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next Menotomy, as early as 1638. Instance William Cutter, who had one house and garden in the town,e son of Richard Cutter, and the nephew of William Cutter mentioned in the first paragraphs of this o Capt. Cooke's Mill, now in possession of William Cutter.—County Court Records. The Road from Cu my said brother William Cutter—grants to said Cutter one piece of land situate in the township of Con it, and part of it within a fence that said Cutter hath set up; and the rest lyeth unfenced, adjol.D, of Elizabethtown, N. Y. 1686 William Cutter to Edward Thomas, of Boston, agent for Mr.iam Cutter. The premises claimed, occupied by Cutter, consisted of one messuage house, wherein saidthoo [Carthew], attorney to Mr. Quick, and William Cutter. Sworn in Court, January 28, 1697.Attes same liberty of making a dam, conveyed to William Cutter in 1685, and granted to the Widow Rolfe in was at Cyrus Cutter's privilege. 1718. William Cutter deeds to his son John Cutter, for helping [22 more...]<
Locke Thomas Wellington Thomas Frost Jonathan Butterfield, jr. William Cutter Thomas Hall Joseph Russell Josiah Robbins Thomas Williams WaofJohn Swan Lydiawife ofJohn Cutter Rachelwife ofJoseph Adams Annewife ofWilliam Cutter Marywife ofThomas Frost Hannahwife ofJason Winship Elisabethwife ofJohn e person to lead in singing. Samuel Frost was chosen, but was excused, and William Cutter was chosen to lead in singing and to nominate such persons as he shall thin73844271711 Ammi Cutter51139911021710113166 Samuel Cutter343891055132155 Lt. Wm. Cutter1711656321981210 John Cutter, 3d171176422188128 Gershom Cutter344441827661211245 Thomas Cutter, jr.3411151311492192 Wd. Anna Cutter2491262173127 Wm. Cutter, jr.1717036 Wd. Mary Cutter30594399154 Caleb Carter1718131282104 Eph'm Cook00 Samuel & Jona. Butterfield60138.00 Eben Cutter, Hall & Tufts23165.65 William Cutter15205.00 Nehemiah Cutter72133.00 Mehitable Cutter68147.00 Ephraim Cutter6
airing town plough and school-house door lock.1 60 Alfred Locke, for refreshments to Selectmen, Committees, and Schoolmasters4 00 Gershom Swan, for use of land, for pound3 00 Benjamin Harrington, for ringing the bell for town meetings2 00 William Cutter, 2d, for transporting baggage to South Boston2 00 Selectmen and Town Clerk, for making out this statement3 00 Hilliard & Metcalf for printing this statement6 00 Treasurer's services10 00 Clerk's do.10 00 —— Contingencies650 72 Poor785 enile Library for the free use of the children of the public schools of West Cambridge. The library thus established was increased by donations from the friends of the West Cambridge Sewing Circle, and from From their property arose the William Cutter School Fund, and the Poor Widows' Fund. In 1842, the net income of this school fund was three hundred dollars, expended as follows: South School$76.00 Union School138.00 Northwest School87.00 ——$300.00 The William Cutter Fund as o
1802. Ichabod Fessenden, 1803, 1804. Daniel Reed, 1803-07. Jonas Peirce, 1805-07. William Hill Jr., 1806. Precinct Collectors. John Winship, 1733. Ephraim Cook, 1734—fined for failing to serve. Jason Winship, 1734. William Cutter, 1735. Zechariah Hill, 1736. Joseph Bemis, 1737. David Dunster, 1738—fined for refusing to serve. John Fillebrown, 1738. William Butterfield, 1738. Moses Harrington, 1739. Walter Russell, Jr., 1740. James Cutler, Jr., shua Kendall, 1775—excused. Joseph Wellington, 1775. William Cutler, 1776—excused. Samuel Whittemore, Jr., 1776, 1777. Samuel Hill 1777, 1780. Amos Warren, 1779—excused. (A committee was chosen to hire a collector in 1779.) William Cutter, 1781, 1785. Jeduthun Wellington, 1782. Jonathan Perry, 1783, 1790, 1791. Seth Stone, 1784, 1788 (The collectorship set up at vendue, 1788.) Dea. Joseph Adams, 1786. Enoch Wellington, 1787. Eben'r Hall (collector for Mr.
, &c., 227.) He m. first, Rebecca, dau. of William Cutter, 18 Jan. 1710-11, who d. 12 Jan. 1717-18, Cutter, Jr., 21 May, 1745, d. 17 Ap. 1810, see Cutter (par. 9); William, b. 12, bap. 17 Jan. 1724-5ar. 1836, a. 80. No issue. Donors of the William Cutter School Fund, for which a granite monument . during 1813, a. 51. Lydia, his wid., m. William Cutter, 9 Nov. 1818. (See par. 31.) See Wyman, 2 Rebecca, b. 26 July, bap. 3 Nov. 1765, m. William Cutter (see Cutter Book, 261); Anna, b. 16, bap. nnah, b. 18, bap. 24 July, 1763 (twin), m. William Cutter, 29 Apr. 1783 (par. 31); Elizabeth (twin 51, a. 90. Maiden name Rebecca Rolfe, and William Cutter's widow and widow of Dea. John Whitmore of0, from Nantucket Island. She and husband William Cutter were admitted to membership of Cambridge church 28 July, 1700. By Cutter she had ten children, nine of whom attained maturity and gave birth Lexington, and his mother was daughter of William Cutter, who resided here. He m. Mehitable, dau o