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Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Poetry and Incidents., Volume 4. (ed. Frank Moore), The Blacksmiths and the Merrimac. (search)
ery night; or any other work that will advance the interest of the Southern Confederacy: Blacksmiths and Strikers. Jas. A. Farmer, M. S.,David Wilkins, Chas. Snead, 1st Foreman,Jas. Wilbern, Wm. T. Butt, 2d Foreman,Wm. Reynolds, Pat. Parks,Walter Wilkins, Jno. West,Thos. Kerby, Jno. Cain,Samuel Davenport, Jas. Watfield,Jas. Larkin, H. Tatem,Lewis Ewer, Wilson Guy,Jno. Davis, Miles Foreman,Jas. Watson, Sen., Hugh Minter,James Flemming, Jno. Green,Samuel Hodges, Thos. Bloxom,Alex. Davis, Jas. Mitchell,Thomas Guy, Joseph Rickets,Smith Guy, Thos. Franklin,Michael Conner, Jas. Patterson,Wm. Perry, Wm. Gray,Patrick Shanasy, Jno. Moody,Lawson Etheredge, Hillory Hopkins,Joshua Daily, E. Woodward,Jas Morand, H. Reynolds,Miles Foreman, Southey Rew,Jos. West, Julius Morien,Thos. Powell, Jos. Askew,Wm. Shephard, Anthony Butt,Jno. Curram, Thos. Bourke,Opie Jordan, Wm. Hosier,Wiley Howard. Finishers. Jno. B. Rooke,Charles Sturdivant, Elias Bridges,Jesse Kay, Ander
t, W. M. Thomas. And Regiment.--Colonel, A. W. Reynolds; Lieut. Col. not yet appointed: Major, F. W. Finney; Adjutant. John L. Cowardin. 3rd Regiment.--Field officers not yet appointed. The following companies are now in the camp near Wytheville. name of COMPANIESCOUNTYname of Floyd GuardsVucewellJoseph HarrisonB. W. Willions Hugh Higalobaham and Wm. M. Thomas Mc Alry Rough & Ready.Wythe.John Rechan Jas. Bheas Chas.Raimyardease and R. S. Grayson Red's GraysonAlexander Davis.L. H. Hryant.S. P. Dicxinian and T. M. Cov. Wythe Minute-Men Wythe.Ko. H. Gleaves. A.C. Burnes.Wm. C. Sanders and Wm. O. Moure. Carroll Rough & Roeds Rides.CarrollWm. Lundy J. R. SumderP. Rearrar and H. H. Geamer Bland Sharp ShuntersBlandA. J. GravsonG. WolfordL Newberry and McAtlan West Augusta SildeTazewellWm. H. hrowanRo. WinstonR. G. Baldwin and James Ferry Jagoweti RangersTazewell Edwin H. Harman R. H. Taylor H. Davison and Coarlen A Furge Beed Island RiflesCarrollThos. D. B
body, dangerously; J T West, finger off; C B Phelps, leg amputated, J R Balls, leg; R M Johnson, through body, dangerously; D J Abbot, shoulder; J R Allen, leg; J B Graham, neck; T Hogan, foot. Co K — Lieutenant W C Cabaniss commanding.--Wounded: J A Gammon, arm; J Harriss, left arm amputated; J T Halley, hand; W B Dillion, leg; J M Hundley, leg; J R Morrison, hand; R Searer, hip; D Muck, foot; S H Muck, finger off; H H Marshall, leg; B F Stephens, leg amputated; J R Billings, side; W G Davis, finger off. Recapitulation.--Killed, 10; wounded, 83. Total, 98. R W. Cridin in, Captain 38th Va Infantry. Whig, Enquirer, Examiner, and Sentinel please copy. List of the killed, wounded and missing in the Courtney Artillery, Cutshaw's battalion, on the 17th May, 1864: Killed: Lt R N Vaughan, Private M T Hooper. Wounded: Lt Courtney and Private Jas Abbott. Missing, supposed to have been captured: Lt B C Maxwell, comd'g battery, Serg't B F Morrisett and B W Be
l now oppressed and downtrodden in the regions of the Southwest, in whose breasts is but one sentiment, that of love for country, and one desire, that the old flag come again and rescue them from Southern Tyranny. It was the duty of the American people to relieve these men, if it took a million in arms. [Applause] He was not revengeful, and he dissented from a sentiment of hate against the misguided private soldier, however severely he had fought against us, but he would be for giving Lee, Davis, Beauregard, and all that class of men — not taking them by the hand and telling them to go, but for giving them a rope to hang them with. [Cheers.] Gen Clay, in the course of his speech, announced that a dispatch had been received from the Secretary of War announcing the retreat of the whole rebel army under Lee, and that two corps were right on their heels giving them the very devil. At this announcement the whole audience rose en masse and cheered vehemently for several minute
Mayor's Court. --Besides the cases above mentioned the following matters were before the Mayor yesterday: Alexander Davis and Lewis Davis, two white boys, were charged with stealing two shoe uppers from M. P. Shannon. It appeared that Shannon, having missed the goods from his shop, near the Lancastrian School, suspected the accused and charged them with the theft, when they admitted their guilt, and promised to return the stolen goods, but only returned one pair of the uppers. The case was continued for additional witnesses. Sam, slave of John Gamble, was ordered to be whipped and sent to the batteries for breaking into the lime kill near the penitentiary and stealing a lot of cooking utensils, &c, from Patrick Bolton. Of the stolen articles a frying pan and a tine cup were found in the negro's possession. Frederick, slave of Mrs. Bontware, was committed as a runaway. Marin Lucas was charged with striking Wm. E. King with a brick. This appearing to be on