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has., 295. Tufts—a child belonging to Medford, at J. Budge's, d. 16 Jan. 1754, a. 13 mos. Joseph, Jr., of Medford, m. Hannah Cutter of Chas. this Pct. 21 Mar. 1754—Brooks's Medford, 546; Cutter (par. 5); Wyman, 962. Ebenezer, of Medford, m. Abigail Cook, 23 Apr. 1760—Brooks's Medford, 552; Wyman's Chas., 960. Eben-Ezer, an adult, a. 18 yrs., bap. in private at Capt. Daniel Reed's, 22 June, 1805. Jonathan, of Medford, bro. of Ebenezer, who m. Cook, m. Elizabeth Holden of Chas. this Pct. 24 Cook, m. Elizabeth Holden of Chas. this Pct. 24 Jan. 1764—Wyman's Chas., 960; Brooks's Medford, 552. Seth of Medford, s. of Isaac and Martha (par. 2),m. Lydia Hutchinson of Chas. 19 Nov. 1801—see Wyman, 960. Isaac, s. of Timothy and Anna (par. 2), m. Lucy Green, 12 Mar. 1807, Camb.—Wyman, 970. Bernard and Lucinda Tufts of Chas. m. 14 Nov. 1822—see Wyman, 966. Joseph, Esq. [H. U. 1807], bro. of Bernard preceding, m. Helen Whittemore, 27 June, 1827—see Wyman's Chas., 967. Abigail C., of W. Camb., m. William A. Whittemore of Chas.