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for a four mile race. Everything wore a martial appearance, and everybody seemed to enjoy the spectacle. When the drums of the First Regiment announced the approach of that fine body of soldiers, there was a general commotion on the grounds. The regiment entered the Broad street gate, was met by a squadron of cavalry, and marched to the place of parade. We observed the following companies: Howitzer Co. H. Capt. Randolph; Grays, Co. A, Lieut. Bossieux; Co. B. Lieut. Mitchell; Co. F. Capt. Cary; Montgomery Guard, Co. C. Capt. Dooley; Blues, Lieut. Scott; Co. I. Captain Morris; Co. G, Capt. Gordon; Co. E. Rifles, Capt. Miller. The Public Guard, Lieut. Gay commanding, was also in the line, We can say unhesitatingly, that while we have seen the regiment parade in greater force, we never saw it look better than on this occasion. The men marched well, and exhibited in their general movements a proficiency showing their careful attention to the instructions of the drill-room. We he
h, George Carr, Socrates Maupin, Jas. Lobban. B. W. Snead, R. G. Crank, Wm. S. Dabney. Lewisburg. Samuel Price, Joel McPherson, Johnson E. Bell, Floyd Estell. R. B. Moorman, R. B. James, Austin Handley. Wytheville. Stephen McGavock, Ro. Crockett, Isaac J. Leftwich, Wm. Terry. A. T. Crockett, Gordon C. Kent. Wm. Gibboney. Bank of Virginia.Richmond. James Caskie, Archibald Thomas, William Gray, A. T. Harris, Thomas R. Price. R. Milton Cary, Joseph P. Jones, C. R. Barksdale, Jas. B. Ferguson, Jr. Norfolk. Myer Myers, George Reid, Wm. T. Harrison, P. P. Clements. Wm. Lamb, James E. Barry, Ryland Capps. Petersburg. Daniel Dodson, B. T. Hurt, E. G. James, J. P. May. Z. W. Pickerell, W. R. Johnson, S. W. Venable. Fredericksburg. W. P. Conway, D. H. Gordon, J. H. Bradley, Charles Herndon. G. H. C. Rowe, Ro. W. Adams, H. S. Doggett. Lynchburg. Chiswell Dabney,
Military Publications. --The Volunteer's Hand-Book, by Mr. Jas. K. Lee, of this city, has met with such rapid sale that the publishers have been induced to issue a second edition. The same publishers, Messrs. West & Johnston, have also in press a new book by Captain R. Milton Cary, entitled "Skirmisher's Drill and Bayonet Exercise," which gives all the points in the wonderful Zouave drill, of which we hear so much. We have seen some of the illustrations, representing soldier men striking each other with bayonets after the most approved fashion.
sale by West & Johnston, 145 Main street Tactics for officers of Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery. Arranged and compiled by L. V. Buckholtz. 75 the Volunteers' Hand Book: Containing an Abridgement of Hardee's Infantry Tactics, adapted to the use of the Percussion Musket in Squad and Company Exercises, Manual of Arms for Riflemen, and United States Army Regulations as to Parades, Reviews, Inspections, Guard Mounting, &c., By James K. Lee, of the First Regiment of Virginia Volunteers. Third thousand. Forth thousand in press. Price 50 cts. N. B.--We will publish on Thursday morning, March 7th-- Skirmishers' Drill and Bayonet Exercise. By Capt. R. Milton Cary. of Company "F," properly illustrated Price 50 cts. The cheapest Book ever published. Persons, by remitting the price of either of these valuable Books, will receive them free of postage. Address orders to West & Johnston, Publishers, 145 Main street. Orders promptly attended to. mh 6--1t
Richmond publications. --Messrs. West & Johnston published on Saturday the new work on Military Tactics, by Captain R. Milton Cary, of Company F; also, a pretty volume for young people, entitled "Brown and Arthur," written by Mrs. Anna Mead Chalmers, of Halifax county, Va. They also published last week another volume of Matthew's Digest, making three publications in one week by this firm. We believe this is a display of enterprise not heretofore reached by Richmond publishers, but we hope to chronicle many future evidences of go-aheadativeness in various quarters.
