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For Hire --For the ensuing twelve months, a strong and healthy Negro girl to act as seamstress and lady's maid. Price $75. For particulars, call at the residence of Mr. John Turp corner of 31 and Cary streets. de 12--W Th & 83t*
Wanted --I wish to hire two good House Girls, without encumbrance--one a good Seamstress, the other must assist at Washing and Ironing. For first-rate, genteel servants, I will assure a good home and liberal wages. J. M. Conead, Cary, bet 13 and 14th sts. ja 4--ts
Wanted --I wish to hire two good House Seamstress, the other must assist at Washing and Ironing. For first-rate, genteel servants, I will assure a good home and liberal wages. J. M. Conrad, Cary, bet 13 and 14th sts. ja 4--ts
The parade. --The First Regiment, Colonel Moore, paraded yesterday afternoon. The line was formed on Capitol Square, with the Band and Drum Corps, at 2 o'clock, and after going through some evolutions, in presence of an immense throng, the column marched through the Western gate, in the following order:--Howitzer Company. Capt. Randolph; Grays, Capt. Elliott; Montgomery Guard, Captain Dooley; Company F, Capt. Cary; Company I, Capt. Morris; Company G, Capt. Gordon; Company K, Capt. Miller. The Regiment paraded in overcoats, and looked exceedingly well. In marching down Main street, the spectacle presented was quite imposing.--After returning to the Square, the Regiment was reviewed by Col. Moore, and we noticed that the Band, instead of playing National airs, as on similar anniversaries heretofore, played the Marsellaise. The Colonel then dismissed his command. The Grays remained on the Square, and gave the throng of spectators an opportunity of witnessing some of their sk
Fire. --The alarm of fire yesterday, about 2 o'clock, was caused by an attempt to set fire to and burn the shed attached to the office of Dr. George W. Wilson, on 7th street between Main and Cary. The opportune arrival of the steam fire engine prevented the spread of the flames, and the fire was extinguished without much damage to the adjoining property.
Major Winthrop's watch returned by the Confederates. --A private letter from Camp Hamilton, the headquarters of General Pierce, says: "Col. Cary, of the Secession Army, appeared at our picket this afternoon with a flag of truce, in company with three officers, reporting themselves as having come from Yorktown, and bringing the watch of Major Winthrop, which was immediately sent to Gen. Butler.--Taunton Gazette.
The Daily Dispatch: July 19, 1861., [Electronic resource], A Yankee Editor Condemns the Outrages committed by Lincoln troops. (search)
r money, they broke open the bureau and took $26 which they found there. In another instance a gang of men went into a house occupied by a lady, a relative of Commodore Barron, who had packed up the family pictures and other relics and put them away. They broke open the boxes, threw the contents out into the street, and completely stripped the house. At another house, after taking away what they wanted, they emptied jars of sweet-meats which they poured into the river — At the house of a Mrs. Cary, they smashed to pieces all the glass ware they could find, much of which was very valuable. Passing through the village I came to the old church, said to be the oldest now standing in this country. It stands a little back from the road, and is surrounded by the graveyard; just in the roar of it, and close by the walls, was the freshly made grave of a child, with a slight wooden frame around it to protect it from desecration. Some of our troops had placed an iron red across the frame,
Comforts for the wounded at Manassas. --A surgeon of our city, who came down on the cars yesterday, urges upon our citizens the propriety of sending food already prepared or that which may be easily prepared, and other comforts and delicacies, to the many wounded men who must necessarily continue at Manassas for some time. We are requested to state that any articles intended for this destination should be sent to the store of Messrs. Spotts &Harvey, on 14th street, South of Cary, who will promptly attend to their transportation.
erature the South is pre-eminent. The efforts at publishing of late by Southern firms are of the most creditable kind. Books are gotten up in a style unsurpassed by Northern houses.--Among the military books lately issued none surpass Gilham's Manual, published by, West and Johnston, of this city, at 145 Main street. It is gotten up regardless of cost. Competent authority pronounces it an admirable book, shewing the soldier's art from Alpha to Omega. Among other books published by the same firm may be mentioned Cary's Bayonet Exercise, Lee's Volunteer's Hand-Book, Confederate States Army Regulations, Hardee's Tactic's, Mahan's Outpost Duty, School of the Guides, or the Practicing Soldier, Southern Military Manual, &c., &c. We saw yesterday, at the above publishing house a beautiful map of the Seat of War, published in New York, and which, by some means, had run the blockade. It conveys much valuable information. Mars is in the ascendant and military books go off like hot cakes.
entries, 50; deaths, 2. Mrs. Gwathmey and friends, on Clay, between Fifth and Sixth streets.--Beds, 20; entries, 55; actual patients, 14; deaths, 2; returned to duty, 26; sent away convalescent, 3; discharged from army, 10. Samaritan, on Cary, between Third and Fourth, from Aug. 19 to Sept. 30.--Beds, 20; entries, 48; actual patients, 20; deaths, 4; sent away convalescent, 8. Mrs. Barksdale and friends, on Cary, between Third and Fourth, from Aug. 22 to Sept. 23.--Beds, 17; entrieCary, between Third and Fourth, from Aug. 22 to Sept. 23.--Beds, 17; entries, 45; actual patients, 9; deaths, 2; returned to duty, 34. Gamble's Hill, from Aug. 23 to Sept. 23.--Beds, 12; entries, 21; actual patients, 10; deaths, 3; sent away convalescent, 2. Franklin Street, between Eighth and Ninth, from Aug. 10 to Sept. 14.--Beds, 17; entries, 20. Fourth Street, beyond Leigh, from Sept. 18 to Sept. 30.--Beds, 28; entries, 33; actual patients, 28; returned to duty, 2; discharged from army, 1. Ballard's, on Fredericksburg Railroad.--12 to 14 at a ti
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