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the Northern army, in the 2d Mississippi Regiment, stationed near Lynchburg. The Charleston Courter says that rice is being shipped by railroad to Richmond, the Directors of the road taking it at half the usual rates. Upwards of five hundred women have applied at the State-House, in Boston, for permission to serve as nurses (?) at the seat of war. The Canadian steamers New York and Northerner, of the American Express Line, have been purchased by the American Government. "Brownlee and others," opposed to the secession of Tennessee, have called a Convention to meet at Knoxville, on the 30th of May. Brigadier General Thomas Lawson, Surgeon General U. S. Army, died in Norfolk last Wednesday night, aged 73 years. The New York Tribune denies the statement that Senator Douglas has received an appointment as Brigadier General. Commodore Tatuall has been assigned to the command of the Confederate naval forces at Charleston, S. C. Farmers should pay as muc
to the cause. John Overton, a wealthy citizen, besides giving his bond, with other men of wealth, for arming and equipping the State, has likewise donated $50,000 to the volunteers. Governor Harris, though for a time in advance of the public sentiment of the State, saw the impending danger before others perceived it, and urged action is now fully sustained by the people, and a better man for his position cannot be found. East Tennessee, through the malign influence of Johnson, Etheridge, Brownlee, and a few others, may on the 8th give a "Union" (?) majority, but Middle and West Tennessee will almost to a man vote for secession. Kentucky has shown a tardiness in taking her position with the South, but driven from her position of "armed neutrality," she will become right before two months. Better late than never. Missouri, through the Federal authority, exerted in concert with a large German Republican population, in her commercial emporium, will be crushed unless she can obtain
Lyon could not be reinforced. Washington Aug. 23 --The Government is satisfied that Gen. Fremont could not have reinforced Gen. Lyon without endangering Eastern Missouri. Gen. M'Culloch's proclamation. St. Louis Aug. 23 --Gen. Ben McCulloch, under date 15th inst., issues a proclamation tending to quiet the fears of Union men. He also issued a general order, thanking the army for their gallant conduct, and characterizes their achievement as glorious and brilliant. Mr. Brownlee has been released on the condition that he will resign his office, leave the city, and remove to a free State. Republican accounts of Confederate movements--they lie about their loss at Springfield. St. Louis August 23. --Two released prisoners, arrived from Springfield, reports that on Thursday, after the battle, General McCulloch moved after General Siegel; but, learning that he was reinforced, he moved towards Jefferson City. Quite a number of the wounded on both sides ha
From St. Louis. --Siegel Dismissed.--The Louisville Courier prints the following extract from a private letter from St. Louis, dated Aug. 24, 1861; Things are as bad as ever here. Men are being arrested daily, judged and consigned to the House of Labor, and imprisoned. Christian Pulls was arrested this morning and sentenced to thirty days labor. Brownlee is preparing to leave with his family, under the sentence to leave the State in four days. The New York News is still coming, but it will be stopped. The Louisville Courier is cut off. All the news we get is what is picked up from persons traveling through the country; Gen. Fremont is making formidable arrangements around this city, digging entrenchments and building fortifications around the Fair Grounds and the Lafayette Park, the latter eternallly ruined, the grove killed and the trees ruined. The Democrat of this morning says that Siegel and his staff were mustered out of service on Thursday evening las
Ala; R S Jones, 15th Ala; C L Lovell, J W Bracken, J Cline, J W White, 9th Ala; Lt J A Burnes, 5th Ala; W A Sims, 5th Ala; J R Coats, J R Britt, 11th Ala; Henry Sharp, A J Boyd, W E Bledsoe, S E F Watters, R P Lawley, 8th Ala; Alex McJunis, W N Brownlee, 5th Ala; Capt G C Whatley, 10th Ala; W C Broadaway, 5th Alabama battalion; B P Seruggs, 4th Alabama; N Stallworth, 4th Ala; B B Little, 5th Ala bat'n; T J Gilbert, 5th Ala bat'n; T Bradshaw, 5th Ala bat'n; J W Holloway, 5th Ala bat'n; Noah Litt Franklin, 4th Ala; J W Taylor, do; J D Adrian, do; J T Smith, 8th Ala; D N Wheeler, 26th Ala; T K Cathey, 11th Ala; L C Meyers, 6th Ala; W H Ware, 4th Ala; J W Wier, 11th Ala; Corp'l S W Chadwick, 5th Ala; W H Dunklin, 3d Ala; C W Goll, do; J H Brownlee, 10th Ala; Corp'l W R Thomas, 5th Ala; J F Cameron, 11th Ala; Sergt W Western, 15th Ala; Sergt J O Mallowry, 10th Ala; Sergt Thos Brasher, do; Lt J E Shelley, do; T S Nabors, do; J W Glover, do; J T McClanahan, do; J A Christian, do; Sergt J M H