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to-day must tell--Here they come at last, the lubbers, Boxed up in their iron shell. Aye, she's heading dead athwart us, Where the fog begins to lift-- Now a broadside, and all together, At the bloody rope-walk adrift! How the hog-back's snout comes on us! Give it again to 'em, boys! Ah! there's a crash at our counter Can be heard through all the noise! 'Tis like pitching of peas and pebbles-- No matter for that, my men; Stand by, to send 'em another-- Ah! I think we hulled her then! Carpenter, how is the water? Gaining, sir, faster and higher; 'Tis all awash in the ward-room. Never mind — we can load and fire! Let them charge with their Iron Devil, They never shall see our backs-- What, all afloat on our gun-deck? Aye, your sponges and rammers to the racks! Sinking, my hearts, at an anchor-- But never say die till it's o'er! Are you ready there on the spar-deck? We'll give them one round more. Ready all, or the spar-deck? Aye, my lads, we're going down-- She's heeling — but
lk a large portion of the quarter-deck. The gig-davits were broken, also her keel and planking. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. George E. Burceam, Carpenter. Captain P. Drayton, Commanding U. S. S. Hartford. U. S. flag-ship Hartford, Mobile Bay, Aug. 6, 1864. sir: In obedience to your order of the sixth instant, respectfully, your obedient servants, Felix McCurley, Acting Master. John H. Allen, Acting Master. Thomas Kelly, Acting Boatswain. Francis A. Stanley, Acting Carpenter's Mate. Captain J. B. Marchand, Commanding U. S. Steamship Lackawanna. U. S. S. Lackawanna, in Mobile Bay, Aug. 5, 1864. sir: I have the honor to report thatpedo-catcher. A shot passed through the dingy. A plank was started in the barge, supposed to have been by a splinter. Respectfully submitted, R. G. Thomas. Carpenter. Lieut. Corn. Edward O. Lull, Executive Officer. U. S. S. Brooklyn, inside Mobile Bay, Aug. 6, 1864. sir: I respectfully beg to report the damages sustained
osted twelve guns, from the batteries of Captains Carpenter, Wooding, and Braxton, under the directigh, General Taliaferro's chief of artillery; Carpenter's battery, commanded by Lieutenant McKendreexton's4th Virginia 1212 Taliaferro'sPaxton'sCarpenter's Battery12526 Taliaferro'sJones'21st Virgieenth, the batteries of Captains Wooding and Carpenter, the latter commanded by Lieutenant McKendres, Wooding's battery, and Lieutenant Lambie, Carpenter's battery, all of whom were severely woundedth, and Thirty-third Virginia regiments, and Carpenter's battery, numbering in all about one hundren of occasional firing between the pickets. Carpenter's battery was detached from my brigade on thhree six-pounders, from the batteries of Captains Carpenter, Wooding, and Braxton,--all under the im command of Captain J. B. Brockenbrough. Captain Carpenter's battery was commanded by Lieutenant Mct of Lieutenant McKendree. headquarters Carpenter's battery, camp Paxton's brigade, December 2[1 more...]
d eight sabre bayonets, with scabbards. Respectfully submitted, A. N. Mitchell, Lieutenant, and Executive Officer. Report of damages to the Mattabesett. Carpenter's Department. Rail of launch stove in, and davit spar carried away; shot through waterways, just abaft port wheel, passed on through combing of engine-roo servant, Wm. N. Welles, Acting Master and Executive Officer. Acting Vol. Lieut. Charles A. French, Commanding U. S. Steamer Miami. Report of H. S. Buckley, Carpenter's Mate. United States steamer Miami, May 6, 1864. Sir: I respectfully submit the following report of damages received by this vessel, in hull, &c., durinand starboard waist, and cutting away port smoke-stack guys, and passing through smoke-stack. I have the honor to be your obedient servant. Henry S. Buckley, Carpenter's Mate. Acting Vol. Lieut. C. A. French, Commanding U. S. Steamer Miami. Report of Acting Master Foster. United States steamer Ceres, Albemarle Sound, M
ro and Franklin road. The enemy's batteries now announced our close proximity to their lines. Carpenter's and Hotchkiss's batteries were soon brought into opposition and opened fire. Woodruft's andolonel Wooster, One Hundred and First Ohio; Lieutenant-Colonel McKee, Fifteenth Wisconsin; Captain Carpenter, Eighth Wisconsin battery, and Captain McCulloch, Second Kentucky cavaly, of my staff, whothe Fifteenth, and Major Slemmer ( Old Pickens ), the Sixteenth, fell severely wounded, and Major Carpenter, commanding the Nineteenth, fell dead in the last charge, together with many other brave of on the field. Colonel Forman, my brave boy Colonel of the Fifteenth Kentucky, also fell. Major Carpenter, of the Nineteenth infantry, fell in the last charge. His loss is irreparable. Many otherames Emery and the rest, went through the whole fight behaving well. Emery was wounded. Lieutenant Carpenter, First Ohio volunteer infantry, one of my Aids, was so badly injured by the fall of his h
