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g the carbonic acid gas in quantity proportioned to the amount of acid admitted. The plug is again lowered when the ascertained proper amount has entered the generator. The gas passes by the intermediate vessel into the impregnator v, where it is absorbed by the water. The aerated water is drawn off from the impregnator into glass bottles, and tightly corked; or is removed and placed in connection with the ordinary soda-fountain apparatus by which the liquid is drawn into glasses. Cameron's aerator. Bakewell's soda-water apparatus (English) has the generator and impregnator in the same vessel, separated by a diaphragm, and connected by a pipe. The vessel is on trunnions, and is oscillated so as to allow a pendulous stirrer in the lower vessel to agitate the solution of the carbonate of lime. The gas passes to the upper chamber, where it performs a circuitous course in the water which absorbs it. Apparatus for bottling at the spring. Other apparatus depends upon
oove in the packing, and passes behind the rings. p, Witty's valve, 1869, in which steam is admitted through valve-ways to the space behind the ring. The contact of the valve-stem with the end of the cylinder actuates the valve. q is Hedden's valve, 1863, in which steam is admitted by valves in the piston into the space behind the expansible ring. r is Cabell's piston, 1866. It has flexible outside disks, whose peripheries move in contact with the surface of the cylinder. s is Cameron's, 1866. It has a coil of wire in a spiral groove around the piston. t is Clark's, 1865. It has a grooved periphery for wire or jute. Gale's patent, July 21, 1857, has a piston with circumferential grooves occupied by steam and water of condensation, which act as a packing. The same feature is found also in the stuffingbox, which is grooved interiorly. The dimensions and evaporative capacity of the steam-generator for a given duty are determined by the number of cubic feet of wa
4545 shows two other forms of safety-valves for steamboilers; one from Burch's work on Steam-boilers ; the lower one is Cameron's valve. In Fig. 4546, the lever and weight are toothed on their under surfaces, engaging the teeth of a spur-wheel, ped, in order to steam it. 2. The lantern; a frame on which the printed goods are stretched for exposure to steam. Cameron's steam-pump (elevation). 3. The box; a wooden box closed by a cover, which is made steam-tight at the edges by a lis a perforated steam-pipe at the bottom. 4. A chamber into which steam is introduced through two perforated pipes. Cameron's steam-pump (section). Steam-pro-pel′ler. A steam-ship driven by screw-propeller. Blake's steam-pump. Steam-pump. An application of the steamen-gine to pumping purposes. The steam-pump known as Cameron's special, extensively used in collieries, is shown in Figs 5715, 5716. a is the steam-cylinder; b c, piston and rod; d, steam-chest; e, plunger,
amber, the steam is partly condensed, causing a partial vacuum, and allowing the water to flow through the pipe d into the upper chamber, where it is discharged in the form of spray, occasioning the total condensation of the steam, which closes the steam induction-pipe and raises the gravitating valve c, which covers a large number of openings in the bottom of the chamber through which the water rises. A fresh influx of steam then takes place, and the operation is continuously repeated. Cameron's consists of a spiral tube partly filled with mercury and surrounding a central tube, having a partition in its middle, an induction-valve at each end, and an eduction-valve near each end. The ends are journaled in hollow boxes connected with tubes leading to the well or cistern, and by rotating the apparatus alternately in reverse directions, a vacuum is produced at one end, causing a flow of water into one end of the pipe and a plenum at the other, by which water already received in that