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Hustings Court. --The first felony case examined yesterday was that of Wm. N. Miller, who represented himself to be a Colonel in the Confederate army, and obtained by this and other false pretences, from King and Lambeth, a saddle and bridle and $497 in money, giving them in return a pay roll for money which was not due him by the Government. The Court heard the evidence and remanded the prisoner for final trial. James M. Elmore, and Tazewell Carr, charged with stealing a watch and chain from Wm. B. Lane, were examined and remanded for final trial. The Court allowed Wm. B. Lane the sum of fifty dollars for his attendance and his expenses in traveling back to his residence in Selma, Alabama. Josephine Anderson, a free negro, was tried for stealing a gold watch and chain from John Hardy, and acquitted. James Doran, charged with making a felonious assault upon George Webster, and robbing him of five dollars, was discharged on a nolle prosequi entered by the Commonw
Grand jury presentments. --The grand jury of inquest in and for the body of the city of Richmond, Geo. W. Smith, foreman, was yesterday sworn in Judge Lyons's Court, and having received their charge, retired, and returned with true bills against the following persons for felony, viz: Richard L. Bohannon, Wm. Clarke, John Dawson, Peter Disney, James M. Elmore and Tazewell Carr, Chas. Girth, Joseph C. Henry, Wm. N. Miller, Luke McKenna, Jacob Schoff, Andrew Sullivan, John T. Smith, James Slater, Joseph Wagner, Elizabeth Woodcock, John Walthall. The case of John Hagan, for alleged extortion in obtaining money from James Evans to employ a substitute in the battery, was called up by Mr. Hagan's attorney, who argued against the legality of Evans being sworn as a witness and sent before the grand jury to testify against their client. After hearing arguments pro and con, the Judge took time to consider. The grand jury, after making the above presentments, adjourned until Mond
Court. --Monthly term. March 17th. Present: Hon. Wm. H. Lyons, Judge. Harvey Wash, who stands indicted for passing counterfeit money, appeared in court and entered into a recognizance in $3,000 to appear at the next term for trial. The last will and testament of C. E. Grinwald, den'd, was admitted to probate. The witnesses against James Slater, charged with murder, appeared and entered into a recognizance to appear and bear testimony against him at the next term. Tazewell Carr, indicted with James M. Elmore, [who has escaped from jail,] for robbing a soldier of the 4th Alabama regiment, of his watch and a sum of money, in Butchertown, was tried and acquitted by a jury. Wm. N. Miller, the bogus. Colonel, charged with forgery and swindling, will be tried this morning at 10 ½ o'clock. James P. Neagle, charged with malicious shooting, will be tried on Wednesday morning at the same hour. John Walthall will be tried [for the second time] next Monday