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same nature was made against Richard McDonald by Bridget, wife of John, but it was dismissed. Washington Logan, a free negro, and Dick, slave of Edmund Brown, charged by P. J. Archer with the theft of a pocket-book containing $300, from an open desk in his office, were remanded for trial on the second Monday in October. Barney McNunn, John Brennan, and James Cavanagh, three Irishmen, from Camp Lee, were arrested and sent to prison for being drunk and fighting in the street. John Cooke, charged with stealing a watch, two boxes of blacking, and a paper of ground ginger, from Catharine Haley, was remanded for further examination before the Court of Hustings on the 3d day of October. Francis Haley, charged with being drunk, disorderly, and beating his wife, was required to give surety in the sum of $150 for good behavior, and to answer an indictment. John Murphy was charged with keeping a disorderly house. Witnesses testified that the whole neighborhood, especial