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insula were: Miss Abby Mead, of the Winter Hill school; Miss Ann E. Whipple, of the Milk Row; Miss Burnham of the Russell; and Miss Wyman, of the Gardner. In accordance with the vote of the town, Mes Marv B. Gardner, of the Russell school;, Miss Irene S. Locke of the Gardner school; and Miss Sarah M. Burnham, of the Winter Hill school. Teachers in these schools were informed, through Mr. Undels this season were: Mary W. J. Evans, of the Gardner; Clara D. Whittemore, of the Russell; Sarah M. Burnham, of Milk Row; Elizabeth P. Whittredge, of Prospect Hill; and Abby Mead, of Winter Hill roadmbridge. The Milk Row school is adjacent to the town of Cambridge. Last summer it was under Miss Burnham, with seventy scholars enrolled, and an average attendance of fifty. This shows a culpable d Prospect Hill:— Miss E. P. Whittredge120.00 Amos S. Allen210.00 Milk Row:— Miss S. M. Burnham120.00 Joel Pierce192.50 Russell district:— Clara D. Whittemore96.00 P. R. Russell<
Historic leaves, volume 5, April, 1906 - January, 1907, Charlestown schools after 1825 (Continued.) (search)
The discipline was good. There has not been a blow struck at this school since its establishment. The number of scholars enrolled was sixty-two; average attendance, fifty-eight. As the teacher at Milk Row had not given satisfaction, Miss Sarah M. Burnham was unanimously chosen to her place November 30. For the winter the teachers in the Russell and Gardner districts were Philemon R. Russell, Jr., and Stephen A. Swan, respectively. Mr. Russell received $120 for his services, and out of a in the outside schools for this year were: Miss Mary E. Brown, at No. 17; Miss Leonora Skilton, at No. 18,— appointed March 13, to succeed Miss Sylvester, who was transferred to the Warren school; Miss Elizabeth P. Whittredge, at No. 19; Miss Sarah M. Burnham, at No. 20; Miss Elizabeth A. Caverno, at the Russell district. According to the annual report, she was succeeded for the winter term by Levi Russell, but by Philemon R. Russell, Jr., according to the records. Miss Charlotte Reynolds ta
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sting for several reasons; one is that Miss Sarah M. Burnham first appears as the teacher at our oltion, by a unanimous vote of the trustees Mis Burnham was recalled to the place in November, as teae a few teachers and some of the trustees. Miss Burnham, in point of service, was the oldest of theuild thereon. It was at this juncture that Miss Burnham resigned. There is no direct reference on the records to Miss Burnham during all these years, and no allusion to her severing her connection womerville lost a good teacher when they let Miss Burnham go to Cambridge. There are several now livrriette Reed Woodbury, a lifelong friend of Miss Burnham, In his school report for 1879, page 40 out for herself a definite plan of study. Miss Burnham carries into her retirement the respect andblishers. From Mrs. Libby I learned that Miss Burnham was a member of the Baptist Church at East s, or on the obverse side:— Teachers after March 3, 1842, Sarah M. Burnham, Adaline L. Sanborn. [2 more...]
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el, thirteen years; Horatio Teel, fourteen years; Louisa Teel, thirteen years; Thomas E. Teel, sixteen years; Louisa H. Winnik, twelve years; Mary Warren. For the summer of 1834 Miss Martha McKoun, of Charlestown, was the teacher. Mrs. Cook remembers her well. Wyman's Charlestown says that John McKoun, printer, by wife Abigail had a daughter, Martha K., born June 22, 1816. The year 1836 is interesting, as it introduces to us the name of that faithful and very efficient teacher, Miss Sarah M. Burnham, who began her labors in Charlestown at the Russell District (or was it at Gardner Row?). Later she was transferred to Winter Hill for a term, and then to Milk Row, but it was in Cambridge that she made one of the grandest of records. (See Historic Leaves, Vol. VII., No. 2.) Other teachers for the summer, up to the formation of Somerville, were Miss Mary B. Gardner in 1837. Miss Clara D. Whittemore for 1838, 1839, and 1840, and Miss Elizabeth A. Caverno for 1841. Miss Gardner
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