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Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Chapter XXII: Operations in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Mississippi, North Alabama, and Southwest Virginia. March 4-June 10, 1862. (ed. Lieut. Col. Robert N. Scott), April 29-June 10, 1862.-advance upon and siege of Corinth, and pursuit of the Confederate forces to Guntown, Miss. (search)
st commendation is due to my division commanders and to other officers named in the subordinate reports for their ability and zeal, and to the officers and soldiers generally for their cheerful endurance of fatigue and their gallantry in action. The services of the quartermasters, subsistence, and medical departments were efficiently conducted; the first by Capt. A. C. Gillem until he was called to other duties, and afterwards by Captain Nigh, assistant quartermaster; the second by Capt. Francis Darr, assistant commissary, and the third by Surg. Robert Murray, medical department. Capt. Nathaniel Michler, chief topographical engineer, rendered very important service in superintending the construction of roads and making maps of the country. The very accurate and minute maps which he is now preparing will add much to the intelligibility of this report. My chief of staff, Col. James B. Fry, at all times exhibited that ability and zeal which have been so valuable from the time he fi
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