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Mayor's Court, yesterday. --John O' Neal required to give security for permitting unlawful assembly of negroes in his house Sunday. A case against him for keeping house open on that day was continued on the 12th of August.--Case of Geo. a suspicious character, was continued for .--Elijah Patmore, a free negro committed, to be set to work on the --Sophia Barclay, white, for associating with negroes, was committed.--Jenny, and Mary Clayton, free, were acquitted stealing $70 in gold from Kitty Heath.-- drew L. Beasley, disorderly conduct, and Barrow, for drunkenness, were admonished and let off.--Washington Brown, a free was arraigned for staying in the State contrary to law, and was sent down until to-day.
ed courage, and that the educated and intelligent cannoneer possesses an advantage over the trained hireling which years of drilling cannot compensate. Take an example Gen. Magruder's whole force of artillery at the battle of Bethel consisted of Brown's and Stanard's batteries of howitzers, seven pieces in all. It may be doubted whether the world ever witnessed such a cannonade. There certainly never had been up to that time anything like it on this Continent. So tremendous was it that Butleom the signs still existing, pronounced it to have been astounding, and doubted whether there had ever been anything approaching it. Novo Stanard's battery had practiced a few days at Chimborazo with blank cartridges, but had never fired a shot. Brown's battery had fired ten or twelve shots from Gloucester Point at a steamer attempting to pass up the river, but had never practiced with blank cartridges. They were, therefore, emphatically raw troops. Yet, while the enemy's artillery failed to
Presentments by the Grand Jury. --The Hustings Court Grand Jury presented the following persons for misdemeanors, viz: Mary Gladson, Washington Brown, John Brogan, Sebastian Knewbard, Patrick McNeal, Benjamin Bolton, Daniel Crawford, E. K. Lockwood, John A. Scott, Michael Kearney, Joseph Vernon, Thomas Smith and Mary Sullivan. The Grand Jury will meet again on Thursday. The Court, by virtue of an ordinance of the Convention of the State of Virginia, passed on the 1st day of July, 1861, order that all able-bodied free male negroes, between the ages of eighteen and fifty years, within the jurisdiction of this Court at the date of the said ordinance, be enrolled, and that said enrollment be deposited in the Clerk's Office of this Court, and that the Mayor of this city be requested to have this order executed. Lucius J. Quinlin, charged with receiving a let of leaf tobacco, (1,000 pounds, worth $100,) on the 4th of July, the property of Wm. H. Kennen and E. H. Chamberlayne
Ordered to be sold. --A colored man, named Washington Brown, who had remained in the State contrary to law, was yesterday tried before the Hustings Court for the offence, and ordered to be sold into slavery by the City Sargeant.