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nt, 466. Brown, Milton, of Tenn., 171. Brown, Oliver, killed at Harper's Ferry, 292. Brown, Owen, son of John Brown, 288; escapes from Harper's Ferry, 299. Brown, Watson, killed at Harper's Ferry, 291. Brownell, Francis E., kills the murderer of Ellsworth, 533. Browning, O. H., of Ill., in Senate, 565-7. Brownlow, Parson, citation from, 484. Brunswicker, The, (Mo.,) citation from, 238. Bryan, Guy M., of Texas, withdraws from the Dem. Convention, 315. Bryant, William Cullen, 166. Buchanan, James, 94; presents an Abolition petition to Congress, 144; in the Convention of 1848, 191 ; 222; nominated for President, 246; elected, 248; appoints R. J. Walker Governor of Kansas, 248; urges the acceptance of the Lecompton Constitution, 250; 252; 253; his Inaugural, extract from, 264; attends the Ostend meeting, etc., 273; condemns the arrest of William Walker, 276; is visited by Albert G. Brown, 277-8; offers a reward for the capture of John Brown, 286; 338; his M
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Carlyle's laugh and other surprises, chapter 24 (search)
ct with Italy and Mrs. Browning. She would come in from a manly boating-trip and fling herself on the sofa of the daintiest hostess, where the subsequent arrival of the best-bred guests did not disturb her from her position; but nothing would have amused her more than the deification which she received after death from some later adorers of her own sex. I find the following sketches of different Newport visitors in a letter dated September 2, 1869:-- We had an elder poet in Mr. [William Cullen] Bryant, on whom I called, and to my great surprise he returned it. I never saw him before. There is a little hardness about him, and he seems like one who has been habitually bored, but he is refined and gentle — thinner, older, and more sunken than his pictures — eyes not fine, head rather narrow and prominent; delicate in outline. He is quite agreeable, and — chatted to him quite easily. I saw him several times, but he does not warm one. At Governor Morgan's I went to a recepti<