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been removed, when his wife came in. Her eye went straight to the well-known bed; it was empty; and feeling, yet not believing the hard truth, she cried out, with a look I never shall forget: Why, where's Emanuel? I had never seen her before, did not know her relationship to the man whom I had only nursed for a day, and was about to tell her he was gone, when McGee, the tender-hearted Irishman before mentioned, brushed by me with a cheerful--It's shifted to a better bed he is, Mrs. Connel. Come out, dear, till I show ye; and, taking her gently by the arm, he led her to the matron, who broke the heavy tidings to the wife, and comforted the widow. Another day, running up to my room for a breath of fresh air and a five minutes rest after a disagreeable task, I found a stout young woman sitting on my bed, wearing the miserable look which I had learned to know by that time. Seeing her, reminded me that I had heard of some one's dying in the night, and his sister's arrivin
ho could, almost single handed, resist the united efforts of Fox, Burke, Sheridan, Enskine, Windham, Grey, and a host of others, and resist it with success --who could retain power almost uninterruptedly for the space of twenty-three years, in the face of such a combination, was surely no ordinary man.--On the other side, we see nothing in his life to entitle him to that lofty praise which his partizans still continue to lavish on him.--That he was a great declaimer, we have no doubt; for O' Connel, who surely was a competent judge, and was certainly not a very friendly one, declared he had never, in all his life, heard anything like his declamation.--That he was a skillful financier, his scheme for the payment of the national debt by means of the sinking fund, abundantly proves. But that he was a great minister, in the large sense of that term, may seriously be doubted. If it be true, as has lately been said, that he engaged in the long war with France reluctantly, and at the insti
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
d: H H Bally, Jno Crawford, E F Scott, Jno M Turner. Wounded: J Alexander, B Breedlove, Captain C J Bryan, Lieut E A Etherhige, Corpl D F Wright, W B Holt, Jno R Hartis, Otis Monace, R B Perce, Watter Ransom, J J Rulledge, E B Small, Jas Suider. Missing Sorgeant E F Baber, Henry Foster, Stephen Pace. Company D, (Southern Rilles,)--Killed: T J Mc. Bryde, L B Feibler, R M-McNeil, J M Gillis — Wounded: C C Terry, Capt Powell, Thad McCowan, Joe Rowe, P G Thompson, S H Smith, W Swink, A S Connel, G C Baker, T J Bagby. Missing: C Rosenthiel. Company E. (Washington Light Infantry.)--Killed: J S Foley, Leo Goldsmith, g F Bowers. Wounded. Sergt J C Turner, Corpl M Boullemef, A W Foster, J Y Gilmore J. C Lesy, T J McLangidin, Capt J W Chester, Sergt Stephenson, Corpl J M Coleman,--Bridges, Jno Burton, W Hamaling. T A McDonald, W Shearer, Geo Taggerl, C F Westfell, Missing: T W Cocks. W G Cocke, E McVoy. Company F, (Metropolitan Guards.)--Killed, Chas Powell. Wounded: Sgt H