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Bound over. --Michael Neadham, for assaulting and beating Catherine Burns, appeared before the Mayor yesterday, and after a hearing was held to security to keep the peace.
out sixty thousand dollars. The other houses were considerably damaged in the rear, and each of the occupants lost a portion of their furniture; but the tenements being small, old and dilapidated, the aggregate damage done to them cannot exceed six or eight thousand dollars. The back and front tenements, which first took fire, including the lots, belong to Mr. William H. Poindexter; the house occupied by Swann is owned by John W. Bremer, and that in the possession of Fagan is owned by Mrs. Catherine Burns. Myers's negro quarters, together with all the furniture therein, was entirely destroyed. About the origin of the fire there are two reports, both of which we give without expressing any opinion. One is that it originated from a fire used by an old woman named Jane, who was engaged at that hour in baking pies for sale at the early Petersburg train, as had been her practice for some time back; and the other comes from an old negro woman living in the front shanty, who says that
o went in pursuit of, and soon after arrested her. She at first denied the charge, but subsequently confessed her guilt and gave up three hundred and fifty dollars, which, she said, was all she had taken. The Mayor remanded her for examination before the Hustings Court. Robert Ashley, charged with steeling a brass mouth-piece of an engine, belonging to Allis Rix, was ordered to be whipped. Justine O'Brien was charged with assaulting and beating a little girl, the daughter of Catherine Burns. Upon investigation, it turned out that the difficulty was the result of one of those family fends in which both parties were equally at fault, and the Mayor, therefore, dismissed the matter. Two negroes; named George, slave of F. Fore, charged with having a watch in his possession which was stolen from Simon, slave of David McDaniel, and John Morse, charged with stealing a pair of shoes from Newton, a slave, were ordered to be whipped. After disposing of one or two other cas