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negroes in the vicinity, and from a dozen servants who arrived here last night we learn that, in many instances, slaves were forced off by the soldiery against their protestations to be allowed to remain where they were. A gentleman, who left the vicinity yesterday forenoon, reports that Colonel Carey's Thirtieth Virginia regiment were within eight miles of Matthias Point, en route, when he passed them, and that Colonel Stokes' North Carolina regiment were pressing on to the same point. Captain Cook's artillery are also reported to have been ordered to the same point. We have no idea of a fight, as that is not the object of the pirates who divide their time on water and land, and whose purpose is not to meet our forces in manly warfare, but to skulk around from neighborhood to neighborhood, where they can practically illustrate the principles of the Lincoln dynasty. We have just seen Colonel Arnold, of King George, who was in the vicinity of Matthias Point yesterday. He states tha
, Assistant Adjutant-General. List of killed and wounded. Killed.--Sixth Infantry, Samuel C. Walker; Daniel Darling. Ninth Infantry, John Sexton, (private); J. H. Stockdale. First Rifles, G. Raup, (private); S. Galbraith, (corporal); G. Cook, (private). Wounded.--Sixth Infantry, Captain Bradbury. Ninth Infantry, Captain Dick; Captain Galway. First Rifles, Captain Niles. Sixth Infantry, privates H. Lathrop, dangerously; W. H. Payne, severely; James Turenne, severely; W. R. Vandykeer, in the thigh. Twelfth Infantry, private William R. Fox, slightly in thigh. First Rifles, Lieutenant Colonel T. L. Kane, wounded slightly; privates H. G. Wolf, severely; John Pannell, severely; A. Swager, slightly; F. A. Foster, slightly; George Cook, slightly; George McGowan, slightly; J. B. Blair, slightly; Geo. Frine, slightly; Neston Gier, slightly; M. C. Cobb, slightly; Sergeant Geo. Ludlow, slightly; privates Barseley Dewry, slightly; Parish Mazier, slightly; Samuel Campbell, slightl
ted above, had been ordered to join the main body, but failing to find it, fell in with the Second Minnesota, and participated in the action on the left wing of the said regiment. The strength of our regiment during this action was three staff officers, one staff bugler, twenty-one company and ninety-three non — commissioned officers, five hundred and five privates, and eight buglers. Geo. H. Harris, Adjutant Ninth Reg. Ohio Volunteers. Colonel Van Cleve's report. Colonel Robert Me Cook, Ninth Ohio, commanding Third Brigade, First Division, Department of the Ohio: sir: I have the honor herewith to submit my report of the part taken by the Second Minnesota regiment in the action of the Cumberland, on the nineteenth inst. About seven o'clock on the morning of that day, and before breakfast, I was informed by Col. Manson, of the Tenth Indiana, commanding the Second brigade of our division, that the enemy were advancing in force, and that he was holding them in check, and tha
ght miles, quite to Milburn, taking the town by surprise and picking up a man just from Columbus, from whom he derived much valuable information respecting the condition of the rebel force at that point. He learned from this source that our demonstrations toward Columbus had excited alarm, and induced the enemy to call in his forces at Jackson, Beauregard, New — Madrid and other places. Milburn is reproached as a Union town by the rebels. Joined at Weston's by the Seventh Illinois, (Col. Cook,) our whole force encamped for the night, in line of battle, ten miles from Columbus, taking a strong position, commanding the approaches to that place by two roads which intersect the road leading to Putney's Bend and Elliott's Mills to Milburn. Brig.-Gen. Grant, commanding the various forces in the field, came up with us at this point, and expressed his approval of the manner in which the disposition of the forces had been made. To prevent surprise, strong guards were again thrown forw
external wound, and is supposed to have been killed by the concussion from a cannon-ball. Col. Russell leaves a wife and several children in New-Haven. Wounded.--Tenth Connecticut. Co. A, Corporal J. W. Ramsey, chest; Privates H. L. Parker, knee; Samuel 0. Frost, hand; Wm. A. Thrall, finger; A. P. Todd, two fingers; Frank Ramor, leg severe, (may be killed;) Thos. J. Stillman, head; Elizur C. Johnson, arm; Wm. S. Brockway, leg. Co. B, Corporal Eugene A. Root, hand. Co. D, Corporals Geo. Cook, knee; Alex. Palmater, foot; Privates Alexander Wright, leg; Wm. B. Davis, lower jaw; R. B. Speed, hand; R. L. Hurlburt, leg, severe; Edward F. Briggs, leg, severe; Irville Owens, head, severe; Lyman G. Lane, shoulder; Levi A. Hamblin, hip; Geo. W. Newell, leg; W. H. Pectall, hip. Co. F, Private Jeremiah Collins, ankle, severe, (may be killed.) Co. H, Capt. Robert Leggett, thigh; Sergeant Wm. M. Webb, knee; Corporal Henry J. Haugh, arm, severe; Corporal Jedediah R. Gay, hip; Pri
