. T. Chappell. Surry.--J. S. Judkins, Blair Pegram, Benjamin Drew. Spotsylvania.--Lewis A. Boggs, John A. Gordon, Montgomery Slaughter. Tazewell.--A. A. Spotts, Z. S. Witten, T. J. Higginbotham. Warren.--Marcus B. Buck, Charles B. Rust, Thomas W. Forsythe. Washington.--Samuel E. Goodson, John N. Humes, Madison Beatie. Wythe.--Jesse D. Bailey, Josiah Brown, Charles C. Tate. A copy from the rolls — Teste: Wm. F. Gordon, Jr. Clerk of House of Delegates and Keeper of Rolls. All newspapers in the State will copy twice and forward accounts to Auditor of Public Accounts for payment. Wm. F. Gordon, Jr. [mh 13--2t]