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John D). Marker. Feet frozen slightly: Bugler I. Kearney; privates Samuel L'Hommedieu, R. McNulty, and G. Swan. Company M.--Killed: Wagoner Asa F. Howard; privates George C. Cox and Geo. C. Hoton. Seriously wounded: Sergeant Anthony Stevens; Corporal L. W. Hughes; privates W. H. Hood, L. D. Hughes, J. Legget, E. C. Chase, T. Barcafar, and Wm. Davis. Slightly wounded: Sergeant Lorin Robbins; privates R. Miller, M. Forbes, and P. Hunbert; bugler A. Hoffner. Feet frozen: Sergeant John Cullen; Corporals A. P. Hewett and Wm. Steel; privates W. W. Collins, James Dyer, and John McGonagle. Hand frozen: Private A. J. Case. Company H.--Killed: Privates John K. Briggs and Charles L. Hollowell. Seriously wounded: Captain Daniel McClean; Sergt. Jas. Cantellon; Corporals Philip Schaub, Patrick Frauley; privates Michael O'Brian, H. L. Fisher, John Franklin, Hen. Connor, Joseph Clowes, Thompson Ridge, James Logan. Slightly wounded: Privates Barbele, C. Hutchinson, Frank Fa
, 349 Crowley, Daniel, 349 Crowley, James (or Michael), 28th Mass. Inf., 508 Crowley, James (or William), 28th Mass. Inf., 491 Crowley, John, 9th Mass. Inf. 450 Crowley, John, 28th Mass. Inf., 509 Crowley, Patrick, 509 Crowley, Peter, 450 Crowley, W. W., 509 Crowninshield, B. W., 84, 113, 130, 132, 135, 138, 143, 144, 145. Crowninshield, Caleb, 509 Crowninshield, Caspar, 109, 160 Cudworth, Edwin, 349 Cudworth, W. H., 17, 33, 93, 140 Cue, Owen, 349 Cullen, Michael, 350 Cullen, John, 350 Cullum, G. W., 37 Cummings, A. B., 509 Cummings, A. J., 274, 509 Cummings, G. P., 450 Cummings, Israel, 450 Cummings, J. T., 450 Cummings, N. L., 350 Cummings, S. L., 350 Cummings, Thomas, 350 Cuniffee, Austin, 509 Cunningham, Augustus, 509 Cunningham, J. A., 152 Cunningham, John, 350 Cunningham, Martin, 350 Cunningham, Thomas, 509 Curley, Patrick, 450 Curley, Simon, 350 Curley, Thomas, 350 Curran, Francis, 509 Curran, J. H., 350 Curran, Michael, 491 Curran, Pat
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
W. H. Johnson, R. H. Sadberry, J. A. Williams, W. C. Harris. [214] Eleventh Alabama Regiment. Sergeant Major Wm. W. Brazelton, Com'y Sergeant M. M. Williford, Ord. Sergeant A. Baldwin, Q. M. Sergeant J. Wilson, Hos. Steward W. H. Stevenson, Sergeant P. K. Thompson, Wm. T. Frisbee, A. J. Story, Private D. A. Lowe, W. H. Nall, W. J. Oliver, E. F. Sikes, J. W. Shelton, S. P. Trawick, J. Threat, Geo. W. Waldon, Sergeant Perry Edwards, J. M. Noland, J. W. Deans, John Cullen, E. M. Richardson, S. D. Barber, R. E. Allen, J. J. Williams, D. M. Dunkin, J. M. Brown, J. T. Bell, H. O. Love, Corporal F. M. Ezell, Wm. D. Hopkins, James McGee, B. Ogletree, William Worthington, A. W. Barr, D. C. C. Carter, C. R. Kirkland, A. H. Prost, B. F. Ferguson, J. H. Digby, A. A. Stanley, Private J. A. Gandy, J. S. Stoker, W. Wall, D. Brown, U. M. Childers, D. L. Cochran, B. W. Gamer, J. C. Henry, D. Lightsey, J. H. Smelley, J. W. Smelley, E
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 32. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.39 (search)
