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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Heroes of the old Camden District, South Carolina, 1776-1861. an Address to the Survivors of Fairfield county, delivered at Winnsboro, S. C., September 1,1888. (search)
fell in sight of both parties, whereupon the British dropped their arms and fled. The battle continued about an hour and many of the British were killed and wounded, with but little damage to the Whigs, only one of whom was killed—his name was Campbell. Houk was shot by John Carrol, who, with his brother Thomas, was among the foremost in action. There were also two brothers named Ross, two named Hanna, and two named Adair—one of these subsequently was greatly distinguished and became Generalbut just as he was prepared to advance into North Carolina he received the unwelcome news of our great victory at King's Mountain. Would that we had the time to recall here again to-day the deeds and glories of the heroes of that great victory, Campbell, Cleveland, Williams, Sevier and Shelby. But did time allow, it would be but to repeat the story so recently and so eloquently told by the great Virginia orator, Daniel. The security of his conquest in South Carolina thus threatened by the s
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The lost cause. (search)
The lost cause. A Masterly vindication of it by Judge J. A. P. Campbell. in an Address delivered at Canton, May 1, 1874, on the occasion of the Decoration of the graves of Confederate soldiers. Ladies and gentlemen,—We have assembled to commemorate the day set apart among us as a memorial of the Confederate struggle for independence. The observance of memorials of great epochs is proper and sanctioned by custom. People usually celebrate their successes—we, our grand effort for freedom and right, which deserved, but did not achieve success. There is danger that, with the lapse of time and change of circumstances amid the cares of life, the survivors of the Confederate cause may forget, or neglect, the duty they owe to those who fell victims to the contest and to themselves. It is right to keep alive, by repeated consideration, the spirit of patriotism which inspired our Southern movement and led to the sacrifice of the brave soldiers of our cause, whose graves we will this
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.30 (search)
s he rendered, both in the National Assembly of the United States and in the Confederate Congress, are well remembered. The conspicuous part borne by him when, at the instance of Mr. Davis, and in association with Vice-President Stephens and Judge Campbell, he participated in the Fortress Monroe Conference, is fresh in our recollection. Subsequent to the conclusion of the war Mr. Hunter was for some time the treasurer of his native State. Of late years he has led a retired life, toiling for to that memorable document are dead except C. G. Memminger, W. Porcher Miles and William W. Boyce, of South Carolina, Augustus R. Wright, of Georgia, David P. Lewis and Jabez L. M. Curry, of Alabama, W. P. Harris, Alexander M. Clayton and J. A. P. Campbell, of Mississippi, Alexander de Clouet, of Louisiana, and Thomas N. Waul and John H. Reagan, of Texas. And who can furnish even a partial roster of the field, company, and non-commissioned officers, privates, subordinates in various depart
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