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July 18. Great excitement and terror existed among the citizens of Cincinnati, in consequence of the vicinity of the force of rebel guerrillas under John Morgan. Colonel Burbank, Thirteenth United States infantry, assumed military command of the city, and issued orders directing all officers in the volunteer service to report to him. The Governor of the State also issued an order calling for volunteers to serve for thirty days. The excitement of Cincinnati pervaded the adjoining towns in Kentucky. At Kingston, North-Carolina, two negroes were executed, by order of Colonel Sol Williams, C. S. A., having been found guilty of drumming up recruits for Burnside's army.--Richmond Examiner, July 24. Col. Salomon, of the Ninth Wisconsin volunteers, at his encampment on Grand River, Ark., arrested Col. Weer, commander of the Indian expedition, and assumed command. A desperate fight took place near Memphis, Mo., between a detachment of Union troops, numbering about four h
William Tecumseh Sherman, Memoirs of General William T. Sherman ., volume 1, Chapter 7: Missouri. April and May, 1861. (search)
called for seventy-five thousand State volunteers. Even this call seemed to me utterly inadequate; still it was none of my business. I took the oath of office, and was furnished with a list of officers, appointed to my regiment, which was still incomplete. I reported in person to General Scott, at his office on Seventeenth Street, opposite the War Department, and applied for authority to return West, and raise my regiment at Jefferson Barracks, but the general said my lieutenant-colonel, Burbank, was fully qualified to superintend the enlistment, and that he wanted me there; and he at once dictated an order for me to report to him in person for inspection duty. Satisfied that I would not be permitted to return to St. Louis, I instructed Mrs. Sherman to pack up, return to Lan caster, and trust to the fate of war. I also resigned my place as president of the Fifth Street Railroad, to take effect at the end of May, so that in fact I received pay from that road for only two month
es to hold the other. The troops have already reembarked, and are on the way to Alexandria. Fort De Russy takes its name from Colonel De Russy, who formerly commanded in this vicinity, and lives not far distant. Lieutenant-Colonel Bird was in command, though he reported to General Walker, whose headquarters were at Alexandria. The following officers are prisoners: Captains Stevens, Morran, Wise, Wright, Laird, and King; Lieutenants Denson, Fuller, Fogarty, Claydon, Trumbull, (Eng.,) Burbank, Hewey, Assenheimer, Fall, Hauk, Ball, Little, Barksdale, Spinks, Bringhurst, and Stout. From various sources we gather that the rebels here have about abandoned the idea of defending any of their navigable streams. When asked to account for their apparent neglect of so important a fort, they reply that this was considered merely as an experiment in engineering, (certainly a very creditable one, and one which the gunboats alone might have vainly assailed for a: month,) but claim that so
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 15: Chancellorsville (search)
ngth of each corps present for duty equipped on April 30. corpsDIVISIONSBRIGADESARTILLERY Batts.Guns 1stWadsworthPhelps, Cutler, Paul, Meredith1052 ReynoldsRobinsonRoot, Baxter, Leonard 16,908DoubledayRowley, Stone 2dHancockCaldwell, Meagher, Zook, Brook848 CouchGibbonSully, Owen, Hall 16,893FrenchCarroll, Hays, MacGregor 3dBirneyGraham, Ward, Hayman954 SicklesBerryCarr, Revere, Mott 18,721WhippleFranklin, Bowman, Berdan 5thGriffinBarnes, McQuade, Stockton842 MeadeSykesAyres, Burbank, O'Rorke 15,724HumphreysTyler, Allabach 6thBrooksBrown, Bartlett, Russell954 SedgwickHoweGrant, Neill NewtonShaler, Brown, Wheaton 23,667BurnhamBurnham corpsDIVISIONSBRIGADESARTILLERY Batts.Guns 11thDevensVon Gilsa, McLean636 HowardVon SteinwehrBuschbeck, Barlow 12,977SchurzSchimmelpfennig, Krzyzanowski 12th528 SlocumWilliamsKnipe, Ross, Ruger 13,450GearyCandy, Kane, Greene CavalryPleasontonDavis, Devin522 StonemanAverellSargent, McIntosh GreggKilpatrick, Wyndham 11,544R
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 16: Gettysburg: the first day (search)
r Cavalry. Army of the Potomac. Present for duty, June 30, 1863 corps STRENGTHDIVISIONSBRIGADESARTILLERY Batts.Guns 1st CorpsWadsworth Meredith, Cutler ReynoldsRobinsonPaul, Baxter 10,355RowleyBiddle, Stone, Stannard523 2d CorpsCaldwellCross, Kelley, Zook, Brook HancockGibbonHarrow, Webb, Hall 13,056HaysCarroll, Smyth, Willard524 3d CorpsBirneyGraham, Ward, De Trobriand Sickles 12,630HumphreysCarr, Brewster, Burling530 5th CorpsBarnesTilton, Sweitzer, Vincent SykesAyresDay, Burbank, Weed 12,211CrawfordMcCandless, Fisher526 6th CorpsWrightTorbert, Bartlett, Russell SedgwickHoweGrant, Neill 15,710NewtonShaler, Eustis, Wheaton848 11th CorpsBarlowVon Gilsa, Ames HowardSteinwehrCoster, Smith 10,576SchurzSchimmelpfennig, Krzyzanowski526 12th CorpsWilliamsMcDougall, Lockwood, Ruger Slocum 8,597GearyCandy, Cobham, Greene420 2,568TylerArtillery Reserve21110 corps STRENGTHDIVISIONSBRIGADESARTILLERY 2,580Engineers, Provost Guard's Escorts 100,2837 Corps, 19 Divis
