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pounds at the rate of 3 miles per hour, 125 × 3 x 8 = 3,000 pounds one mile in a day. Multiply this amount by the number of feet in a mile, and divide the product by the number of minutes in 8 hours; the result is 33,000, which stands for the number of pounds raised one foot per minute, and this is now the admitted measure of a horse power. An′i-mals. In the nomenclature of the mechanic arts, the names of animals have not been entirely overlooked e. g.: — Ass.Cricket.Hound.Rat. Bear.Crow.Jack.Seal. Bee.Dog.Jenny.Serpent. Beetle.Dolphin.Kite.Skate. Buck.Drill.Leech.Slug. Buffalo.Fish.Lizard.Snail. Bull-dog.Fly.Mole.Sole. Butterfly.Fox.Monkey.Starling. Camel.Frog.Mouse.Swift. Cat.Goose.Mule.Throstle. Cock.Hawk.Pig.Turtle. Cow.Hedgehog.Pike.Urchin. Crab.Hog.Ram.Worm. Crane.Horse. Each of these useful animals is described in its alphabetical place. Ani-mal trap. A device for catching animals. There are numerous varieties; some to set in the path of the anim
he hoof. 5. (Nautical.) a. A ram, pike, or rostrum on the stem of a vessel to run down an opponent. b. The part of a ship forward of the stem and supporting the figure-head. 6. (Chemical.) The rostrum of an alembic which conducts the vapor to the worm. 7. One of the jaws of a forceps or pliers, named after some real or fancied resemblance to the protruding facial organ; as, — Hawk's-bill forceps.Round-nose pliers. Narrow-beak forceps.Crane's-bill forceps. Long-nose pliers.Crow's-bill forceps. 8. (Gas-Fitting.) A gas-burner with one round, smooth hole 1/28 of an inch in diameter. Beak′er. (Glass.) An open-mouthed thin glass vessel, having a projecting lip for pouring; used for containing solutions requiring heat, etc. Beakerglass. Beak — head beam. (Shipbuilding.) The longest beam in a ship. Beak′ing-joint. The joint formed by the meeting of several heading-joints in one continued line, which is sometimes the case in floors and doors
e.Crevasses. Stopping. Blasting.Crosette. Blasting-needle.Crow-bar. Blinding.Crow's foot. Bolt and spike extractor.Cuddy. Boring wells.Culvert. Bottoming.Curb.ay, opposite to a traverse. Croud. A crypt, or under-croft of a church. Crow. 1. An iron bar used as a lever; it had usually a bent end, which was frequenn with hooks for engaging an enemy's vessel or picking off her men. A corvus. Crow—foot. 1. (Nautical.) A contrivance for suspending the ridge of an awning. rtains, which are terminated by half-bastions and commanded by the main-work. Crow's-bill. (Surgical.) A bullet forceps. Crow's-foot. Crow's-foot. Crow's-foot. Crow's-foot. 1. (Well-boring.) A bent hook adapted to engage the shoulder or collar on a drill-rod or well-tube while lowering it into a well or drilled shaft, or to hold the samCrow's-foot. 1. (Well-boring.) A bent hook adapted to engage the shoulder or collar on a drill-rod or well-tube while lowering it into a well or drilled shaft, or to hold the same while a section above it is being attached or detached (a, b, Fig. 1531). In well-boring the auger or drill-rod passes through a hole in the staging, but the cro
forceps. Artery-forceps.Needle-forceps. Bone-forceps.Obstetrical-forceps. Bullet-forceps.Placenta-forceps. Calculi-forceps.Plugging-forceps. Cow-horn forceps.Polypus-forceps. Crane's-bill.Screw-forceps. Craniotomy-forceps.Speculum-forceps. Crow's-bill.Spicula-forceps. Dental forceps.Stage-forceps. Dissecting-forceps.Strabismus-forceps. Esophagus-forceps.Trachea-forceps. Eye-forceps.Uvula-forceps. Fulcrum-forceps. Force-pump. 1. A pump which delivers the water under pressureMerlon. Counter swallow-tail.Mine. Counter-trench.Moat. Countervallation.Moineau. Counter-works.Orgues. Coupurus.Orillon. Covered way.Outwork. Cremaillere.Palisade. Crenette.Parados. Crest.Parallel. Crotchet.Parapet. Crown-work.Picket. Crow's-feet.Place of arms. Cunette.Plane. Curtain.Platform. Dead-angle.Plonge. Deblai.Portcullis. Demi-bastion.Postern. Demi-lune.Priests' cap. Demi-revetment.Profile. Detached works.Ramp. Ditch.Rampart. Écoute.Ravelin. Elevated battery.Reda
pinchers. Bottling-pliers.Lazy-tongs. Bullet-mold.Monkey-wrench. Burling-irons.Nail-clincher. Burr-cutter.Nippers. Buttonhole-cutter.Nut-cracker. Calipers.Pinchers. Calking-vise.Pinching-tongs. Chimney-tongs.Pipe-tongs. Clamp.Pipe-vise. Clincher.Pipe-wrench. Clothes-pin.Pliers. Clothes-tongs.Pruning-shears. Clutch for hay-elevator.Pucellas. Coal-tongs.Punch-pliers. Compasses.Rivet-cutter. Costotome.Rotary shears. Crane's-bill.Rounding-tool. Crimping-tool.Saddler's-pinchers. Crow's-bill.Saw-vise. Crucible-tongs.Scissors. Cutting-nippers.Shanks. Dividers.Shears. Drawing-pliers.Snipe. Egg-tongs.Spring-vise. Elbow-tongs.Suspending-clutch. Entereotome.Tongs. Forceps.Tube-cutter. Gas-fitter's tongs.Tweezers. Glass-tongs.Vise. Glazier's-vise.Wrench. Jaw-wedge. A wedge to tighten the axle-box in the jaw or guard of a railway car-truck. Jean. (Fabric.) a. A twilled, undressed cloth, having a cotton chain and woolen filling. b. A twilled cotton goo
-tube. Arterial compressor.Coreotome. Artery-claw.Cornet. Artery-forceps.Corn-knife. Arteryotome.Corns. Instrument for removing Articulator. Artificial arm.Corpse-preserver. Artificial auricle.Costotome. Artificial ear.Couching-instrument. Artificial eye.Counter-extension apparatus. Artificial foot.Cradle. Artificial gums.Crane-bill. Artificial hand.Craniotome. Artificial leech.Craniotomy-forceps. Artificial leg.Creosote appliances. Artificial limb.Crotchet. Artificial nipple.Crow's bill. Artificial noseCrutch. Artificial palate.Cucurbitula. Artificial pupil.Cup. Artificial teeth.Cupping-instruments. Artificial tympanum.Cupping-pump. Astigmatism-apparatus.Curette. Atomizer.Cutisector. Auricle. ArtificialCystitome. Auriscalpum.Cystotome. Auriscope.Decantation. Auto-laryngoscope.Decussorium. Auto-ophthalmoscope.Dental forceps. Autopsy-instrument.Dental hammer. Bandage.Dental instruments. Baromacrometer.Denti-scalpium. Bath.Deodorizer. Bdelometer.Dermal