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came to S. Bull's possession in 1704-5. Part of S. Bull's estate came into John Cutter's possession, 1737-38; and Elizabeth Bathrick (John's dau.) sold Simon Holdeam was at Cyrus Cutter's privilege. 1718. William Cutter deeds to his son John Cutter, for helping and assisting to build and erect his cornmill and sawmill, stannd Samuel sold his fourth of the cornmill and sawmill to William in 1732. John Cutter, on March 3, 1768, sold to Jonathan Cutter, only heir of the last William, oeased by the purchase of one and a half acres of meadow and upland of his father John Cutter, in 1770, immediately below the old milldam and yard, and now included inhe property of Dr. Benjamin Cutter's son-in-law Samuel A. Fowle. In 1743, John Cutter, above, sold to John Cutter, Jr., land joining on the country road to Lexinge above John Cutter, Jr., eldest son of the said John, deceased. The second John Cutter, in 1790, sold to Stephen Cutter, miller, lands including the home-lot and H
eting John Cutter was chosen moderator, and John Cutter, the same individual, was chosen Precinct ctee of Dr. Appleton's church, in 1736, were John Cutter and Ephraim Frost. See Paige, 297, &c. erfield Ephraim Frost Joseph Adams John Cutter William Winship John Winship Josepler Elisabethwife ofJohn Swan Lydiawife ofJohn Cutter Rachelwife ofJoseph Adams Annewife ofWillms Marthawife ofEph'm Frost Abigailwife ofJohn Cutter Elisabethwife ofJohn Winship 53. Tota in that solemnity. 1739, Nov. 17 Messrs. John Cutter & John Winship were unanimously chosen ed Ammi R. Cutter, youngest brother of Dea. John Cutter, baptized at Cambridge, May 6, 1705, a gradins, private; Thomas Robbins, Jr., private (John Cutter, master); Joshua Swan, private (Ebenezer Swr1717036 John Cutter3414661123171293174 John Cutter, jr.1711104223092 Thomas Cutter172173844271711055132155 Lt. Wm. Cutter1711656321981210 John Cutter, 3d171176422188128 Gershom Cutter344441827[3 more...]
rge; Rev. Mr. Walker the Right Hand; Rev. Mr. Newell made the Concluding Prayer. Rev. Mr. Briggs of Lexington was absent on account of ill health at the time of this installation. To Mr. Damon's time the following persons had been Deacons: John Cutter and John Winship, chosen 1739; Thomas Hall and Joseph Adams, chosen 1769; Ephraim Frost and John Adams, chosen 1792; Ephraim Cutter, chosen before 1828; Miles Gardner, chosen 1828. To his time, also, three Covenants had been in use by the Chuo this place was noticeable for aged people. There were then twenty-eight persons from about seventy years and upwards. There is now but four men who have arrived to seventy years. There is one woman, Mrs. Lucy Cutter, widow of the late Mr. John Cutter, a pious and exemplary christian; for more than sixty-eight years a member of this church; still retaining a vigor and strength, both of body and mind, uncommon in old age. in her eighty-seventh year; and five others who have reached the com
ssell, 1735. John Winship, 1735, 1737, 1741, 1742. John Butterfield, 1735, 1737, 1743-45. John Swan, 1736. John Cutter, 1736, 1738-46. Abraham Hill, 1736. Walter Russell, 1736. Samuel Cutter, 1737. Thomas Wellington, 1737. t, 1796. Daniel Adams, 1802-07. Jonathan Whittemore, 1806, 1807. Noah Russell, 1807. Precinct Clerks. John Cutter, 1733-65—thanks extended him in 1767 for many years' service. Ammi Cutter, 1766, 1767, 1772, 1784, 1786. Thomas 8. Samuel Locke, 1789-1805. Thomas Russell, J., 1806, 1807. Precinct Treasurers. John Fillebrown, 1733. John Cutter, 1734. Joseph Adams, 1735-50—thanks extended to him in 1767 for past service. Lieut. Samuel Whittemore, 1751-67—-45. Gershom Cutter, Jr., 1735. Thomas Hall, 1735, 1752-55. James Cutler, 1736, 1737, 1739, 1740, 1750-52. John Cutter, 1737, 1741, 1743-45. Samuel Cutter, 1737. Samuel Whittemore, 1737 (in place of Samuel Cutter, dec'd), 1738, 174<
pt. 1758, m. John Cutter, 3d, 4 Feb. 1777, see Cutter (par. 19), (d. 9 Nov. 1830); Anna, b. (1), bainto said town of Woburn; her husband's son John Cutter d. in Woburn 15 Mar. 1789, a. 85.) She was John (3), grad. Harv. Coll. 1725, and as Sir Cutter was adm. Camb. ch. 26 Nov. 1727, was ordainedodding, of Charlestown, and wife Mary, sell John Cutter 2 lots, 1737. See Wyman. Paige, Hist. Camb Sept. 1739. She was Rebecca, dau. of Dea. John Cutter—see Cutter (par. 3). Their dau. Sarah, m. Cutter (par. 3). Their dau. Sarah, m. William Adams, 14 June, 1750; their son Abraham, m. Susanna Wellington, 16 Feb. 1758; Zechariah, m. . do. 30 Jan. 1757. (His wife was dau. of John Cutter, of Lexington)—see Hist. Cutter Fam. pp. 8. Martha Cutter, 21 May, 1747, dau. of Dea. John Cutter—see Cutter (par. 3); Bond's Wat., pp. 523,Cutter (par. 3); Bond's Wat., pp. 523, 527, and Hist. Cutter Fam., pp. 47, 379, &c. Jonathan, of Watertown, had John, bap. here 16 Mar. 1, were adm. Pct. ch. 27 Aug. 1780. He had John Cutter, b. 26, bap. 29 Oct. 1780. John the father[5 more.