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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XLIX. April, 1865 (search)
imate of 12,000 prisoners captured, and 50 guns. The rumor of a success by Gen. Lee on Monday is still credited. Per contra, it is reported that President Davis is not only a captive, but will soon be exhibited in Capitol Square. The Rev. Mr. Dashiell, who visited us to-day, said it was reported and believed that 6000 South Carolina troops threw down their arms; and that a large number of Mississippians desertedgiving such information to the enemy as betrayed our weak points, etc. paper says Gen. H. A. Wise was killed; we hear nothing of this here. Roger A. Pryor is said to have remained voluntarily in Petersburg, and announces his abandonment of the Confederate States cause. April 9 Bright and beautiful. Rev. Mr. Dashiell called, after services. The prayer for the President was omitted, by a previous understanding. Rev. Dr. Minnegerode, and others, leading clergymen, consider the cause at an end. A letter from Gen. Lee has been found, and its authentici
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
n. 28, ‘64. Jan. 29, ‘64, ordered to report to Major-General Hindman, Commanding Corps. Jan. 31, ‘64, to April 30, ‘64, 52d Georgia Regiment. Daniels, Ferd. E., Surgeon, P. A. C. S., appointed by Secretary of War Sept. 26, ‘62, to rank July 8, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘62, Foard's Hospital, Chattanooga, Dec. 1, ‘62, Judge-Advocate Court-Martial temp., Jan, 31, ‘63, Post-Surgeon, office Chattanooga, March 23, ‘63, ordered to report to S. H. Stout, Feb. 28, ‘63, Office Post-Surgeon, Chattanooga. Dashiell, R. R., Surgeon, com'd Dec. 4, ‘61, 6th Tennessee Regiment, Senior-Surgeon 3d Brigade Cheatham's Division, Dec. 31, ‘62, 6th Tennessee. Dropped from roll by order Secretary of War. Dance, S. E. H., Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War Oct. 14, ‘62, to rank July 25, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘62, 8th Tennessee Regiment, Oct. 31, ‘63, 8th Tennessee Regiment. Passed Board at Richmond, March ‘62, Nov. 30, ‘63, to April 30, ‘64, 8th Tennessee Regiment. Darrington,
Remarkable longevity in a family. --A few days ago we announced the death of Benjamin Mead, Esq., in Newark, N. J., while attending a Union prayer meeting in company with his wife. On the following Sunday the Rev. Dr. Dashiell, the pastor of the Broad street M. E. Church in Newark, preached a funeral discourse, in the course of which he introduced the following remarkable instance of longevity in the Mead family, for which he was indebted to the Stamford (Ct) Advocate: "We often hear of singular cases of longevity up among the hills of Litchfield county, but we do not recollect anything that exceeds in this respect the following facts in relation to one of the families of old Greenwich. Edmond and Theodosia Mead had ten children, all in the eighteenth century, seven of whom are now living, whose aggregate age at the present time exceeds five hundred years. The survivors are — Benjamin, born April 24, 1780; Sarah, born August 22, 1782; Obadiah, born March 10, 1785; Mary, June 1
is anything like a sensation in the community. I am sorry to record the death of Dr. Mat. P. Waller, an accomplished gentleman of our city. Dr. W. was of the old Waller stock of Williamsburg and that region, and married a daughter of the late Ex-Governor Tazewell, to whom he was distantly related. He had resided among us for a year or two previous to his death, and had won favorable opinions from all his acquaintances. I also regret to learn of the sudden death in Suffolk, of Dr. Dashiell, who was lately connected with the 16th Regiment of Virginia Volunteers, as Surgeon. It has occasioned much sadness. An epistolary contest appears on the columns of the Norfolk Day Book, Captain E. Burroughs, the active commander of the Chesapeake Light Cavalry, maintains the claim of members of his company and others, whom he names to be the rightful captors of the crew of the United States transport schr. Orion, lately wrecked on our coast, and is not disposed to allow it to Capt.
House of Delegates. The House met at 12 M. The Speaker, Mr. Kemper, in the chair. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Dashiell, of the Protestant Episcopal Church. The appropriate Standing Committees were instructed to inquire into the expediency of sundry propositions, viz: By Mr. Prince: Of authorizing the Governor to offer a bounty during the war on shoes, leather, &c. By Mr. Flood--Releasing from the penalties of the laws Savings' Banks for having issued notes as currency, and individuals for receiving and passing the notes of said banks; and imposing a condition upon said banks to make no further issues of said notes. By Mr. Bayse--Of increasing the salary of the Clerk of Accounts in the Auditor's office. By Mr. Lynn--Of increasing the allowance of the Jailor of Prince William county, for keeping prisoners. By Mr. Spady--Of amending the 26th section, chapter 192 of the Code of Virginia, 1861. By Mr. George--Of amending and establishing a branch Ba
House of Representatives. Tuesday, Sept. 2d, 1862. The House met at 12 o'clock, and was opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Dashiell. Journal of yesterday read. A message was received from President Davis, enclosing dispatches from Gen. Lee, which were read by the Clerk. [See Senate proceedings] Mr. Garnett, of Va., moved that the message and dispatches be referred to the Military Committee, to report appropriate action upon them. They were so referred. Mr. Heiskell, of Tenn. moved a suspension of the rule requiring the call of the States and committees, with a view to take up the unfinished business of the House, being the report of the special committee recommending the appointment of additional standing committee. This report, as adopted, is as follows: "Resolved, That the Speaker of this House appoint the following additional committees: On Quartermaster and Commissary Departments and Military Transportation; on the Medical Department; on Ordnance and