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1711104223092 Thomas Cutter172173844271711 Ammi Cutter51139911021710113166 Samuel Cutter343891055132155 Lt. Wm. Cutter1711656321981210 John Cutter, 3d171176422188128 Gershom Cutter344441827661119 Stephen Cutter1746510551310149 Nehemiah Cutter, jr.174211245 Thomas Cutter, jr.3411151311492192 Wd. Anna Cutter2491262173127 Wm. Cutter, jr.1717036 Wd. Mary Cutter30594399154 Caleb Carter1718131282104 Eph'm Cooke172163633196173 Abra'm Cooke1763133410 Aaron Cooke171113632146119 Rebecca Carter40273475193 Daniel Cutter174221133410 Charles Cutter174211245 Isaac Cutter1717036 Samuel Cutter, jr.1771811039811213 Wm. Cutler's Est.347163171101742112 Polls.Real.Personal.Total.Town Tax. Ishmael Cutler1717036 John Dickson1716042272101 Capt. Eph'm Frost5110841811475349 Samuel Frost51121001113161233124 Eph'm Frost, jr.1776101409710211 Capt. Stephen Frost178452110665 Samuel Frost, jr.174211245 John Frost1794631127611 Joseph Frost174978451411154 Joseph Frost, jun'r171
Carnes, Mrs. Elizabeth, d. 16 Aug. 1802, a. 54. Joseph's child d. 13 Sept. 1805, a. 2. Carroll, Paulina, and Jesse Simpson of W. Camb. m. 15 Apr. 1840. Carter, Caleb, had Theophilus, b. 2, bap. 7 Sept. 1777; Caleb, b. 24, bap. 25 July, 1779; Sarah, bap. 27 Nov. 1781. See Wyman's Charlestown, 191, No. 21. An infant of Mr. Carter, of Woburn, funeral 28 Aug. 1775. Samuel, Jr., had a seat in the meeting-house, 1781. Adino, of Woburn, m. Abigail Nutting, of Camb. 12 Feb. 1756. Judith, of Woburn, m. John Winship, of Camb. 5 Dec. 1763. Capt. Samuel, of Woburn, and Mrs. Rebecca Hill, m. 11 Dec. 1770 —marriage fee a crown: [widow of Zechariah Hill, and maiden name Cutter]. Mrs. Rebecca Carter, d. 1 Feb. 1797, a. 84 (g. s. Arlington)—wid. of Capt. Samuel Carter. [He m. first Margery Dickson, of Camb., 30 June, 1719, who d. 27 Sept. 1769, a. 71 (g. s. Woburn first burying-ground).] He d. 21 Jan. 1787, a. 92 (g. s. Arlington). 1787, Jan. 21. Capt. Samuel Carter died, and bur<