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 17: Gettysburg: second day (search)
ress of action, Sykes advanced Ayres's division of three brigades, sending Weed to the left to the aid of Vincent; and the two brigades of regulars, under Day and Burbank, to the left of Caldwell's division. Here their right was exposed by the retreat of Caldwell, and they were compelled to cut their way back to the main Federal lure, had been himself killed. Between Weed and Vincent, however, Oates's force had been driven to the base of the mountain, where it remained unpursued. Day and Burbank, when driven back, formed upon Weed's left upon the crest. Weed's losses were 200; Day's, 382; Burbank's, 447; total, 1029. Most of this fighting was taking pBurbank's, 447; total, 1029. Most of this fighting was taking place about midway between Little Round Top, which was the left flank of the Federal line, and the Peach Orchard on the Emmitsburg road. In the disputed arena was a wheat field nearly surrounded by woods on the west of Plum Run, here running south through marshy ground. The tide of battle rolled back and forth across this field s
ler, with his reasons for not signing it. The Governor was in favor of granting the aid as contemplated; but the bill was imperfectly drawn. He pointed out the errors which it contained. The message was laid upon the table. In the House.—Mr. Burbank, of Boston, from the Committee on the Militia, reported that the troops in the three months service had been paid by the Commonwealth, from the time of being ordered out by the Governor until mustered into the United-States service, $9,580.63.use.—Mr. Pierce, of Dorchester, reported a resolve appropriating $500,000 for the manufacture of ordnance for coast defences. Feb. 3. In the House.—The above resolve was debated, and passed to a third reading by a unanimous vote. Feb. 7.—Mr. Burbank, of Boston, from the Committee on the Militia, reported a bill concerning the custody and distribution of funds of the Massachusetts volunteers. On motion of Mr. Curtis, of Roxbury, it was ordered, that the Committee on the Militia be auth
H.5 Pearl Street Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.20 Wheeler Street Bixby, Miss S. A.356 Highland Avenue Bolton, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.10 Crescent Street Bolton, William E.10 Crescent Street Briggs, S. R. 187 Central Street Briggs, Miss Hattie L.187 Central Street Briggs, Miss Nellie M.187 Central Street Brown, Mr. and Mrs. L. H42 Columbus Avenue Bucknam, Mrs. Eliza1 Essex Street Bucknam, Miss Ella H1 Essex Street Bullard, Mrs. E. C243—A Highland Avenue Bunker, Mrs. M. B 86 Boston Street Burbank, Mr. and Mrs. A. M.9 Autumn Street Burnham, Mrs. Ethel 77 Berkeley Street Burrows, Mr. and Mrs. F. U.63 Hudson Street Burrows, Mrs. Lucy E.29 Mystic Avenue Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. H. E.22 Wesley Street Carvill, Dr. and Mrs. A. H.28 Highland Avenue Carvill, Miss Maud28 Highland Avenue Castle, Mrs. Dr. C. W.267 Medford Street Chandler, Mrs. E. T.96 Cross Street Chapin, Mr. and Mrs. H. I.5 Boston Avenue Christie, Mrs. E. W.15 Greenville Terrace Coburn, Mr. and Mrs. F. L.47 Mt. Ver
elvin Street Barrett, Alice19 Melvin Street Benner, Ruphena12 Munroe Street Bishop, William5 Pearl Street Bolton, William10 Crescent Street Bolton, Harry10 Crescent Street Bolton, Marion10 Crescent Street Briggs, Nellie185 Central Street Brown, Lyman H.42 Columbus Avenue Brown, Edward57 Columbus Avenue Bryant, Freddie7 Chester Avenue Bullard, Edward243-A Highland Avenue Bunker, Marion86 Boston Street Burnham, Mrs. Ethel77 Berkeley Street Burrow's, Mrs. Fred U.63 Hudson Street Burbank, Mrs. Florence 7 Autumn Street Bussy, Donald42 Tufts Street Bussy, Russell 42 Tufts Street Carter, Eugenie42 Spring Street Chandler, Lulu96 Cross Street Chandler, Alice 96 Cross Street Chapin, Dorothy 5 Boston Avenue Coggin, Freddie 14 Allston Street Coker, Marguerite 66 Flint Street Cole, Russell22 Edmands Street Cole, Marjory22 Edmands Street Coolidge, Earle64 Glenwood Road Coulter, Mrs. Carrie D.16 Grant Street Cousins, Margaret21 Prospect-hill Avenue Cowan, Mrs. Letit
, b. merchant, h. Chestnut. Brackett, Charles, b. cabinet maker, h. Mt. Pleasant. Brackett, John, cellar stone layer, h. Garden court. Brackett, George, ox teamster, h. Garden court. Brastow, George O., dealer in real estate, h. Central. Brown, Jonathan, Jr., cashier Market Bank, h. Broadway. Brown, Edward, laborer, h. Medford. Brigham. Joseph B., b. merchant, h. Beach. Bruce, Joseph A., b. trader, h. Cherry. Burke, Edward, h. on lane from Porter's to Broadway. Burbank, Lorenzo, teamster, h. Cambridge street. Burroughs, William, teamster, h. Medford turnpike. Burns, Peter, charcoal dealer, h. Joy. Buttrick, Mrs. M. E., widow, h. Mt. Pleasant. Buckingham, Joseph H., U. S. commissioner, h. Beacon. Bucknam, Caleb, mason, h. Milk. Buddrow, Joseph, Somerville Omnibus Agent, Franklin. Cades, W. H., b. apothecary, h. Franklin. Casey, Michael, mason, h. Garden court. Calahan, John, yeoman, h. Milk. Carlin, John, laborer, h. Cambridge
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