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Violating the Ordinance. --A. J. Ford, proprietor of a drinking saloon on Cary street, was summoned before the Mayor yesterday, to show cause why he should not be fined for keeping his house open after ten o'clock on Tuesday night, contrary to the ordinance made and provided. Mr. Ford said his establishment had been broken open by a parcel of men who helped themselves to anything they pleased, and that he was perfectly poweries to do anything to cause them to resist. They had proviously gone to the "Cyprian's Retreat" establishment, kept by Miss Clara Coleman, near by, and smashed up all her furniture; and he had learned that they had done similar naughty tricks in that region the same night. In order to ascertain how far Ford was to blame, the Mayor continued the case till Saturday morning.
Committed. --Henri Galligo was carried before the Recorder yesterday for attempting to break down the door of "Clara Coleman's" house, and afterwards assaulting the watch with a cheese knife for apprehending him.--Committed in default of $200 surety.
ichmond is to be purged of vices that have started forth at night, from dark and lonely hiding places, and sailed "on obscene wings athwart the noon." Following close upon the proceedings against the exhibitors of unlawful games, comes a demonstration against the cyprian dames, which happened in this way: Officers Quarles. Davis, Wickes, and Blackburn, armed with a warrant issued by the Mayor, at the instance of certain parties, proceeded yesterday to a house on Virginia street, kept by Clara Coleman, and took her into custody, together with Jenny Read, Ella Willard, Anna Willett, Mildred Coleman, and Ann Beasley, and conducted them all to the Station House. The charge against the first is for keeping a disorderly, ill-governed establishment, of evil fame and reputation, and against the others for participating in the vicious works there carried on. The party will be arraigned before the Mayor hereafter. It has been suggested that the divine example furnished in the advice to the p
R. H. Dibrell, J. B. Winston, J. H. Gentry, R. D. Mitchell, J. B. Glazebrook, T. A. Parker, A. D. Williams, W. E. Johnston, I. D. Mercer, A. W. Richardson, A. S. Lee, A. Arsell, Jr., J. P. Hill, Geo. I. Herring, W. G. Dandridge, F. B. Hart, R. T. Reynolds, W. P. Parkins, S. Mason, D. J. Saunders, Thomas Lawson — several cases against each. The Grand Jury also presented White & Riley, for retailing ardent spirits at the Theatre, without license. William Burnes, for exhibiting faro. Clara Coleman, fer keeping a house of ill-fame. James Suliivan, for assaulting Catharine Croke. Louisa Sunderland, for petty larceny. The following cases were tried on Saturday: John P. Hughes, for beating his wife, found guilty, and fined $35. The Court sentenced him to six months imprisonment with labor in the chain gang. William Kartang, for beating his wife, found guilty, and fined $20. Sentenced to three months imprisonment, with the chain-gang addition. Charles Wood plead g
to appear, and the Court gave judgment for $10 fine and costs against each. White and Riley, presented for retailing ardent spirits in the theatre, appeared and entered a general demurrer to the presentment, and the Attorney for the Commonwealth joined therein. Ann Winkers, indicted for retailing ardent spirits, failed to appear, and the Court gave judgment for $60 fine and costs. A nolle prosequi was entered in the case of Michael Flaherty, indicted for misdemeanor. Clara Coleman, indicted for keeping an ill governed house, was admitted to bail in the sum of $100 for her appearance next term. The following persons, indicted for misdemeanor, entered into recognizance in the sum attached to their names, for their appearance at the next term of the Court: Cosamore Castiglioni, $500; James Eddins, $100; Dillon McCormack, $150; J. B. Godsey and A. A. Raine, for issuing shinplasters, $500; Wm. Burns, for exhibiting faro, $3,000. George R. Peake was fined $10
The Daily Dispatch: January 17, 1862., [Electronic resource], Confiscation of Mason and Slidell's Real Estate as against English Purchasers (search)
Hustings Court. --By the advice of the Attorney for the Commonwealth, a nolle prosequi was entered yesterday in each of the following cases, the defendants generally paying costs: George W. Walters, indicted for an assault; White and Riley, indicted for retailing ardent spirits without license; Clara Coleman, indicted for keeping a house of ill-fame; Cosamore Costiglioni, indicted for an assault; James Eddins, indicted for an assault. Dillon McCormack, indicted for a misdemeanor. This case was called, and a rule awarded against absent witnesses, returnable to-day. John A. Worsham, presented for permitting a faro bank to be kept and exhibited on his premises. The witnesses in this case failed to appear, and the usual steps were taken to compel their attendance to-day. Louisa Sutherland, indicted for stealing sundry articles of bed clothing from the Spotswood House, was tried and convicted. The Court sentenced her to six months imprisonment in jail. The Cour
, that neither should have the advantage of being alone defendant. Durand claimed that having a large number of clerks engaged in selling cigars for him at the different hotels, he had hired the house for their accommodation, with the privilege to Smith of also staying there. This she denied, stating that D. had set her up in the house. His Honor remarked that it was not very difficult for him to see what description of house was intended to be kept by Smith, and that it was a matter of surprise that it should be so, remembering, as he did, that he had but lately abated Clara Coleman as a nuisance in the same house. It was equally evident, he said, that the matter before him had arisen out of a squabble about the possession of the furniture in the house, and as his Court was not the place so settle the ownership, he should dismiss the warrants obtained against each other by the parties, leaving it optional with them to try the rights of property involved before another tribunal.
Mayor's Court. --The Mayor's Court on Saturday morning presented the unusual spectacle of eighteen women of ill fame huddled together in the small compartment set apart for the use of the gentlemen of the bar. The following case will explain this singular apparition: Mary Davis, Frances Mathews, Delia Williams, Drucilla Collins, Clara Coleman, Jennie Barnes, Susan Shanley, Camille Ridgely, Ellen Haxall, Mollie Smith, Kate Thompson, Sally Butler, Molly Harris, Jane Lloyd, Kate Spriggs, Anne Lyle, Sally Davis, and Selle Hastings, were charged with being idle and dissolute persons of evil faine, and being disorderly in the Varieties, a house on Franklin street, to the great disturbance of the neighborhood and people passing the streets. It appeared that for some months women of this class have been having balls in the house above described, and that the neighbors have been much annoyed and disturbed by their midnight revels. On Saturday night, the Mayor being complained to that a
use, with six rooms, passage and closets, and all necessary out-buildings, (except a barn and threshing machine,) which has been recently burnt.) It ties on the north side of the river, 35 miles above Richmond and 6 miles above Goochland Court House; has a very valuable corn mill, running two pairs of stones, a circular saw mill, supplied with water from the canal; between 30 and 40 negroes, men, women, boys and children; household and kitchen furniture; I very superior rosewood piano, with Coleman's Æclian attachment; 1 carriage and harness; 1 buggy and harness, as good as new; 1 portable threshing machine; 1 buckeye reaper and mower; 4 horses, 10 mules, 40 cattier, 18 work oxen, 90 sheep, and 60 hogs; 1 very fine Cotswold ram; about 50 barrels of corn, and all other things on the place. Terms--Cash or credit, to suit purchasers. It is very seldom such valuable property is in market. There is now seeded on the place 200 bushels winter cats and 130 bushels wheat. Should th