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ided minority — urgently and pertinaciously demanded from the majority some declaration of the President's purpose. Are we to have coercion and civil war, or concession and peace?. was the burden of their inquiries. Messrs. T. L. Clingman, Mr. Clingman offered the following resolution: Resolved, That, in the opinion of the Senate, it is expedient that the President withdraw all Federal troops from the States of South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana, and abstain from all attempts to collect revenue in these States. of North Carolina, Bayard, of Delaware, and Breckinridge, Mr. Breckinridge finally offered the following resolution; action on which — together with that of Mr. Clingman--was precluded by the adjournment of the Senate: Resolved, That the Senate recommend and advise the removal of the United States troops from the limits of the Confederate States. of Kentucky, who were all three close allies in the past of the Confederate c
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The laying of the corner-stone of the monument to President Jefferson Davis, (search)
gentleness and fidelity to principle, 371; his tenderness, 372; his public service 373; his capacity for government, 375: demeanor in prison, 377. De Lagnel, Colonel J. A., 233. Donelson, Fall of Fort, 317. Donohoe, John C., 138 Duel of Clingman and W. L. Yancey, 304. Duke, Colonel Basil, 194. Early, General Jubal A.; an unrepentant rebel, 176; disparity between his and Sheridan's forces, 179. Ellyson, Hon., J. Taylor, 365. Essex Sharpshooters at Chancellorsville, 206. Faye Texas, Reconstruction in, 4; its fidelity to the Confederacy, 43; its aid to the Confederacy in supplies, 44; officers who went to Mexico, 53. Thomas alias Zarvona. Colonel, 88. Thompson, Major J. W., a martyr, 249, 274. Tobacco Cure, Clingman's, 307. Torpedoes, War history of, 284. University of North Carolina in the Civil War, 1; Alumni of, in public life, and the Convention of 1861, 3, 4, 7; in Confederate Executive service, 9; in military service, 10; in battle, 1; killed an
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 26. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Fragments of war history relating to the coast defence of South Carolina, 1861-‘65, and the hasty preparations for the Battle of Honey Hill, November 30, 1864. (search)
ond approach to the railroad was to the left of Bee's creek, via Bolan's Church and Honey Hill; this was a shorter line, and the one General Foster intended taking, as appears by the records since published. He believed it to be an open road. General R. E. Lee, as will be remembered, was in command of this department from November 8, 1861, to March 3, 1862, with headquarters near Coosawhatchie. He became very familiar with the topography of this section, and he located and ordered General T. L. Clingman, with his brigade, 8th, 31st, 51st and 61st regiments, North Carolina infantry, to build this line of field works, and this was done during that winter. The writer served in that neighborhood in 1862 and heard frequent disparaging remarks as to what these defences were ever built for. They eventually proved to be well located and quite useful, although washed by rains and from general neglect not in the best condition on the 30th November, 1864. It was a perplexing situation. It
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as been elected Orderly Sergeant of the Washington Home Guard, of Alexandria. The Georgetown College Cadets have disbanded. It is rumored that the College building will be used as a barracks by the Federal troops. As might have been expected, all the parties connected with the homicide of Cornelius Boyd, in Washington, have been released on bail. B. Fetzer, Esq., has been chosen Quartermaster, with the functions also of Commissary, for the Tenth Legion Minute Men. Hon. T. L. Clingman has gone to Montgomery as Commissioner from North Carolina to the Confederate States. Such, no doubt, is the sentiment of very many of the best men of Richmond, did they but speak out. It is said that Queen Victoria has sunk into settled melancholy since the death of her mother, and that it is feared she will not recover her mind. The number of hogsheads of tobacco inspected in Petersburg, Va., for April, amounted to 3,671, a falling off of 601 hhds. Field's buildi
ts in Richmond on the 20th inst., have already arrived. Of the South Carolina delegation, Col. W. Percher Miles is attached to the staff of Gen. Beauregard, and is doing duty at Manassas Junction. Hon. James L. Orr, formerly Speaker of the House of Representatives at Washington, is in Richmond, having been appointed in the place of Judge Withers, resigned. Hon. Lawrence M. Keitt has been in our city for several days, and, we understand, proceeds to Fairfax to-day, accompanied by Hon. T. L. Clingman, of North Carolina, hoping to be able to do a little fighting "on their own hook" before the assembling of Congress. Mr. Keitt says he is accustomed to bagging wild turkeys, and thinks there is "some game" in the neighborhood of Fairfax. Hon. John Perkins, of Louisiana, is, we believe, at Petersburg. Col. Francis S. Bartow, of Georgia. is with Gen. Johnston's command at or near Martinsburg, at the head of his regiment, doing duty, however, as Brevet Brigadier General. We
Arrivals --Among the arrivals at the Exchange yesterday were Wm. H. Rogers, Great Salt Lake City, Utah; E. Colburt, Newbern, N. C.; J. D. Shackleford, Miss.; M. P. Christian, Lynchburg; Capt. J. H. Erskine, 2d Regiment Tennessee Volunteers; S. E. Maxwell, S. C.; Maj. J. H. Harman, Staunton; M. L.Bowie, Ala.; Harry Cady, Alleghany county, Va. At the Spotswood the following:--C. Beard, M. D., Louisiana Volunteers; David Watson, Louisa; Dr. William A. Thom, Northampton, Va.; Hon. T. L. Clingman, N. C.; H. E. Johnston, Baltimore; Thomas Lubbock, Texas; Dr. Thos. Marshall, Louisville; Leon Schisano, Vice-Consul of France at Norfolk.