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note. Theophilus Alexander, William Alford, Henry Appleton, John Badger, William Barker, Caleb Barrett, Jonathan Barrett, Joshua Barrett, John Bartlett, John Batherick, Timothy Batherick, Jason Belknap, Joseph Belknap, John Bisco, Israel Blackington, Thomas Brickley, Thomas Brown, John Bryant, Robert Bull, Thomas Bumstead, Robert Campbell, Moses Chadwick, Downing Champney, Ephraim Child, Thomas Coe, John Cole, John Cole, Jr., Samuel Cole, Aaron Comstock. Joshua Converse, Joseph Cook, Daniel Cooper, John Craige, Samuel Cutter, Benjamin Darling, Edward Dickson, John Dickson, Jr., William Doty, Thomas Durant, Henry Evans, Edward Fillebrown, John Fillebrown, Richard Fillebrown, John Fowle, Simon Gardis. Samuel Gookin, Jr., Joseph Hamilton, Solomon Hancock, Cato Hanker, Joseph Hartwell, Elisha Hastings, William Hastings, Jason Hazard, Timothy Heath, Abraham Hill, Andrew Hill, Benjamin Hill, Daniel Hill, Zachariah Hill, Israel Hinds, Samuel Hinds, Aaron Hodges, Nathaniel Holden, Elisha
dm. Pct. ch. 19 Jan. 1755. 2. Ephraim (late Charlestown—buried here), d. 10 Mar. 1776. Mallet—see Wyman's Chs., 649. 3. Ephraim, of Charlestown, son of Ephraim (2), m. Mercy Cook of Camb., 28 May, 1782. Ephraim, a soldier of the Revolution—see Wyman, 649. 4. Josiah, d. here 6 Oct. 1739, a. 70. 5. John, had w. Lydia, who o. c. Pct. ch. 29 Feb. 1742. Mullet —he m. Lydia Warren, 1738–Wyman, 693. He, adult, set. 30, was bap. here 28 Feb. 1742. Had Lydia, bap. 28 Feb. 1742, m. Daniel Cooper (she of Charlestown, this Pct.), 9 May, 1764 —Widow Lydia Cooper, at her father Mullet's, d. 4 Dec. 1777, a. 39; Mary, b. 13 Aug., bap. 5 Sept. 1742, m. (she of Chas.) Samuel Gookin of Camb., 22 Dec. 1761; Elizabeth, aet. 18, or aged 19 (prob. a dau. of John) o. c. and was bap. here 11 Apr. 1762, m. Daniel Bayley, 28 Mar. 1776; John, Jr., at Joseph Russell's, d. 15 Oct. 1762, a. 17 yrs.; a child, b. 7 July, 1749, d. 3 Jan. 1750, a. 6 mos.; an infant, d. 18 Oct. 1751, a. 3 weeks; a
Traitors arrested. On Saturday week eight traitors were arrested in Rockingham and Augusta counties, and committed to jail in Harrisonburg, charged with disloyalty to the Government, and with aiding and piloting deserters from our army to the Yankee lines. Their names are John Yates, of Mount Sidney, Augusta county, and Samuel Wheelbarger, George Cooper, Daniel Cooper, George W. Rumsey, John Hume, Samuel Bowman, and Rev. William Dunlop, of Rockingham county.--Subsequently two others, named William Coffman and John O'Keister, of Rockingham, were arrested on the same charges.--The evidence of their guilt is said to be very clear. All of them, with the exception of Coffman, have been brought to Richmond, and we learn will undergo examination before Commissioner Watson this morning.
Judge Halyburton, of the C. S. Circuit Court, was engaged a portion of yesterday in the partial hearing of the charges against John Yates, Samuel Wheelberger, George Cooper, Daniel Cooper, G. W. Ramsey, John Thume, Samuel Bowman, Wm. Coffman, John D. Kester, and Rev. Wm. Dunlop, of Rockingham county, Va., for aiding and piloting deserters from the Confederate army to the Yankee lines. At the commencement of the investigation a message was received from the Secretary of War stating that the Government claimed that the parties were subject and ought to be tried by military authority. To this the counsel for the prisoners objected, alleging that they were citizens, and were, therefore, subject only to jury trial. To enable the Government to put in an argument, the investigation was adjourned until to day. The evidence elicited showed that the prisoners had been guilty of harboring Confederate deserters, and that they had used language that showed their antagonism to the Sou
The Daily Dispatch: November 7, 1863., [Electronic resource], Negro Enlistments in Maryland--how the thing is Worked. (search)
Western Spies. --In the C. S. Circuit Court yesterday, John Yates, Samuel Wheelberger, George Cooper, Daniel Cooper, G. W. Ram say, John Thume, Samuel Bowman, Wm. Coffman, John D. Kester, and Wm. Dunisp, of Rockingham county, were before Judge Halyburton for harboring deserters and aiding and piloting them to the Yankee lines. The Judge, after hearing the evidence, decided that the offence was committed in another district, and discharged them. Commissioner Watson, as soon as this decision was made, issued a warrant for their arrest, and they were taken into custody by Deputy Marshal Henry Myers, to be sent to Staunton for trial before Judge Brockenbrough, of the Western District. Of course the Secretary of War has concluded that these men are subject to civil and not military trial, they being unconnected with the army in any way. Most of them are old men, and have the appearance of trappers and woods prowlers.