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(Mrs. Vernon,) with the consent of the meeting, arose and read a beautiful and patriotic address, which we regret we cannot find room for to-day. A resolution thanking Mrs. Vernon for her eloquent and patriotic address, and requesting a copy for publication, was unanimously adopted. In accordance with the resolutions, the Chairman appointed the following five ladies a committee to draft rules and regulations for the "Association," to be submitted to a subsequent meeting: Mrs. Judge Clopton, Mrs. Vernon, of Ga., Mrs. Gen. Henningsen, Mrs. Ro. C. Stanard, Mrs. Wm. L. Montague. A letter was received and read from Mr. Lee Mallory, tendering to the ladies, for the benefit of their noble enterprise, the proceeds of one night's exhibition of his "War Illustrations," (Thursday evening, the 27th inst., was fixed as the time,) and also presenting them with 1,000 tickets, amounting to $500, to be disposed of for the benefit of the fund.--Each ticket ensures the holder admittan
Negroes for Hire. We have the following Servants for Hire: 20 able-bodied Men, drivers and farm hands 20 Women, cock, washers and ironers chambermaids, nurse, plough boys several small girls, 1 Man Cook. Clopton & Lyne, Corner of Main and Franklin streets, mh 21--ts Up stairs.
The Ladies' gunboat Association. --A committee, appointed by the board of directors of "The Ladies' National Defence Association," composed of the following persons: Mrs. Judge Clopton, Mrs. Vernon, Mrs. Gwathmey, and Mrs. Smith, waited upon the President and Secretary of the Navy yesterday, for the purpose of soliciting the co-operation of the Government in their project of building a gunboat for the protection of the city of Richmond, and we are happy to state that the result was most satisfactory. The committee were received by the officers in the most courteous manner, both of whom expressed their earnest sympathy in their patriotic enterprise. Secretary Mallory, with approval of the President, tendered to the Association the gunboat now in process of construction by the Government, which will facilitate the consummation of their project very much, and enable the ladies to afford the Confederate capital a most formidable defence.
A beautiful country Residence, within two miles of the city of Richmond, for Rent.--We offer for rent a very desirable country residence, within a few minutes' ride to the city, for the balance of the year. The dwelling contains ten rooms, with a laundry and kitchen with eight rooms, good well of water in the yard, and five or six acres of gardening land, together with stable, carriage-house, &c. Possession can be had immediately. To a good tenant the rent will be moderate. Clopton &line, Agents ap 4--ts For Renting out Houses, &c.
The Daily Dispatch: April 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], Death of Confederate prisoners at St. Louis. (search)
For Rent-- A House situated on 25th street, Union Hill, containing five or six rooms, and in good order. Possession had immediately. For terms, &c., apply to Clopton & Lyne, Agents ap 4--ts For Renting out Houses, &c.
The ladies' gunboat. --The proposition of the ladies to collect funds for building a gunboat, has, we learn, assumed this shape, viz: That efforts shall be made to procure the names of two hundred persons who will give $1,000 each, which, with the other pledged funds, is deemed sufficient to finish the boat. The list was circulated yesterday for the first time, and we learn that Mr. Charles M. Wallace and Col. Blanton Duncan, put their names down for $1,000 each. Mrs. Judge Clopton and Mrs. Gen. Henningsen, have the list in charge, and will no doubt call upon our citizens who will thus have an opportunity of manifesting their patriotism. It is an important matter, and we hope that no wealthy citizens will hesitate about contributing from his abundance to an object at once so noble and patriotic.
$100 reward. --Ranaway from the subscriber, in the city of Richmond, a negro man named John. Said fellow is about 25 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, has a down look when spoken, to and of dark color; has his hair plaited and wears his beard long, and is a blacksmith by trade, and may have hired himself to some smith in the city as a free man. I will give the above reward if said fellow be taken dollars if apprehended anywhere else and delivered to Messrs. Clopton & Lyne. ap 14--5t John Palmer.
For Hire --A No. 1 cook without encumbrance, a No. 1 dining room servant, a wet nurse and a No. 1 cook and laundress. Apply to Mrs Judge Clopton, Franklin st. bet 3d and 4th. fe 24--3t
The Daily Dispatch: February 25, 1864., [Electronic resource], The movements of the enemy in Mississippi. (search)
For Hire --A No. 1 cook without encumbrance, a No. 1 dining room servant, a wet nurse, and a No. 1 cook and laundress. Apply to Mrs Judge Clopton, Franklin st. bet 3d and 4th. fe 24--3t
For Hire. --A healthy young woman as wet nurse. She is under a good character, and is a first rate seamstress and lady's maid, and understands general house work. Apply to Mrs. Judge Clopton, Franklin st., between 3d and 4th je 18--2t*