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$50 reward will be paid for the delivery of my servant Robert Palmer, who left me on the morning of the 27th inst. He is about 5 feet 7 inches high; mulatto and wears a moustache, and stammers a little when talking. He is about 37 or 38 years old. Ambrose Carlton. Richmond Nov. 29, 1860. no 30--3t
Capture of a fugitive --On Tuesday last a slave named Robert Palmer, owned by Ambrose Carlton, Esq, of this city, ran away from his master, and secreting himself on board the steamship Yorktown, attempted to escape to the North Mr. Carlton being absent from the city, some of his personal friends attempted to discern the whereabouts of the slave, and finding that his clothes were all gone, concluded that he had made an effort to escape to a free State. On Wednesday morning they telegrapheMr. Carlton being absent from the city, some of his personal friends attempted to discern the whereabouts of the slave, and finding that his clothes were all gone, concluded that he had made an effort to escape to a free State. On Wednesday morning they telegraphed Capt. Skinner, at Norfolk, and also telegraphed the steam agents of Philadelphia, asking them to make a search for the fugitive. As soon as the message reached Philadelphia, the agents of the Richmond and Philadelphia steam line, aided by the police, took proper measures to search the vessel when she arrived, but the negro was not on board. Captain Skinner, of the Yorktown, had better luck. After leaving Norfolk, he ordered a thorough search of the ship, and very soon succeeded in finding
d of brothers, such as Virginians have ever been and ever will be in times of peril — impelled by honor, by duty and by patriotism to action. He then invited the persons present to give utterance to such sentiments as may be called for by the occasion. Mr. David J. Burr nominated as Vice Presidents the following gentlemen, and they were chosen by acclamation: R. B. Haxall, James Dunlop, Abram Warwick, R. G. Morriss, Wm. Palmer, Jas. A. Cowardin, Robt. A. Paine, Ambrose Carlton, Jos. R. Anderson, R. O. Haskins, Thos. H. Ellis, John Jones, Lewis Webb, Chas. W. Purcell, John A. Belvin. Mr. John Purcell nominated as Secretaries the following gentlemen, and they were elected: R. Milton Cary, John H. Montague, John Thompson Brown, John H. Claiborne, J. Adair Pleasants. Mr. George W. Randolph offered a resolution, which was adopted, for the appointment of a committee of twenty-five, to prepare and report business for the action of the meetin
ged with stealing twelve soldiers aborts a few days since, from Mrs. Mary Bolton. The garments were taken from a passenger car at the Petersburg depot, and there being reason to suspect the officer Moore obtained a warrant and took him under arrest. He acknowledged the deed, and accompanied the officer in search of the parties to whom he had sold them. The Mayor admitted the prisoner to ball for his appearance for further examination before the Hustings Court. William, slave of Ambrose Carlton, was committed to jail for having in his possession two demijohns which were stolen on Saturday night from the store of J. J. Campbell & Bro., on 13th street. The prisoner stated that the vessels were left at his store by another negro known by him, whose name was places in possession of the officer. Rufus, slave of A. G. Walters, of Danville, Va., was committed as a runaway.-- Jos. G. Terry, a member of the 30th Georgia regiment, by whom Rufus was arrested, stated that when his re
examination of most of them. In the case of Doctor J. Wyatt, examined on the previous day for stealing a horse and wagon from Capt. A. G. Rodgers, it appearing there was no larceny, but a breach of trust, Capt. Rodgers having entrusted him with the horse and wagon which he sold and converted the money to his own use, the accused was discharged from the prosecution; but being a deserter from Capt. Rodgers's cavalry company, he was sent to the Provost Marshal. William, slave of Ambrose Carlton, charged with having in his possession a demijohn stolen from James J. Campbell, was discharged. Dick, slave of — Alvey, charged with breaking into the grocery of Robert B. Smith, was remanded for future examination. Joe, slave of James Kersey, charged with breaking into the dwelling house of James Kersey, was discharged. Patrick Burke was charged with stealing a pig from Joe. R Anderson. Neither the accused nor the accuser appeared. This pig has been the subject of muc
s Court yesterday morning. The following is a summary of the proceedings: Ann Kennan, charged with drunkenness, disturbing the neighborhood in which she lives, and breaking the window glass in John McDonald's house, was, after a short examination, instructed to go home, and a subpoena issued for the appearance of her husband this morning to answer the offence. Owing to the absence of material witnesses, the charge which has been pending for sometime against William, slave of Ambrose Carlton, implicating him with the recent robbery of Jas J Campbell & Brother's store, was postponed to an indefinite time. Lewis, slave of Lewis Frayser, was charged with cutting the throat of a hog, the property of Margaret, slave of Travis Lassiter. A witness saw Lewis attempt two or three times to drive the hog off the lot, designing, no doubt, to steal her; but failing to accomplish his object, he seized on to her and plunged a long shoemaker's knife into her throat. The hog had a li
The Kirby murder case--Mrs. Kirby before the Hustings Court--the case continued. --Mrs. Anne E. Kirby, charged with the murder of her husband, Robert F. Kirby, on the 21st of November last, was arraigned before the Hustings Court yesterday morning. Her condition was much the same as heretofore reported — either insane, or so well feigned as to deceived the majority of spectators. The witnessed for the Commonwealth were called, and all but two--Messrs. Ambrose Carlton and J. P. Tyler--responded. It was stated that the former was confined to his room by sickness. Mr. W. W. Crump, one of the prisoner's counsel, made an application for a continuance for a day or two. Mr. Johnson, another of the counsel, was absent, attending upon the Provost Court, and he deemed his presence here, when this case was taken up, indispensable. Mr. R. T. Daniel, Attorney for the Commonwealth.--That is not the rule of the Court The Commonwealth is ready to go on. The Court — What is the
t the Second Market, on the 21st of November last, was again arraigned before the Hustings Court yesterday morning. The Court was composed of the following Magistrates: Aldermen John F. Regnault. John M. Higgins, W. W. Timberlake, Thomas M. Jones and James T. McCarthy. Recorder Chandler left the bench in consequence of having presided at the preliminary examination, and his place was occupied by Senior Alderman Regnault. All the witnesses for the Commonwealth responded except Ambrose Carlton, who was detained at home by sickness. Some time was consumed in sending for the witnesses on the part of the defence, the counsel for the prisoner having insisted upon their presence before the commencement of proceedings. The witnesses afterwards made their appearance, and the case proceeded. The prisoner was attended by two female companions. She constantly interrupted the proceedings by incoherent and senseless exclamations. Mr. Edward Y. Cannon. one of the counsel