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his side; while Gen. Steele, in immediate command before it, formed his columns for a prompt, determined assault; which he appointed for 5 P. M., and which was actually delivered at 5 1/2. The position was a very strong one, heavily fortified with abatis, palisades, chevaux de frise, and a deep, wide ditch at the base of the fort. Its front extended nearly three miles--its right was near Bayou Minetta, its left on Blakely river; and it was garrisoned by 3,000 men, under Gens. Thomas and Cockrill. Its abundant cannon swept every practicable approach. The struggle opened on our left; where Gen. Garrard, under a fire of the 17th Ohio battery, sent forward one-third of his strong division to within 50 yards of the main works, defying a hail-storm of shell and shrapnel, to discover and indicate the safest ground over which to move up in force, preparatory to the decisive charge. Finding that there was no choice of ground — all being alike impracticable — a brief conference was held
ng as usual, the Signal Corps had established a station of observation in the top of a tall tree, half a mile from the enemy, from which they could look down into Atlanta, two miles distant, with ease. To try an experiment, one of the pieces of Cockrill's battery, a three-inch Rodman gun, was brought near the tree and Lieutenant Reynolds took his station in the tree with a glass, to direct the gunners in their aim. The piece was heavily charged, and the first shell is supposed to have gone highhile charging along the works, had reached the First division, they came out in plain view in an open field, on a ridge which confronted another about half a mile distant, on which rested the left of the Twenty-third. Immediately four pieces of Cockrill's battery, one section of the Second Missouri, two twenty-pounder Parrotts, and two twelve-pounder Napoleons, of Captain Froelich's battery, were put in position, and poured into the rebels a terrific enfilading fire of shells at short range. T
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Appendix no. 2: the work of grace in other armies of the Confederacy. (search)
oined the M. E. Church at the close of service. A fine revival has been carried on for some time by their faithful chaplains, and a large number have been converted and joined the Church during the month. I was received by Colonel Barry, commanding brigade, and staff officers, with marked respect. They attended preaching. A shower of rain fell before the close of the sermon, but the soldiers only crowded the closer to the preaching place. Again, at four in the afternoon, I preached for Cockrill's Missouri brigade, where a fine revival was in progress; above one hundred of those gallant Missourians, far away from their homes, have sought and secured a title to a home in the many mansioned house of our Father in heaven. Among the number, a noble young officer, of fine intellect, joined the Church one day, and was killed on the post of duty the day following. In Scott's Alabama and Louisiana brigade I have preached four times. Quite an interesting revival; seventy at the altar f
J B Jett, Wm Swain, W March, Benj Turner, G Rice, R Reynolds. Company D.--Killed: None. Wounded: William France, O Sergt J H Yeatman, C H Scott, V Anthony, G Bowen, W H Balderson, C H Carter, G Hinson, G W Quesenberry, R Hardwick, E Edmonds. Company E.--Killed: R Maskell, R Coats, W H H Scrimger. Wounded: Serg't John Lambkin, Sergt J W Efford, T Willard, Wm Mealey, A Efford, R Dunnaway, V R Clark, J B Warwick, James J King, R Loving, H Purcell. Company F. Killed: Privates N T Cockrill, Wm Jones. Wounded: Corpl Wm Flint, Corpl L W Moore; Invates W H Covington, T W Eskridge, L W Haynie, Jos Hall, L Jones, Jas Jones, T Morrison, C R Rock, W C Rice, N Haynie. Company G. Killed: Privates W S Jones, Jos Patrick. Wounded: Ord Sgt W P Hudgins, Sgt S B Huge left; Privates Jno Davis, R Davis, N Wilson. Company H.--Killed: None. Wounded: Capt Wm T Chase, Lieut E Edmonds, Sgt G Saunders; Privates Wm Cundiff, P T Burruss, James May, W Limerick. Company I.--Killed: 8gt
The soldiers of Cockrill's (Missouri) brigade recently kept fast day and contributed one day's rations to destitute exiles of Atlanta.