To Jas. R. Crenshaw, Esq. --The undersigned, voters of the city of Richmond, hereby request you to announce yourself a candidate for the office of Commonwealth's Attorney for the Hustings Court of the City, to be voted for at the approaching municipal election. Your fellow-citizens. J. Stewart Walker, O. Jennings Wise, Mark Downey, John A. Belvin, Geo. W. Hobson, Chas. L. Hobson, R. Milton Cary, E. G. Rawlings, M. L. Randolph, D. T. Williams, M. C. Macon, P. A. Wellford, Wm. B. Newman, Wm. M. Sutton, J. R. Chamberlayne, R. H. Lorton, John F Stagg, Jno. S. Blanton, D. J. B. Reeve, N. M. Lee, Chas. Bills, A. Smith, Geo. Bender, Ash Levy, J. H. Whiteford, J. H. Chamberlayne, Joseph Bucker, G. H. Baughman, Jacob Beck, S. M. Etting, Wm. Schell, J. Thompson Brown, H. J. Smith, David N. Walker, Thos. Howard, Shirley King, Thos. Whitworth, Nat. Tyler, G. Townsend, Sol. A. Myers. Patrick Shay, T. Marsh
For Commonwealth's Attorney. To Jas. R. Crenshaw, Esq. --The undersigned, voters of the city of Richmond, hereby request you to announce yourself a candidate for the office of Commonwealth's Attorney for the Hustings Court of the City, to be voted for at the approaching municipal election. Your fellow-citizens, J. Stewart Walker, Mark Downey, Geo.W. Hobson, R. Milton Cary, M. L. Randolph, M. C. Macon, Wm. B. Newman, J. R. Chamberlayne, John F. Stagg, D. J. B. Reeve, Chas. Ellis, Geo. Bender, J. H. Whiteford, Joseph Bucker, Jacob Beck, Wm. Schell, H. J. Smith, Thos.Howard, Thos.Whitworth, G. Townsend, Patrick Shay, Pat. Kane, Robt. Chandler, Peter Doyle, Chas. H. Moore, Jas. M. Macon, Jr., Philip Haxall, Chas. R. Skinker, E. M. Alfriend, Wm. H. Palmer, Ro. P. Pulliam, L. Sutter, W. B. Church, John Appleyard, Geo. L. Bidgood, E. G. Higginbotham, E. W. Blackburn, Jas. W. T. Banks, S. N. Davis, P. A
$10 reward, --Ranaway from my residence on 2d street, between Marshall and Clay, on Thursday last, a young Woman named Emeline about 17 years old. of a singer-bread color, about five feet inches quite fat, round face, thick head of hair to be straight when combed.-- She has on when she left a yarn hood, dark color dress and white apron. I think she is about the city working by the day, or trying to hire herself out. The above reward will be give for her delivery to me at my house about stated, or at the store of Messrs. Joyner Main street, if taken in the city, and if taken in the county. my 9--1w* miles Cary.
t "camp Mercer."headquarters camp Mercer, Near Fredericksburg, May 9, 1861. Among the companies now at this beautiful camp are the "Old Richmond Light Infantry Blues, Co. 'E,' " commanded by Capt. O. Jennings Wise; Co. "F," commanded by Capt. Cary; the Mount Pleasant Rifles, Capt. Johnson; Capt. R. L. Walker's Artillery, four field-pieces; the Fredericksburg Artillery, Capt.Braxton; Co. "B," Fredericksburg, Capt. Chew; Co. "A," Fredericksburg, Capt. Sener. The train last evening brought the Caroline Greys, Capt. Quisenberry, a fine looking and well-drilled body of men. The camp is under the command of Capt. R. Milton Cary, of Co. "F." The men are rapidly progressing in the drill, and the raw recruits are put through about seven hours each day. The strictest military discipline is enforced, and everything is upon complete "war footing." Several of the men have suffered somewhat from indisposition, but Dr. Cunningham, of the First Regiment of Virginia Volunteers; Dr. Brock, of t
r services to the defence of the Old Dominion, and you may rely upon it that they will give a good account of themselves. Our troops here are rapidly progressing in the drill, and will soon be as thorough soldiers as any in the field. Lieut. Col. R. Milton Cary has been ordered to take command of all the country between this point and the Potomac, including Camp Mercer. He is a most thorough soldier, and everything that is entrusted to his hands will be executed in the proper and most ehe "boys" dine in town, and those that take a gastronomic view of the times think that old Fredericksburg is the finest garrison in the Southern Confederacy. Mercer. Headquarters, "Camp Mercer,"Near Fredericksburg, May 14, 1861. Capt. Cary yesterday, accepted his Lieut. Colonelship, and will be, it is reported, at once placed as officer in command over this rendezvous, where military from Caroline. Stafford, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, and perhaps from elsewhere, are to centre
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