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Beverly, overlooking the garrison of Federal infantry in their wooden huts on the plain below. The moon Brigadier-General M. Calvin Butler, C. S. A. General Butler was a leader under Wade Hampton, who played an important part in the defeat of General Butler was a leader under Wade Hampton, who played an important part in the defeat of Sheridan with eight thousand men at Trevilian Station, June 12, 1864, just one month after the death of Stuart. Between 2 P. M. and dark, Butler, in command of Hampton's division of cavalry, repulsed seven determined assaults of Sheridan's men. DuriButler, in command of Hampton's division of cavalry, repulsed seven determined assaults of Sheridan's men. During the day Butler was unable to keep his batteries in exposed positions entirely manned, but between sunset and dark, when the Federal cavalrymen made their last desperate effort, the howitzers were remanned and double-shotted with canister. The Feds throw from the Confederate lines, and the canister tore great holes in their lines. It was at this engagement that General Butler lost his leg. was full and shining brilliantly on snow over a foot in depth. Dismounting a part of his command, an
eauregardAug. 16, 1863.Aug. 16, 1863. Jan. 25, 1864. Chief of the Engineer Bureau. 60Wade HamptonS. CarolinaGen. R. E. LeeSept. 3, 1863.Aug. 3, 1863. Jan. 25, 1864. Promoted Lieutenant-General; division composed of the cavalry brigades of Young, Butler, Rosser and Gordon, Army of Northern Virginia. 61Fitzhugh LeeVirginiaGen. R. E. LeeSept. 3, 1863.Aug. 3, 1863. Jan. 25, 1864. Division composed of Wickham's and Lomax's brigades; subsequently in command of the cavalry corps, Army of Northern Virun; commanding Early's old division, Army of Northern Virginia. 88Pierce M. B. YoungGeorgiaGen. B. BraggDec. 12, 1864.Dec. 12, 1864. Dec. 22, 1864. Division composed of the cavalry brigades of Lewis, Ferguson and Hannon, Wheeler's corps. 89M. Calvin ButlerS. CarolinaGen. J. E. Johnston1864.1864.   Division composed of the cavalry brigades of Wright and Logan, Army of Northern Virginia. 90T. L. RosserTexasGen. R. E. Lee1864.1864.   Division composed of the cavalry brigades of McCausland and D
A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Brigadier-Generals of the Confederate States Army, alphabetically arranged. (search)
61. Dec. 13, 1861. Promoted Major-General August 16, 1862; commanding division at Bowling Green, Kentucky, and subsequently at Fort Donelson. 58Buford, A.KentuckyGen. J. E. JohnstonNov. 29, 1862.Sept. 2, 1862. April 22, 1863. Assigned to the command of the 2d division of Forrest's cavalry, composed of the brigades of Colonels Thompson and Bell; Lyon's brigade subsequently constituted a part of this command; in 1865 command consisted of the brigades of Roddy, Clanton and Armistead. 59Butler, M. CalvinS. CarolinaGen. R. E. LeeSept. 2, 1863.Sept. 1, 1863. Feb. 17, 1864. Promoted Major-General 1864; brigade composed of the 4th, 5th and 6th regiments South Carolina cavalry and Keitt squadron South Carolina cavalry; also of the 1st and 2d South Carolina cavalry; Army of Northern Virginia. 60Cabell, Wm. L.VirginiaGen. E. K. SmithApril 23, 1863.Jan. 20, 1863. April 23, 1863. Commanding brigade composed of four regiments Arkansas cavalry and one battery of Light artillery; at one time in c
inaBattalionLight ArtilleryLt. Col. Joseph B. StarrDec. 1, 1863.   North CarolinaThomas' Legion Infantry Regiment.InfantryCol. Wm. H. ThomasSept. 27, 1862.   North CarolinaThomas' Legion Battalion.InfantryLt. Col. Jas. A. McKameyJan. 3, 1864.  14thNorth CarolinaBattalionCavalryLt. Col. Jas. L. HenryDec. 25, 1863.  15thNorth CarolinaBattalionCavalryLt. Col. Jas. M. WynnJuly 22, 1863.  1stSouth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. John L. BlackJune 25, 1862.  2dSouth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. M. C. ButlerAug. 22, 1862.Promoted Major-General. Col. Thos. J. Lipscomb   3dSouth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. C. I. ColcockAug. 19, 1862.  4thSouth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. B. Huger RutledgeDec. 16, 1862.  5thSouth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. S. W. Ferguson Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. John Dunnovant Promoted Brig adier-General. 6thSouth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. H. K. AikenNov. 1, 1862.  7thSouth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. A. C. Haskell   1stSouth CarolinaRegimentArtil