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s rejected — ayes 21, noes 24. The bill, with but a few slight verbal amendments, was passed by the following vote: Ayes.--Messrs. Armstrong, August, Bruce, Carson, Carraway, Claiborne, Coghill, Day, John Dickenson, Asa B. Dickinson, Douglass, Early, French, Gatewood, Greever, Hubbard, Isbell. Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, Massie, McKenney, Nash, Newlon, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Pennybacker, Quesenberry, Tallaferro, Thompson, and Urquhast--32. Nays.--Messrs. Brannon, Caldwell, Carter, Critcher, Neal, Neeson, Rives, Stuart, Henry W. Thomas, Townes, and Wickham--11. Bills Passed.--Senate bill organizing a volunteer company of cavalry in Albemarle county; Senate bill amending the charter of the Black Lick and Plaster Bank Turnpike Company; Senate bill to incorporate the Cove Creek Lead, Copper and Iron Manufacturing Company in the county of Tazewell; Senate bill authorizing the Loch Leven Rangers, in the county of Lunenburg, to be organized with a less number than now
e, Hale, Addison Hall, Cyrus Hall, L. S. Hall, Harvie, Holcombe, Hunton, Isbell, Kent, Kilby, Lawson, Leake, Charles K. Mallory, James B. Mallory, Marr, Marye, Moffet, Morris, Morton, Neblett, Parks, Richardson, Seawell, Shefffey, Southall, Speed, Surange, Sutherlin, Thornton, Tredway, Tyler, Walter, Williams, Wise, and Wysor.--60. Naye.--Messrs. Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin. Alfred M. Barbour, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, Boggess, Boyd, Brent. Brown. Burdett, Burley, Campbell, Caperton, Carlile, Carter, C. B. Conrad, Robt. Y. Conrad, Couch, Custis, Dent, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Gravely Eph'm B. Hall, Hammond, Haymond, Hoge, Hubbard, Hughes, Jackson, Janney, Marmaduke. Johnson, Peter C- Johnston, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, Macfarland, Marshall, Moore, Orrick, Osburn, Patrick, Pendleton, Porter, Price, Pugh, Rives, Robt. E. Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Slaughter, Spurlock, Staples, Chapman J. Stuart, Summers, Tarr, White, Wickham, Willey, and Wilson.--67. M
Hustings Court,Wednesday, April 10th. --Senior Alderman Sanxay, presiding: James Edward Carter, charged with committing a felony on the 15th February, in this: that he did forge a certain paper writing purporting to be an order drawn by one Lawrence S. Marye, directed to Mr. Hill, for the delivery of a pair of boots, and did employ the same as true and genuine, was set to the bar for examination, when, on motion of the prisoner, the case was continued until the May term of the Court. Another case against the same person, for forging a certain paper commonly called a check, purporting to be to the order of A. W. Thomas, upon the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, for the payment of $13 to one William F. Frayzer, or bearer, dated Richmond, March 8th, 1861, which he passed to Moses Endol, for goods, and was likewise continued till the next term. Oliver Crossmore was put on trial for exhibiting a lottery for darkeys, against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth, and the cas
Forgeries. --Yesterday Charles Smith, a young white man, was examined by the Hustings Court in four cases of forgery pending against him, and sent on to be tried finally before Judge Lyons. Jas. Edward Carter was examined and sent on to be tried before the same Judge for forging a check purporting to be signed by A. W. Thomas. Other cases are pending against both parties.
arpenter Shop, Broad street. Eliza Ann Johnson, free negro, was tried for remaining in the Commonwealth contrary to law. The jury found her not guilty. Frederick Thompson and Wm. Freeman, confined in jail awaiting the action of the Grand Jury, not having been indicted, were ordered to be discharged. An attachment was awarded against Lawrence S. Marye, to show cause why he should not be fined for his contempt in not attending as a witness in the case of the State against James Edward Carter. John Delworth was tried for an assault on Solomon Hecht, and the jury not agreeing on a verdict, were discharged, and defendant let off on payment of costs. A nolle prosequi was entered in two cases pending against Albert L. Riddle for passing counterfeit notes, he having escaped from jail last February. The appeal of Wm. Scott, a free person of color, from the judgment of the Recorder, ordering him 39 lashes for indecent and insulting language to a white person, was h
Hustings Court. --This Court held a brief session yesterday and then adjourned for the term. In the case of Caroline Carr and Caroline Cafes, a capias was awarded. A summons was issued in two cases against C. W. Purcell, presented for unlawful banking. Jas. Edward Carter was sent on to be tried before Judge Lyons, for forging Lawrence S. Marye's name. George D. Harwood was fined $10 and costs, for allowing his slave Edward to go at large. F. Morgan, indicted for raising a disturbance, gave surety for his appearance;--a capias was awarded against James Howard, also implicated in the affair.
Supreme Court of Appeals. --Among the cases heard on appeal from decisions of the Hustings Court is that of Harvey Wash, convicted of counterfeiting, and that of James Edward Carter, convicted of forgery. No decisions have yet been rendered.
Incarcerated. --James Edward Carter, convicted of forgery, having failed to get a new trial of his cause, was yesterday consigned to the Penitentiary for a term of four years. The prisoner is a young man, and his present misfortune in the result of evil associations.