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been the design of his son to present this to the public in a convenient shape and durable form, with such additions as he has been able to collect. It is trusted that the work will prove valuable as a book of reference, notwithstanding that inaccuracies may occasionally be found. It is remarkable that the great-grandfather of Dr. Cutter was the first Precinct Clerk, or recording officer—an office which he held for thirty-two consecutive years. The paternal grandfather of Dr. Cutter (Ammi Cutter), and his maternal grandfather (Samuel Locke), were also Precinct Clerks at different periods, the former holding the office five years, and the latter sixteen years. The authorities which have been consulted in obtaining dates and facts are specified in various portions of the work. The precinct and town records have, of course, been much relied upon, and information from them, as well as from gravestones, is given, as far as practicable, in the phraseology originally used. The chur
aining two and one half acres, shown in plan of the date of about 1725, being John's estate of inheritance in fee simple, and also the old mill-privilege originally belonging to Colonel George Cooke. Jonathan Cutter, on March 25, 1768, sold to Ammi Cutter the same premises, being described as one certain ancient milldam, pond and yard, containing by estimation two acres and a half. These premises Ammi increased by the purchase of one and a half acres of meadow and upland of his father John Cuttown, who sold a part to Ephraim Cutter, containing one acre and a half and 22 rods, in 1804, shown in a plan by Peter Tufts, Jr., dated 1803, and makes a part of Fowle's lower millpond, and the lanes formerly leading to Ephraim Cutter's mill. Ammi Cutter left one Grist Mill, with a Bolt in the same, located on the ancient dam bought by him in 1768, which was assigned on the distribution of his estate, in 1795, as a part of the portion of his sixth son Ephraim Cutter, who built a new dam and mi
ing of the convoy. He was carried first to the house of Ammi Cutter— the place where the late Cyrus Cutter resided—and aftercover from which to fire on the enemy as they returned. Ammi Cutter, his neighbor, came from his house across the brook to s. He refused, saying, An Englishman's house is his castle Cutter left him, and narrowly escaped being shot by British flankr money in his trowsers pocket. Statement by a son of Mr. Cutter. Smith further says, that the flanking party south oer, Edward Fillebrown, Daniel Brown, Samuel Carter, Jr., Ammi Cutter. The second seat below: Messrs. George Cutter, Patten Cutter, jr.1711104223092 Thomas Cutter172173844271711 Ammi Cutter51139911021710113166 Samuel Cutter343891055132155 Lt. W Hall and Joseph Adams, Mr. Samuel Whittemore, jr. and Mr. Ammi Cutter a committee for the above purpose and to sign letters more, of New York, brother of William; and eventually to Ammi Cutter; then to Abel G. Peck, who divided it, and removed it, o
of Patten Russell, who had moved out of town), 1771, 1773-77 (1781—declined). Ebenezer Swan, 1771 (1772—excused). Samuel Cutter, 1772 (1781—declined). Ammi Cutter, 1772, 1791. Philip Bemis, 1773-76 (1776—excused). Benjamin Locke, 1775 (1776—excused). Ephraim Frost, Jr., 1776-85. Gershom Cutter, Jr., 1776, 1777 Jonathan Whittemore, 1806, 1807. Noah Russell, 1807. Precinct Clerks. John Cutter, 1733-65—thanks extended him in 1767 for many years' service. Ammi Cutter, 1766, 1767, 1772, 1784, 1786. Thomas Hall, Jr., 1768, 1769. William Whittemore, 1770, 1771 (1772—declined serving—thanks voted for past services), 1782-8n, 1768-70. Samuel Frost, 1768, 1769. Nehemiah Cutter, 1770-72. Walter Russell, 1770, 1771, 1773-77. Ebenezer Swan, 1771. Samuel Cutter, 1772. Ammi Cutter, 1772, 1791. Philip Bemis, 1773-75. Ens. William Adams, 1773, 1774. Benjamin Locke, 1775. Ephraim Frost, Jr., 1776-86, 1794. Gershom Cutte
of Ammi (20), had three wives. The wife of Ammi Cutter of Boston—Hannah, his third wife—was burieduthor of this work. Some recollections of Dr. Cutter's boyhood, by Mr. J. B. Russell, are interes. 1772, the Abigail, of Charlestown, who m. Ammi Cutter, 12 Nov. 1772—cut-Ter (par. 11); Charles, y, 1749; Hannah, b. 5, bap. 9 Aug. 1752, m. Ammi Cutter (husband of her sister Abigail); Sarah, b. of N. K., d. 26 Oct. 1841, a. 55. Dau. of Ammi Cutter—Cutter (par. 20). Lopos (otherwise Lopus,8—the Samuel C. who d. 4 Dec. 1816, a. 28; Ammi Cutter, bap. 27 Feb. 1791, m. Sarah Cutter, of Med. 23 Sept. 1798; Lucy, bap. 4 May, 1800, m. Ammi Cutter, 2 Dec. 1819, Camb.—see Cutter (par. 58); Cutter (par. 58); Franklin, bap. 31 Oct. 1802;. Charles, bap. 9 Sept. 1804; Martha, bapt. 21 Sept. 1805, d. 28 Apr. 1 d. 9 Sept. 1815, a. 36. He m. (second) Anna (Cutter) Benjamin—see Cutter (par. 24)— Book of the Lborer, and wife Lydia in her right, sell to Ammi Cutter, miller, on 23 Mar. 1773, three acres in Ca var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));