verely; Jas. H. Danner, severely; D. McKean, severely; R. Parsons, severely; F. Ruport, severely; Jerome Foley, severely; Corporal William Ganger, slightly; Privates H. A. Smiley, slightly; W. T. Harrison, slightly; Gottliff Shendel, slightly, George Cook, slightly. Company K.--Killed, Capt. C. C. Cloutman; Corporal James Berkley; Privates James Blake, William Kirkpatrick, John Hampton, W. H. H. Whitney; brass band, S. H. Phillips. Wounded, Privates E. G. Vaugn, severely; David Cook, severs, would have left them in no doubt as to his private feelings in regard to the present contest. All the arrangements were complete by three o'clock, and his column was put in motion soon after. The force under his command was as follows: Col. Cook's brigade-Seventh Illinois, Fiftieth Illinois, Twelfth Iowa, Thirteenth Missouri, Fifty-second Indiana. Col. Lauman's brigade--Second Iowa, Seventh Iowa, Fourteenth Iowa, Twenty-fifth Indiana, Fifty-sixth Indiana. Under cover of Capt. Sto
engagement, George Anderson, (seaman,) while at the gun in the second launch, was wounded in the right hand, and when I overhauled the first launch at the mouth of the creek, I learned that Mr. Pierson was wounded in the abdomen and right arm; George Cook, (seaman,) thigh and testicle; William B. Kelly, (seaman,) in bowels by sword-thrust by Mr. Pierson. In nearing the Shokokon, which was lying off the mouth of the creek, we met a boat from her in charge of her executive officer, with Shokok this date with the rebel force at Smithfield, Va., the following persons, attached to the United States steamer Minnesota, were wounded: A. B. Pierson, Acting Master, by a musket-shot, producing severe flesh-wounds of the right-arm and chest; George Cook, ordinary seaman, by a musket-shot, producing flesh-wounds of left thigh and scrotum; John B. Kelly, seaman, by a sword-thrust in the abdomen, producing a serious wound; George Anderson, seaman, by musket-shot, producing flesh-wound of left ha
Doc. 49.-expedition to cold Knob, Va. Colonel Paxton's report. headquarters Second Virginia volunteer cavalry, camp Piatt, December 2, 1862. Captain R. P. Kennedy, Asst. Adjt.-Gen., First Division Kanawha, George Cook, Brig.-General Commanding: sir: In obedience to your orders, I my command, consisting of companies G, I, F, A, K, D, E, and H, Second Virginia volunteer cavalry, in all four hundred and seventy-five men rank and file, in good order, on the morning of the twenty-fourth of November, for Summerville, arriving there at ten P. M. the same day; distance fifty-three miles. Left Summerville next morning at seven o'clock, and arrived at the Hinkle farm at four P. M.--thirty-five miles--and being able to obtain some hay there, remained until four o'clock A. M., twenty-sixth, when we took up the line of march, in a blinding snow-storm, for Greenbrier, via Cold Knob Mountain, where we arrived at ten o'clock A. M., same day — distance twenty miles. Met Col. lane's Eleve
William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 3: Berkshire County. (search)
$976.12; in 1862, $5,161.34; in 1863, $8,162.00; in 1864, $1,200.00; in 1865, $10,781.53. Total amount, $36,980.99. Richmond Incorporated June 21, 1765. Population in 1860, 914; in 1865, 913. Valuation in 1860, $489,346; in 1865, $502,277. The selectmen in 1861 were Martin Slosson, H. B. Stevens, John Fairfield; in 1862, Martin Slosson, Alanson E. Gaston, John Fairfield; in 1863, Lewis C. Sherrill, Alanson E. Gaston, E. S. Rowley; in 1864 and 1865, E. S. Rowley, John Fairfield, George Cook. The town-clerk in 1861 and 1862 was E. Williams; in 1863 and 1864, John Sherrill, 2d; in 1865, H. B. Stevens. The town-treasurer in 1861 was E. Williams; in 1862, John A. Sharp; in 1863, Rufus L. Hall; in 1864, John Sherrill, 2d; in 1865, H. B. Stevens. We have been unable to obtain a full and consecutive abstract of the votes passed at the various town-meetings, in relation to the war during the four years of its existence. Several were held each year, at which money was appropr
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
C., 261 Conner, H. C., 261 Conner, James, 261 Conners, John, 261 Connor, G. W., 32 Connor, H. P., 34 Connor, John, 34 Converse, C. S., 261 Converse, G. S., 462 Converse, J. B., 581 Converse, J. W., 261 Conwell, R. H., 261 Coogan, Owen, 581 Cook, A. M., 210 Cook, A. W., 261 Cook, Andrew, 261 Cook, Arthur, 571 Cook, B. B., 84 Cook, B. F., 34 Cook, B. F., 210, 606, 641 Cook, Berna, 34 Cook, D. P., 34 Cook, F. A., 34 Cook, F. A., 261 Cook, F. C., 261 Cook, F. H., 261 Cook, George, 574 Cook, H. C., 408, 462, 515 Cook, I. B., 261 Cook, J. A., 34 Cook, J. B., 34 Cook, J. B., 462 Cook, J. H., 210, 262, 515 Cook, J. R., 262 Cook, J. V., 34 Cook, J. W., 261 Cook, Jacob, 261 Cook, John, Jr., 34 Cook, Joshua, Jr., 34 Cook, L. P., 34 Cook, T. W., 262 Cook, Thomas, 262 Cook, W. H., 34 Cook, William, 262 Cook, William, Jr., 34 Cooke, G. E., 262 Cooke, H. A., 408 Cooke, J. S., 210, 262, 515 Cooke, Rose T., 641 Cooley, H. K., 262 Cooley, J. C., 40
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