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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Harvard Memorial Biographies, 1854. (search)
1854. Richard Chapman Goodwin. Captain 2d Mass. Vols. (Infantry), May 24, 1861; killed at Cedar Mountain, Va., August 9, 1862. Richard Chapman, the eldest child of Ozias and Lucy (Chapman) Goodwin, was born in Boston, Oc tober 1, 1833. After the necessary preparation he entered the Latin School, whence, at the end of four years, he entered Harvard College, graduating in the Class of 1854. On leaving college, he was in a mercantile house in Boston for more than a year, when he leChapman) Goodwin, was born in Boston, Oc tober 1, 1833. After the necessary preparation he entered the Latin School, whence, at the end of four years, he entered Harvard College, graduating in the Class of 1854. On leaving college, he was in a mercantile house in Boston for more than a year, when he left this country for India. Here he passed a few months, and afterwards travelled through the Holy Land, made an extensive tour through Europe, and returned to his home after an absence of nearly two years. On the breaking out of the Rebellion, prompted wholly by the movings of his own mind, he decided to unite himself with the Second Massachusetts Regiment, under Colonel George H. Gordon, with several of his personal friends. The Second Regiment left Boston in July, 1861, and its career is
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Harvard Memorial Biographies, Biographical Index. (search)
II. 105. Carley, L. H., II. 58. Carroll Family, II. 423. Carter, Elizabeth, II. 64. Cary, Richard, Capt., I. 265; II. 144, 186;, 258. Case, Capt., II. 109. Casey, Silas, Maj.-Gen., I. 432. Chadwick, J. C., Capt., II. 154. Chamberlain, J. L., Col., II. 74. Chancellor, Mr., I. 146. Chandler, P. W., Hon., I. 327, 329;. Channing, W. H., Rev., I. 45, 47;. Chapin, Edward, Private, Memoir, II. 425-432. Chapin, Nicholas, II. 425. Chapin, Samuel, II. 425. Chapman, Jonathan, I. 29. Chase, C. C., II. 77. Chesborough, Mr., I. 152. Child, F. J., Prof., I. 432; II. 397. Choate, C. F., II. 199. Choate, R., Lieut., II. 186. Christ, Col., I. 100. Clark, D., Hon., I. 90. Clarke, J. F., Rev., I. 72; II. 13,14. Clarke, J. J., I. 380. Clay, Henry, Hon., I. 82. Codman, O., II. 262. Cogswell, J. G., I. 29. Cogswell, Wm., Col., I. 412, 413;; II. 85,146, 147, 148, 448, 449. Colcock, Col. (Rebel service), II. 381. Cooke,
ntageous footing than they now are. This is the vote recorded: That Hon. James Russell, Richard Devens, Esq., and Aaron Putnam, Esq., be a committee on school funds, and to report at an adjourned meeting the amount of said funds and the best means of placing them at interest, and what the probable income from them will be. In December this committee reported the school fund to be as follows:— Farm in Stoneham, prized at£ 450. Bonds due from Richard Miller, Jonathan Chapman, and Richard Chapman£ 70. 0.1 Captain Nathan Adams, William Grubb, and Richard Trumbull£ 24. 0. Captain Benjamin Frothingham£20..6 Lot of land sold to Timothy Wright£ 119. 0.8 Received of Samuel Swan, Esq., for a lot of land belonging to James Kenney, secured by money borrowed of the school fund£ 49. 12.0 Farm at Stoneham, deficient£ 38.18. 8 A certain pasture in Medford£ 90. 0.0 Total£8.12.1 To this may be added the commons which it is proposed to rent; notes due from Nicholas Hopping, £ 51
ille, 7. Central Street, Somerville, 7. Chamberlain, John, 84. Chambre, Rev. A. St. John, 1. Chance, 84. Charles River, 4. Charlestown, Mass., 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 18, 19, 23, 38, 42, 43, 63, 64, 65, 66, 72, 73, 77, 78, 79, 80, 82, 83, 85, 88, 89, 92. Charlestown Neck, 4. Charlestown Schools after 1793, 38-46. Charlestown Schools after 1812, 63-74. Charlestown Schools from 1819-20, 90-101. Charlestown Schools without the Peninsula, 14-22. Chapman, Jonathan, 41. Chapman, Richard, 41. Charter of William and Mary, 79. Chauncy, President, 79. Chelmsford, Mass., 87. Chelsea, Mass., 38, 77. Chelsea Point, 100. Chicago, Ill., 8. Christ Church, Cambridge, Mass., 85. City Square, Charlestown, Mass., 65, 78. Clark, Joseph, 47. Clark, Joseph H., 47. Cleveland, Miriam, 85. Coffin, Damaris (Gayer), 87. Coffin, Nathaniel, 87. Colburn's Mental Arithmetic, 101. Colburn, Mr., 93, 94. College Avenue, 14. College Hill, 6. Collier, Rev., William, 64,
ed from a fine; by the same, the petition of John Hale, Commissioner of the Revenue for Logan county, for additional compensation; by Mr. Brown, the petition of Joseph Hagan, of Scott county, praying to be relieved from an erroneous assessment of his lands. Adverse Reports.--Adverse reports were returned from the committees to the proposition for the formation of a Rifle volunteer company in Green county, with less than the minimum number prescribed by law, and to the petition of Maj. Richard Chapman for relief. Resolutions of Inquiry into Expediency.--By Mr. Gibson, of Hampshire, of repealing so much of the law as requires the publication of the annual tabular statement of the Banks of the Commonwealth; by Mr. Alderson, of relieving the securities of Wm. Abbott, late Sheriff of Raleigh county; by Mr. Evans, of refunding to the county of Middlesex, the amount of money paid by said county for a set of weights and measures, which were not received by said county; by Mr. Porter,
Company; by Mr. Rives, of authorizing the formation of a rifle company, in Surry county, of not less than 35 rank and file; by Mr. Boreman, of authorizing Senate bill 467, for the extension of the Belleville and Williamsport Turnpike to Ravenswood, in Jackson county; by Mr. D. Gibson, of referring to the Committee on Finance so much of the Governor's Message as relates to the appointment of Commissioners, under the act of 23d January last; by Mr. Woolfolk, of remitting a fine imposed on Richard Chapman; by Mr. Montague, of relieving Floyd Smith, late sheriff of Montgomery; by Mr. Baskerville, of repealing so much of the act of April 20th, 1858, as provides that branch banks shall redeem their notes at the parent banks, and that independent banks shall establish agencies at Richmond and Baltimore; by Mr. Christian, of amending the 15th standing rule of the House so as to provide for the more steady printing of bills; by Mr. Hackley, of amending the 3d chap. of the statutes of 1859; by