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ity Prison, 35 City Registrar, 35 City Solicitor, 35 City Stables, 36 City Treasurer, 36 City Collector, 36 Clay, Henry 36 Coaches, 36 Coburn, Daniel J 36 Cockade, 36 Corcoran, Gen 36 Cod Fish, 36 Coliseum, 36 Collamore, Geo. W 37 Committee of Safety, 37 Common, 37-39 Common, Superintendent s Day, 117 Population, 117, 118 Postmasters, 118, 119 Post Office, 119 Post, Penny 119 Potatoes, 119 Pounds, 119 Prayer Books, 120 Pratte, Daniel 120 Presidents United States, 120-122 Prince, Thomas 122 Prince De Joinville, 122 Prince of Wales, 122 Printing Press, 122 Prisons, or Jails, 122, 1ter Aqueduct, 168 Water Bailie, 168 Water Course, 168 Water Projects, 168 Water Works, 168, 169 Water Registrars, 169 Wax Figures, 169 Webster, Daniel 169 Webster, Edward, Col. 169 Webster, Fletcher 169 Webster, John W 169 Webster Garden, 170 Wells, John 170 Wells, John D., Col 170 Weston, Ped
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company L. (search)
ckfield, Me., 22, s; farmer. Nov. 23, 1861. Died Aug 23, 1863. Edward E. Lyman, Andover, 22; printer. Dec. 31, 1864. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. Granville Lynde, en. Boston, Cr. Woburn, 21;shoemaker. Dec. 30, 1864. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. Greenwood E. Lyon, Lowell, 21, m. Oct. 29, 1861. Disch. disa. June 14, 1862. Abraham Malcolm, Pittsfield, 21, s; woolsorter. Feb. 23, 1864. Died Oct. 13, 1864. Patrick Manning, en. New Orleans, La., 29. May 22, 1862. Disch. May 17, 1865. Daniel mason, en. Lawrence, Cr. Charlestown, 21; teamster. Dec. 31, 1864. M. O. Sept 28, 1865. David M. McCARTY, en. Boston, Cr. Newton, 19; carpenter. Dec. 31, 1864. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. John J. McDONALD, en. Boston, Cr. Newton, 26; carpenter. Jan. 2, 1865. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. Angus McGINNIS, Boston, 26, s; seaman. March 31, 1864. Deserted July 15, 1864. New Orleans, La. Hiram McGLAUFLIN, Middleton, 40, m; mason. Nov. 27, 1861. Disch. disa. July 27, 1863. Sylvester McIN
Hon. J. L. M. Curry , LL.D., William Robertson Garrett , A. M. , Ph.D., Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 1.1, Legal Justification of the South in secession, The South as a factor in the territorial expansion of the United States (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Biographical: officers of civil and military organizations. (search)
an accident which caused the loss of a leg, and while his life still hung in the balance he was elected to the United States Senate. After long and distinguished service in this exalted position he retired in 1891 and was appointed by President Cleveland in 1893 to the position of Commissioner of Railroads for the United States, which he resigned in 1897. Lieutenant-General Nathan Bedford Forrestzzz Lieutenant-General Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1865, private of Cavalry in 1861. As Senator Daniel has said, what genius was in that wonderful man! He felt the field as Blind Tom touches the keys of the piano. War means killing, he said, and the way to kill is to get there first with the most men. He was not taught at West Point, but he gave lessons to West Point. His career was quite as brilliant and devoted in its allegiance to duty in peace as it was in the conflict of arms. His father's family had moved from Virginia, before the Revolution, to North Carolina, where every mem
