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ege of using so much of the mill-pond as necessary for the ordinance of baptism. The old way to Cyrus Cutter's dam from the main road is mentioned in town records in 1836. Cyrus Cutter bought the premises on Feb. 26, 1836, of Eli Robbins, who had bought the same of Mrs. Mary Cutter on April 30, 1835, being described in the deed to Cyrus Cutter, as a certain mill-site, mill-privilege and water course, with land, &c. Another mill-privilege above these on the same stream was that which Thomas Cutter and others, co-heirs of Gershom Cutter, to the same Stephen Cutter, quitclaimed their interest in 1778; described as a certain gristmill in Cambridge, with all and singular the dam, blooms, mill-pond, &c. Stephen Cutter, miller, sold the above property and other lands to Ichabod Fessenden, miller, in 1795, specifying a house, barn and gristmill, dams, flooms, &c. (Midd. Registry, CXXV. 27, 28). This property was sold by Ichabod Fessenden to John Perry and Stephen Locke, millers, in 1809
; Daniel Reed. Lieut.; Ethan Wetherbee, Lieut.; Samuel Locke, Sergt.; William Cutter, Sergt.; Jonathan Davis, ditto; Thomas Cutter, ditto; Abraham Locke, Corporal; John Locke, ditto; Jonathan Perry, ditto; Thomas Cutter, Private, John Winship, EdwaOfficers chosen on account of the War for the year 1778. Committee for the War.—Nehemiah Cutter, Patten. Russell, Thomas Cutter. The same were also chosen assessors on account of the war, for the ensuing year, and sworn to said office by the cll Butterfield1731211424141103 Nehemiah Cutter1717036 John Cutter3414661123171293174 John Cutter, jr.1711104223092 Thomas Cutter172173844271711 Ammi Cutter51139911021710113166 Samuel Cutter343891055132155 Lt. Wm. Cutter1711656321981210 John Cr, 3d171176422188128 Gershom Cutter344441827661119 Stephen Cutter1746510551310149 Nehemiah Cutter, jr.174211245 Thomas Cutter, jr.3411151311492192 Wd. Anna Cutter2491262173127 Wm. Cutter, jr.1717036 Wd. Mary Cutter30594399154 Caleb Carter17
alter Russell, Jr., 1740. James Cutler, Jr., 1741. Joseph Belknap, 1742—fined. William Robbins, 1742. Samuel Swan, 1743. George Cutter, 1744. William Withington, 1745. William Winship, Jr., 1746. Francis Locke, 1747. Timothy Swan, 1748. Joseph Frost, 1749—fined for not serving. Samuel Frost, 1749 (1771—fined). Aaron Cutter, 1760 Joseph Russell, 1761. Richard Cutter, 1752. William Adams, 1753. Jason Dunster, 1754. Walter Dickson, 1755. Thomas Cutter, 1756. Samuel Locke, 1757. Jonathan Cutter, 1758. Patten Russell, 1759. Samuel Russell, 1760. John Swan, 1761. Jason Winship, Jr., 1762—dismissed; again chosen, 1766. Seth Russell, 1762, 1777, 1778. Benjamin Locke, 1763. Thomas Reed, 1764. Ephraim Cook, 1765. Samuel Swan, 1767—dismissed. Ebenezer Prentice, 1767. William Whittemore, 1768, 1769. Francis Locke, Jr., 1769. James Perry, 1770. Joseph Belknap, Jr., 1771. Walter Russell, 1772
Jan. 1752, a. 4 yrs.; Lucy, b. 5, bap. 11 Feb. 1753; Elizabeth, b. 25 Feb. bap. 2 Mar. 1755—perhaps Elizabeth, who m. Thomas Cutter, 15 Oct. 1780, Cutter (par. 47); Anna, b. 18, bap. 23 Oct. 1757; a dau. Abi- gail, prob. same who m. Solomon BowmanCutter (par. 47); Anna, b. 18, bap. 23 Oct. 1757; a dau. Abi- gail, prob. same who m. Solomon Bowman, 1 Mar. 1768. Roger, negro boy of Daniel, d. 1 Apr. 1754, a. 8 yrs. Abigail, w. prob. of Dan-Iel, d. 12 Feb. 1812, a. 92. Daniel the father was ensign of Menotomy train band in 1766, and lieut. of same company 1771, and Pct. committeeman and assbeth, b. 25, bap. 26 Mar. 1775, m. Josiah Polly; Gershom, b. 13, bap. 15 Feb. 1778; Stephen, b.—Nov. 1780; Thomas; Thomas Cutter of W. Camb. m. Nancy (Mary?) Robinson, 20 July, 1809— Lexington Records. Samuel; Amos. At John, the father's, a nursSarah, m. John Dickson, Jr., 19 Jan. 1749; Susanna, d. of a sudden illness, 5 Apr. 1752, a. 20 yrs., unm.; Hannah, m. Thomas Cutter, 19 May, 1757–Cutter (par. 36); Mary, b. 5, bap. 10 May, 1741, m. Stephen Whitmore, 3d, of Medford, 14 July, 1763.