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r all the royal party were delighted with the visit, except the footmen and other servants, who, like their brethren of the London press, considered this "a blasted country." The London Times is good enough to congratulate us on the opportunity we have enjoyed of seeing the "first gentleman of England," and certainly he is the first gentleman of that kingdom who ever made a flying trip through the United States. With the exception of H. R. H., the Duke of Newcastle, Earl of St. Germane, General Bruce, and other noble gentlemen of the suite, most of the transient visitors from England to America have been snobs, of the first water, vulgar pretenders, who have given our countrymen a very unfavorable and unjust impression of English character. We are happy that the Prince of Wales and the high-bred gentlemen in his train have enabled us to correct this impression, and we are sure they have left the kindest feelings towards themselves, personally, throughout the United States.--Prince A
reckinridge Elector, as given in the official result below, it will be seen that Bell has a majority of 218. Add to this his majority of 31 in Wyoming, and Bell's ascertained majority in the State is 249. Owing to informalities in voting for the Electors, nine of the Bell Electors and six of the Breckinridge Electors have been chosen to cast the vote of the State. The Electors are to meet at the Capitol, in this city on the 5th of December. BellElectors.BreckinridgeElecters. Thomas Bruce74,524Wm. Lamb.74,306 Marmaduke Johnson74,524J. R. Edmunds.74,245 L. J. Bowden74,524James Lyons74,245 J. J. Jackson, Jr.74,524R. A. Clay brook74,245 F. T. Anderson74,450W. H. Anthony74,245 B. H. Shackelford.74,377J. W. Massie74,155 A. B. Caldwall74,249Isaac B. Dunn73,585 L. H. Chancellor74,020Z. Kidwell73,495 Jos. Christian74,097T. F. Goods73,671 Walter Presson73,927T. T. Tredway72,865 J. T. Thomson73,208B. B. Douglas72,529 T. H. Epes.73,168Eppa Hunton72,464 J. F. Johnson73,102
te Chamber of the Capitol, on Wednesday, the 5th December, pursuant to the proclamation of the Governor. Present--Messrs. Francis T. Anderson, A. B. Caldwell, Thos.. Bruce, John J. Jackson, B. H. Shackleford, Lemuel J. Bowden, L. H. Chandler, Marmaduke Johnson and Joseph Christian. At half-past 10 o'clock the College was calriend, "William Lamb." A communication was read from the Secretary of the Commonwealth, announcing the election of the following persons as Electors: Thomas Bruce of Halifax, Marmaduke Johnson of Richmond city, Lemuel J. Bowden of Williamsburg, J. J. Jackson, Jr., of Wood, F. T. Anderson of Rockbridge, B. H. Shackleford the entire vote (fifteen) had been cast for John Bell of Tennessee, for President of the United States. Ballots were next prepared for Vice President, and Messrs. Bruce and Christian, a committee appointed by the Chair, reported that the fifteen votes had been unanimously cast for Edward Everett, of Massachusetts, for Vice Pre