erals on the Buckhannon road was checked by Captains Marshall and Spriggs, and artillery fire was opened by Lieutenant Thrasher, of Chapman's battery. But no attack was made that day, and on the next morning the Federals being reinforced by Gen. W. W. Averell, now for the first time figuring in this region, Jackson withdrew, and was presently followed by the enemy for a short distance. On July 3d, Maj. D. Boston Stewart's battalion repulsed the enemy's cavalry in a gallant little affair at Daniel's farm. In the various reports the officers specially commended were Majors Claiborne and Lady, Captains Spriggs, Marshall, Righter, Hutton, Evans, Arnett, and Lieutenants Thrasher, Gittings, Wamsley and William Harris, the latter falling mortally wounded in the charge of Stewart's battalion. Brig.-Gen. E. Parker Scammon was now in command at Charleston, and Col. John T. Toland was in charge of the brigade stationed at Camp Piatt. With seven companies of the Second Virginia, U. S. V., t
l, Samuel,39Boston,Sept. 9, 1862,Oct. 25, 1862, disability. Adams, Daniel D.28Brookline,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Ae. Ashcroft, Elias,29Boston,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, Atkinson, Daniel W.,27Brookline.Sept. 9, 1862,Killed Oct. 27, 1864, Hatcher's Run. Vstown,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Blackmer, Daniel C.,37Petersham.Aug. 22, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. action, Aug. 25, 1864. June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Keefe, Daniel26Canton,Dec. 5, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Killo. BridgewaterSept. 2, 1864,.June 17, 1865, disability. McAllister, Daniel,30Cambridge,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. MerNo well, Timothy,30Cambridge,Sept. 9, 1862,June 9, 1865, O'Conner, Daniel A.,21Canton, Aug. 31, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. O'en B.,32E. Boston,Sept. 9, 1862,Feb. 24, 1863, disability. Whalon, Daniel,21Canton,Aug. 30, 1864,June 9, 1865, expiration of service. Wheelo
Mortuary list to date , 1909 Abell, SamuelApril 5, 1881 Adams, Capt. J. WebbJan. 5, 1890 Apthorp, John P.Oct. 19, 1908 Atkinson, Daniel W.Oct 27, 1864 Atwood, Edwin T,May 24, 1881 Armitage, Lieut. Thomas RDec. 25, 1887 Allen, Joseph P.June — , 1892 Adams, Daniel D.Mar. 20, 1893 Ashcroft, EliasFeb. 13, 1905 AmsdeDaniel D.Mar. 20, 1893 Ashcroft, EliasFeb. 13, 1905 Amsden, Charles W.Dec. 30, 1905 Bickford, William H.July 5, 1864 Barnes, Hosea O.May 30, 1864 Bailey, James S., Jr,Jan. 7, 1873 Bailey, John W.Sept. 29, 1874 Bradley, John——, 1886 Barker, Cornelius N.Jan. 21, 1864 Brooks, JosephAug. 13, 1872 Brown, Orrin P.——, 1882 Baxter, John P.Feb. 16, 1880 Brown, John PerrySept. 5, 1885 .Dec. 28, 1864 Mugford, John E.—— Martin, William H.May 19, 1889 Millett, JohnJune 28, 1895 Monroe, Frank A.Nov. 19, 1891 McAuliffe, Cornelius—— McAllister, DanielJuly 29, 1906 Newton, HarmonSept. 18, 1864 Nesbitt, John Northey, William E.Jan. 3, 1879 Nichols, George H.April 8, 1892 Nichols, Wm. B. Nowell,
Col. J. Stoddard Johnston, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 9.1, Kentucky (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 17: (search)
