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ral Court.--Ordered that there shall be £ 55 paid to Mr. Cradock. March 26, 1638: There is a grant of a thousand acres of land granted to Mr. Mathew Cradock, where it may be had without prejudice to any plantation or former grants, in the judgment of the Court. Also there is granted to Mr. Cradock five hundred acres of land more for such servants as he shall appoint it unto, twenty miles from any plantation, without prejudice to any plantation. June 2, 1641: Mr. Thomas Mayhew and Mr. Joseph Cooke appointed to set out the five hundred acres of Mr. Oldham's for Mr. Cradock near Mount Feake. On the same day, Voted that Mr. Cradock's rates should be forborne till the next ship come, and then it is referred to Mr. Stoughton and Mr. Hawthorne to consider and give order in it. The reader may now be referred to what is said concerning Mr. Cradock's agency in building the first bridge over Mistick River; and, putting those facts with these here stated, we come at the conclusion tha
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Key to the plan of Cambridge in 1635 . (search)
is.John Bridge. 43George Stocking.William Manning. 44Nicholas Olmstead. Vacant lot.John French. 45Joseph Reading.Joseph Cooke. 46Stephen Hart.Joseph Cooke. 47Nathaniel Richards.Joseph Cooke. 48William Westwood.John Betts. 49Dolor Davis. Joseph Cooke. 47Nathaniel Richards.Joseph Cooke. 48William Westwood.John Betts. 49Dolor Davis. Vacant lot.Edward Mitchelson. 50John Bridge.William Andrews. 51Thomas Fisher.Edward Shepard. 52John Benjamin. Vacant lot.John Betts. Uncertain whether then occupied by a house or not. 53John Benjamin. Vacant lot.Edward Shepard. VacantJoseph Cooke. 48William Westwood.John Betts. 49Dolor Davis. Vacant lot.Edward Mitchelson. 50John Bridge.William Andrews. 51Thomas Fisher.Edward Shepard. 52John Benjamin. Vacant lot.John Betts. Uncertain whether then occupied by a house or not. 53John Benjamin. Vacant lot.Edward Shepard. Vacant lot. 54John Benjamin. Vacant lot.Moses Payne. 55Thomas Dudley, Esq.Herbert Pelham, Esq. 56Matthew Allen. Uncertain whether then occupied by a house or not.William Cutter. 57Humphrey Vincent.John Moore. 58Daniel Patrick.Joseph Cooke. UnJoseph Cooke. Uncertain whether then occupied by a house or not. 59Richard Lord. Vacant lot.Herbert Pelham, Esq. 60Matthew Allen. Vacant lot.George Cooke. 61Edmund Gearner.Mrs. Eliz. Sherborne. 62John Arnold.Thomas Hosmer. 63William Kelsey.John Sill. 64
re. George Cooke. Remained here. Joseph Cooke. Remained here. Simon Crosby. Remarlakenden, William Spencer, Andrew Warner, Joseph Cooke, John Bridge, Clement Chaplin, Nicholas Dand between Edward Goffe, Samuel Shepard, and Joseph Cooke. Small-lot-Hill, in like manner, passed in] landing; and Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Danforth and Mr. Cooke to see it made. This bridge, or causeway, Jan. 4, 1635-6, It is ordered, That Mr. Joseph Cooke shall keep the ferry, and have a penny ovg. Jan. 2, 1636-7. It is granted unto Joseph Cooke to have the hill by his house, which have b him and his heirs forever. The house of Joseph Cooke stood at the northeasterly corner of Holyokat the southeasterly angle of Holyoke Place. Mr. Cooke's lot contained five acres, lying east of Hoid. for himself. ——1640. Granted unto Joseph Cooke a farm of 400 acres of the nearest upland a 400 acres adjoining and beyond the farm of Joseph Cooke; to Capt. George Cooke, 600 acres; to Edwar[2 more...]<
he select Townsmen, taking the same into their serious consideration, do therefore order that every person inhabiting within the bounds of this town, before the 10th of the next month provide one or more sufficient ladders at all times in a readiness to reach up to the top of his or their house; and forthwith and at all times hereafter see that their chimneys be kept clean swept at least once every month, upon the penalty of 2s. 6d. for every month's neglect herein. March 10, 1650-1. Mr. Joseph Cooke hath liberty granted to fell timber on the common for to fence in his orchard. Jan. 7, 1651-2. William Manning is granted liberty by the inhabitants of the town, at a general meeting, to make a wharf out of the head of the creek, At the foot of Dunster Street. towards Mr. Pelham's barn, and build a house on it, to come as high as the great pine stump, and range with Mr. Pelham's fence next the high street into town. Besides the foregoing transactions of a general character, the
Willyam × Heally. John Palfray. Ffrancts Moore, senr. John Gove. will × Michelson. Edward Hall. William Barrett. John Holman. will. Bordman. Zacharye Hicks. Samll. Manning. Richard Cutter. John Green. Ffra. Moore, junr. John × Adams. Beiniman Crackbone. John Marritt. Nathanell Hancocke. Willyam Town. Abraham Holman. John Shephard. Samuell Frost. Walter Hasting. Nath. Green. Ester Gossom. Peter Towne. Edward Mitchellson. Andrew Belcher. Edmund Angier. Richard Park. Joseph Cooke. Jermie Fisman. John Taller. Daniel Cheeaver. John Eliot. Edward Jackson. Samuell Haden. John Jackson. Gregory Cooke. John × Parker. Mathew × Boone. Thomas Hammond, senyor. Thomas Hammond, junyor. Vincent × Druse, junyor. John × Hanchet. Job × Hides. Samuell × Hydes. Rebeccah × Daniell. Jonathan Hides. David Stone. Samuell Stone. Jeames × Cutler. John Wintor. John Collar. Joseph Miriam. Isack Starnes. David Fiske. Solomon Prentes. Joseph Sill. Samuell Hasting. R
Captain of the Frigate Rose, then at anchor in Boston harbor. was immediately seized, and about nine of the clock the drums beat through the town, and an ensign was set up upon the beacon. Then Mr. Bradstreet, Mr. Danforth, Major Richards, Dr. Cooke, and Mr. Addington, &c., were brought to the Council-house by a company of soldiers under the command of Capt. Hill. The mean while, the people in arms did take up and put into goal Justice Bullivant, Justice Foxcraft, Mr. Randolf, Sheriff Sheed by their brethren the Deputies from Cambridge, all good men and true. Deacon Edward Collins was Deputy from 1654 to 1670, without intermission; Edward Oakes, 1659, 1660, 1669-1681; Richard Jackson, 1661, 1662; Edward Winship, 1663, 1664, 1681-1686; Edward Jackson, 1665-1668, 1675, 1676; Joseph Cooke, 1671, 1676-1680; Thomas Prentice, 1672-1674; Samuel Champney, 1686, and again, after the Revolution, from 1689 to 1695, when he died in office. Their names should be in perpetual remembrance.
