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opened for worship on Nov. 15 1857. See Church Manual. The original members of the church were Rev. Thaddeus Fiske, D. D., Miles Gardner, Jonathan Teel, Thomas Teel, Edwin R. Walker, Luke Wyman, John Williams, Luke Wyman, Jr., James Wyman, Mrs. Lucy Fiske, Mrs. Lydia Teel, Mrs. Lydia T. Richardson, Mrs. Adeline W. Dodge, Miss Susan F. Teel, Miss Lydia T. Gardner, Miss Almira Gardner, Mrs. Lydia Gardner, Mrs. Mary Frost, Miss Anna Bradshaw, Mrs. Ellen Bartlett, Mrs. Rebecca Williams, Miss Lucy Davis, Mrs. E. C. Proctor, Miss Catherine H. Pollard [Mrs. Symmes], Mrs. Mary Brown, Mrs. Frances A. Thompson, Mrs. Mary Ann Wyman, Mrs. Rebecca A. Drury, Mrs. Amy Locke, Mrs. Eliza Osborn, Mrs. Electa B. Hill, Mrs. Ruthy Wyman, Mrs. H. M. Bemis. 33. The ministers of this Society have been:— Francis Horton, installed May 17, 1843; dismissed March 29, 1854. Daniel R. Cady, installed Feb. 14, 1856; dismissed July 1, 1877. J. Lewis Merrill, present minister, installed Jan. 3, 1878.
is. 3. Experience had son, b. 10 Sept. 1757, d. soon. Negro boy at Mr. Elliot's, d. suddenly 6 Nov. 1756, a. 7 mos. The name is usually spelt Elliot. [Eliot, a minister, baptized Mary, dau. of Jeduthun Wellington, here, 25 May, 1783.] Emerson. Robert, and Hannah Perkins, m. 17 Nov. 1836. Emmons, Hannah, m. Daniel Champney, Jr., 22 Sept. 1746. Hannah (Childs)—late Emmons—o. c. 18 Dec. 1774. Emory, Stephen, Esq., and Rhoda W. Nason, m. 8 Apr. 1816. Estabrook, Nehemiah, m. Lucy Davis, of Shirley, 18 Dec. 1785. Nehemiah d. 21 Feb. 1820, a. 58. Lucy d. 2 Mar. 1810. a. 42. Nehemiah belonged to the Baptist Society in Camb. N. W. Pct., 21 July, 1787. 2. Samuel, m. Lucy Saunders, 30 Apr. 1803; he o. c. 16 June, 1805; had Lucy Sanderson, bap. 16 June, 1805, and Samuel Joseph, bap. in private 16 Jan. 1815. Lucy (prob. his w.), d. 27 July, 1806, a. 26, and he m. Sophia Winchester, 9 Aug. 1812. The wife of Sam-Uel d. 26 Jan. 1837, a. 47. Samuel the father d. 7 July, 1<