he new order of things by throwing forward his right and retiring his left. The movement was made without panic or confusion. This was one of the bloodiest encounters of the day. Here General Helm, ever ready for action, and endeared to his command by his many virtues, received a mortal wound, while in the heroic discharge of duty. Col. J. W. Hewitt of the Second Kentucky was killed, acting gallantly at the head of his regiment. Captains Madeira, Rogers, and Dedman, of the Second, Captain Daniel of the Ninth Kentucky, and many officers and men met their deaths before the enemy's works; while Colonel Nuckols of the Fourth Kentucky, Colonel Caldwell of the Ninth, and many more officers and men, were wounded. In the meantime Adams and Stovall advanced steadily, driving two lines of skirmishers. Stovall halted at the Chattanooga road. Adams, after dispersing a regiment and capturing a battery, crossed at Glenn's farmhand halted a short distance beyond in an open field. When He
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Authorities. (search)
orris Island, S. C. 28 i, 263, 305-307, 309, 311, 320, 321, 332-334 Brown, Harvey: Pensacola Harbor, Fla. 1, 421 Buford, Abraham: Harrisburg, Miss. 39 i, 334 Burgwyn, H. K.: Weldon, N. C. 27 III, 1071 Butterfield, Daniel: Bull Run, Va. 12 III, 960 Campbell, Albert H.: Fredericksburg, Va. 21, 1129 Capron, Horace: Waynesborough, Tenn., and vicinity 45 i, 966 Cheatham, B. F.: Stone's River, Tenn. 20 i, 922 Clayton, Henry D.: AtD.: Mobile Bay, Ala. 39 i, 409 McArthur, John: Coaker's Ferry, Big Black River, Miss. 24 III, 465 McClernand, John A.: Arkansas Post, Ark. 17 i, 711-715 McComas, William R.: Port Gibson, Miss. 24 i, 605 McCook, Daniel: Chickamauga, Ga 30 i, 872a McCown, John P.: Island no.10 8, 767 Stone's River, Tenn. 20 i, 916 McFeely, Aaron: Gentilly's Plantation, Mo 41 i, 733 MacKEYey, Thomas J.: Pilot Knob, Mo 41 i, 708 McLaws, Lafa
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Authorities. (search)
, 6 Bush, H. M.: Meridian (Miss.) Expedition, Feb 3-March 6, 1864 51, 1 Butler, Benjamin F.: Petersburg, Va., June 9, 1864 56, 1 Butterfield, Daniel: Hanover Court-House, Va., May 27, 1862 21, 11 Campbell, Albert H.: Appomattox and Buckingham Counties, Va. 135, 5 Chesterfield, Hanover, and Hey 24, 1863 32, 4 McComas, William R.: Jackson (Miss.) Campaign, July 5-25, 1863 37, 3, 5 Vicksburg, Miss., Jan. 20-July 4, 1863 36, 1 McCook, Daniel: Chickamauga, Ga., Sept. 19-20, 1863 101, 20 McDowell, Irvin: Bull Run, Va., July 21, 1861 3, 1 Northeastern Virginia and vicinity of Washingtonle, N. C., March 19-21, 1865 68, 5 Buzzard Roost, Ga., Feb. 24-25, 1864 33, 3 Wood, Thomas J.: Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1864 73, 5 Woodbury, Daniel P.: Chancellorsville Campaign, April 27-May 6, 1863 39, 2 Wool, John E.: Yorktown to Williamsburg, Va. 18, 1 Worret, C. H.: Fort Monroe to Wi
n concentrated on Heth's division, he saw no reason why North Carolinians, Mississippians, Tennesseeans, Alabamians, should not participate in whatever honors were won on that day, for, says he, all soldiers know that the number killed is the one and only test of pluck and endurance. The brigades of the army of Northern Virginia which lost most heavily in killed and wounded at Gettysburg were first, Pettigrew's North Carolinians; second, Davis' Mississippians and North Carolinians; third, Daniel's North Carolinians; fourth, Barksdale's Mississippians. The Honor Roll of that most memorable, if not decisive, battle of the war shows that in the commands named the following Mississippians were singled out for conspicuous gallantry: Second Mississippi regiment infantry-Private Micajah Paris, Company A, July 1st; Sergt. M. J. Bennett, Company B, July 1st; Corp. J. P. Ticer, Company B, July 3d; Private H. H. Story, Company C, July 1st (killed July 3d); Private W. D. Bazemon,* Company C,
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