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
hree years (where he secured the lasting friendship of Roger Harlakenden), and about a year at Buttercrambe, Yorkshire (where he married his first wife), and another year in sundry places in Northumberland, he sought refuge from constant persecution, by a removal to New England. He failed in his first attempt, however, being driven back by stress of weather; but his second attempt was successful, and he arrived at Boston Oct. 3, 1635, with his wife, child, brother Samuel, Mr. Harlakenden, Mr. Cooke, &c. Besides these, he mentions among the brethren who shared his unsuccessful attempt to cross the ocean, and who afterwards became members of his church, brothers Champney, Frost, subsequently Ruling Elders, Goffe, and diverse others, most dear saints. He also acknowledges special acts of kindness rendered to him in England by Mr. Russell, Mr. Collins, and Mrs. Sherborne,— names afterwards familiar in Cambridge. Two days afterwards, he came to Cambridge and took lodgings at the house
office about sixty years, attaining the rank of Captain in 1689. When Captain Cooke returned to England in 1645, the General Court thought meet to desire Mr. Joseph Cooke to take care of the company in the absence of the Captain, and till the Court shall take further order, and that John Stedman be established ensign. Ibid., II. 137. Nov. 11, 1647. Mr. Joseph Cooke, upon his petition, is freed from exercising the company at Cambridge, and from being compellable by fine to attend upon every training hereafter. Ibid., II. 217. About this time Daniel Gookin removed to Cambridge, and probably was the next Captain of the trainband, of which he retainaverick], Richard Beach, Joseph Bemis, William Bordman, Francis Bowman, Matthew Bridge, Thomas Brown, Samuel Buck, Samuel Bull, Samuel Champney, James Cheever, Joseph Cooke, Stephen Cooke, Benjamin Crackbone [killed], John Cragg, James Cutler, Samuel Cutler, John Druse [killed], Jonathan Dunster, Thomas Foster, Stephen Francis, Th
elch1 Samuel Champney1 John Wyman1 William Manning2 Isaac Bradish 2 Doct. [William] Kneeland1 William Gamage4 Mr. [John] Winthrop3 Thomas Hastings2 Ebenezer Bradish1 William Darling1 William Howe1 Mr, [Thomas] Marsh1 Deac. [Samuel] Whittemore2 Capt. [Ebenezer] Stedman3 Israel Porter1 John Phillips, Jr.2 Stephen Randall1 Edward Marrett1 John Manning1 Owen Warland4 Doct. [Francis] Moore1 Samuel Hicks1 Edward Prentice1 Samuel Hinds1 James Kettell1 Francis Moore1 Joseph Cooke1 Judge [Edmund] Trowbridge 3 Rev. Mr. [Nathaniel] Appleton1 Jonathan Ireland1 Hunt & Flagg3 Hubbard Russell1 Stephen Sewali1 Rev. Mr. Wiggles worth1 George Douglass1 Ye President [Langdon]1 Person Smith1 ——Bates1 James Frost2 Joseph Read1 Joseph Eares1 Benjamin Bird1 John Baverick1 Philemon Hastings1 Ebenezer Fessenden1 Nathaniel Chadwick1 —— Blacks, 9.155 As far as Menotomy Bridge. Deac. Thomas Hall1 Capt. Ephraim Frost2 Joseph Wellington1 Will
en, 1636. George Cooke, 1636, 1642-1645. Speaker in 1645. Clement Chaplin, 1636. Joseph Cooke, 1636-1641. Nicholas Danforth, 1636, 1637. Richard Jackson, 1637-1639, 1641, 1648, 16531658. Edward Oakes, 1659, 1667, 1669– 1681. Edward Winship, 1663, 1664, 1681– 1686. Joseph Cooke [2d], 1671, 1676-1680. Thomas Prentice, 16 72-1674. John Stone, 1682, 1683. Samuel C 1633. Roger Harlakenden, 1635-1638. William Spencer, 1635. Andrew Warner, 1635. Joseph Cooke, 1635-1637, 1639, 1641, 1643, 1645. John Bridge, 1635, 1637-1639, 1641– 1644, 1646, 1647, dward Jackson, 1665, 1682. Samuel Andrews, 1666, 1681-1693. James Trowbridge,* 1666. Joseph Cooke,* 1667, 1689. William Dickson, 1667, 1679, 1680, 1682, 1684. Gregory Cooke,* 1667. F 1693, when an officer styled Town Clerk was first elected. William Spencer, 1632-1635. Joseph Cooke, 1636, 1637, 1639-1641. Joseph Isaac, 1638. Probably. Roger Shaw, 1642. Probably<
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