of law, intending to make that his profession. His plans, however, were changed by the death of his brother, the lamented William Cabell Carrington. Yielding to the entreaties of his parents, who were deeply distressed by their loss, Colonel Carrington relinquished the practice of law, and devoted himself to agricultural pursuits upon his patrimonial estate, Retirement, a mile from his father's residence. He was married on January 29, 1856, to Charlotte Elizabeth Cullen, daughter of Dr. John Cullen, of Richmond, one of the most brilliant women of her day. He continued farming until the alarms of war fired his patriotism, in the spring of 1861. Colonel Carrington was opposed to secession, but when the die was cast, when Virginia decided to withdraw from the Union, like a true son, he determined to follow the fortunes of his mother State and was the first to volunteer his services from his native county. The Charlotte Rifles, a company of the 18th Virginia Infantry, was the fi
Compliment to a young Virginian. --The St. Louis Bulletin, of Jan. 29th, contains a well written card from Mr. Matt. R. Cullen, declining a nomination for a seat in the Missouri Convention. Mr. C. is a native of this city, and son of the late Dr. John Cullen.--His talents have won for him a high position in the regard of his fellow-citizens of St. Louis, and he had been urged by many of them to announce himself as a candidate for the high position named, which he modestly declines in favor of more experienced and fitting men. While desiring the restoration of the Union upon the basis of the Crittenden resolutions, he says: I recognize the right of secession. I will oppose any man who is in favor of coercing a State which may exercise its right and power to withdraw from this Union at any time, when, in its opinion, the Government does not execute the designs for which it was instituted. Whenever the Federal Government shall attempt to coerce a State, it is usurpation, an
White20Nov, 16Dec, 16 Geo Lalle20Nov, 16Dec, 16 James Ratchford42Nov, 16Dec, 12 J. B. Creason32Nov, 16Dec, 12 W. J. Cummins32Nov, 18Nov, 30 Wm. Edwards37Nov, 20Nov, 30 Charles Hampton29Nov, 20Nov, 30 John Dyer29Nov, 20Nov, 30 L. Fowler22Nov, 20Nov, 30 Robert Brown40Nov, 20Nov, 30 Ar Clesell40Nov, 27Dec, 2 Joakin Layman40Nov, 27Dec, 6 J, Kelly30Nov, 27Dec, 6 James patton33Nov, 27Dec, 6 C. Schoonberger40Nov, 25Dec, 6 McHenry Meader40Nov, 25Dec, 4 Jacob Haydon25Nov, 25Dec, 4 John Cullen31Nov, 25Dec, 4 T. H. Shacklett18Nov, 25Dec, 4 R. W. Shacklett24Nov, 25Dec, 4 James Gregory25Nov, 25Dec, 4 H. Cunningham24Nov, 25Dec, 4 Pat Byan26Nov, 25Dec, 4 Thomas Scott27Nov, 25Dec, 4 Thomas Larkin27Nov, 30Dec, 1 B. S. Bradford27Nov, 30Dec, 1 J. H. Menner39Dec, 2Dec, 7 J. H. Smith34Dec, 2Dec, 7 V. F. Kenkton34Dec, 2Dec, 7 M. F. Scott27Dec, 4Dec, 7 Hiram Roberts19Dec, 4Dec, 11 James H. Westbay33Dec, 4Dec, 16 Jame Hinkle33Dec, 6Dec, 7 John Dolan33Dec, 1Dec, 7 Wm. F. Beck
Appointment. M. R. Cullen, Esq., of St. Louis, Mo., has been appointed a Judge of the Military Court of the Confederate army, and assigned to the Mississippi department. Judge C. is a native of this city, and a son of the late Dr. John Cullen, so distinguished in his day. He emigrated to Missouri, and was a successful practitioner at the bar of St. Louis when the war began. He was then forced to take refuge from the rigors of the Lincoln despotism and came back to Virginia.