er-General R. B. Garnett's brigade, consisting of the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Twenty-seventh, and Thirty-third regiments of Virginia volunteers, and McLaughlin's, Carpenter's, and Waters' batteries, was near two miles below Mount Jackson. Colonel J. S. Burks' brigade, consisting of the Twenty-first, Forty-second, and Forty-eighthAshby with his command on the Valley turnpike, with Colonel Burks' brigade as a support to the batteries, and also to act as a reserve, I moved with one piece of Carpenter's battery and Colonel Fulkerson's brigade, supported by General Garnett's to our left, for the purpose of securing a commanding position on the enemy's right, and thus, turning him by that flank, force him back from his strong position in front, which prevented a direct advance. Soon after Captain Carpenter brought up his other pieces, also McLaughlin's and Waters' batteries came forward, the eminence was reached, and the three batteries, under their respective Captains, commenced playing
1.   Charles Willis, jun., m. Abigail Belknap, gr.-dau. of Rev. John Bailey, of Watertown, and had--   Charles.   Nathaniel, b. 1760; d. 1832.   Abigail, m. Isaac Collins.   Of these,--   Nathaniel Willis m. Lucy Douglass, of New London, and had--   Andrew, d. young.   Nathaniel, b. June 6, 1780.   Rebecca, b. 1782; m. Samuel Richards.   He m., 2d, Mary Cartmell, and had--   Sarah, m. Judge Easton, of La.   Mary, m.----McDonald.   Eliza, m. D. R. Ferguson.   Catharine, m.----Carpenter.   Madeline, m. Hiram Still.   James M.   Henry C.   Matilda.   Julian D., deceased.   The oldest son, Nathaniel, is the well-known publisher in Boston. He m., July 22, 1803, Hannah Parker, who was b. Jan. 28, 1782, and d. Mar. 21, 1844. Their children were--   Lucy D., b. May 11, 1804; m. J. F. Bumstead.    Nathaniel Parker, the well-known author, b. Jan. 20, 1806; m.1st, Oct. 1, 1835, M. Stace, who d. Mar. 25, 1845; 2d, C. Grinnell, Oc
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Early's Valley campaign. (search)
emy through his country. It has been said that Early, at the head of his faithful band, hovering like an eagle about the columns of Sheridan, displayed more heroic valor than when at the head of his victorious army in Maryland. Among some of those whom superior rank has not brought into special notice are Colonels Carter (Acting Chief of Artillery), Nelson, King and Braxton; Majors Kirkpatrick and McLaughlin, of the artillery, distinguished at Winchester; Captains Massey, killed, and Carpenter, wounded; Colonel Pendleton, Adjutant-General of Early's corps, killed at Fisher's Hill while gallantly rallying the fugitives; Colonel Samuel Moore, Inspector-General of Early's corps; Colonel Green Peyton, Adjutant-General Rodes' division; Captain Lewis Randolph, of Rodes' staff; Colonel R. W. Hunter, Adjutant-General Gordon's division; Colonel Carr, Inspector-General Breckinridge's division, captured near Cross Keys, Valley of Virginia; Major Brethard, artillery; Major S. V. Southall, A
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 6. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Gettysburg campaign--official reports. (search)
ren, Lieutenant-Colonel Walton, Major Wood, Lieutenant-Colonel Brown, Major Parsley and Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert; Nicholls' brigade, Colonel J. M. Williams commanding, consisting of First, Second, Tenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Louisiana regiments, commanded respectively by Lieutenant-Colonel Nolan, Lieutenant-Colonel Burke, Major Powell, Lieutenant-Colonel Zable and Major Brady, with Andrews' battalion of artillery, Major Latimer commanding, consisting of Raines', Dement's, Brown's and Carpenter's batteries. On June 16th my division left camp at Stephenson's and marched to Sbepherdstown, where Jones' brigade was temporarily detached, with orders to destroy a number of canal boats and a quantity of grain and flour stored at different points, and cut the canal (Chesapeake and Ohio canal). A report of his operations and the disposition made of his captures has been forwarded. June 18th we crossed the Potomac at Boteler's ford and encamped upon the battle-ground of Sharpsburg
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 8. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), History of Lane's North Carolina brigade. (search)
y was driven off, and retreated in the direction of Centreville. Soon after, a considerable body of Federal infantry, under Brigadier-General Taylor, of New Jersey, came in sight — having, it is believed, that morning left Alexandria in the cars — and boldly pushed forward to recover the position and stores which had been lost the previous night. The advance was made with great spirit and determination, and under a leader worthy of a better cause. Assailed by the batteries of Poague and Carpenter, and some of General Hill's division, and apparently seeing that there was danger of its retreat being cut off by our other troops if it continued to move forward, it soon commenced retreating, and, being subjected to a heavy fire from our batteries, was soon routed, leaving its killed and wounded upon the field. Several brigades of General Hill's division pressed forward in pursuit. In this conflict the Federal commander, General Taylor, was mortally wounded. Battle of Manassas (on t
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