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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 10: naval engagement at South-West pass.--the Gulf blockading squadron in November, 1861. (search)
, M. W. Sanders and E. M. Shepard; Boatswain, Jos. Shankland; Gunner, William Wilson; Sailmaker, Nicholas Lynch; Second Lieut. Marines, J. H. Higbee. Sloop-of-war Preble. Commander, Henry French; Lieut., William E. Hopkins; Surgeon, Stewart Kennedy; Paymaster, C. P. Wallach; Boatswain, John Bates; Gunner, E. J. Waugh; Carpenter, James Kinnear; Sailmaker, G. A. Wightman. Steamer water Witch. Commander, Wm. Ronckendorff (in August); Lieut., Francis Winslow (in October); Lieuts., J. L. Davis, James Stillwell, C. H. Cushman and Allan V. Reed; P. Asst.-Surgeon, P. S. Wales; Asst.-Engineers, Wm. C. Selden, Reynolds Driver, Edw. Scattergood, A. H. Able. Frigate Potomac. Capt., L. M. Powell, Lieuts., Samuel Marcy, Lewis A. Kimberly; Geo. E. Law; Master, W. S. Schley; Surgeon, J. D. Miller; Asst.-Surgeon, A. O. Leavitt; Paymaster, James D. Murray; Midshipmen, Wm. T. Sampson, C. H. Humphrey, Merrill Miller, John H. Reed, D. D. Wemple; Boatswain. C. E. Bragdon; Gunner, W. H. F
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
public, Acting-Ensign J. W. Bennett, being used as reserve vessels. Some of the vessels that accompanied the last expedition were badly damaged in various ways. The Sassacus had both rudders disabled, but her energetic commander, Lieutenant-Commander J. L. Davis, was ready in time. The Mackinaw, Commander J. C. Beaumont, had one of her boilers knocked to pieces, but her commander would go with but one boiler. The Osceola, Commander J. M. B. Clitz, in the same condition--one boiler smashed nder T. C. Harris, commanding the Yantic; Commander J. C. Howell, commanding the Nereus; Commander D. Ammen, commanding the Mohican; Commander J. C. Beaumont, commanding the Mackinaw; Commander J. M. B. Clitz, commanding the Osceola; Lieutenant-Commander J. L. Davis, commanding the Sassacus; Lieutenant-Commander E. E. Potter, commanding the Chippewa; Lieutenant W. B. Cushing, commanding the Monticello; Commander S. D. Trenchard, commanding the Rhode Island; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant A. R. Lang
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 52: operations about Charleston, 1865.--fall of Charleston, Savannah, etc. (search)
the centre of the channel, apparently at work on the obstructions, or else sinking others, etc. Ensign Porter, who was very active and daring, assured me that chains formed some part of the obstructions, as he had been close enough to the buoys to feel them. The buoys themselves were visible to the eye from the picket Monitors which were stationed in the advance. Their reports, being verbal at first, cannot now be quoted; but subsequently I directed them to be made in writing. Captain J. L. Davis, commanding the Montauk, reports 25th September: At low water to-day, a rip was discovered extending from Fort Sumter in a line to the western end of the buoys, stretching from near Moultrie in a westerly direction across the channel. At first I thought it was the meeting of the tides, but as it did not alter position I came to the conclusion some hidden obstructions might be there. September 26th, the Catskill reports a steamer plying between Sumter and Moultrie on the previo
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 59: (search)
. Steamer Neptune 40,820 58 4,460 44 36,360 14 Key West Mar. 29, 1864 Lackawanna. Steamer Nassau 71,958 63 10,699 23 61,259 40 New York May 10, 1864 State of Georgia, Victoria. Schooner Nanjemoy 35 00   No proceeds Washington     Sloop Nellie 20,643 24 1,580 90 19,062 34 New York July 19, 1864 South Carolina. Steamer Nutfield 2,219 00 352 60 1,866 40 Washington Oct. 29, 1864 Sassacus. Sloop Neptune 20,045 35 1,654 58 18,390 77 Key West April 26, 1865 Sunflower, Honduras, J. L. Davis. Sloop (no name) 95 00 87 92 7 08 do   San Jacinto. Steamer Nan Nan 21,006 02 2,035 78 18,970 24 do May 1, 1865 Nita. Sloop Nina 440 71 105 56 335 15 do   Roebuck. Sloop Osceola 600 00 240 95 359 05 New York July 21, 1863 New London, Massachusetts, R. R. Cuyler. Schooner Olive 1,750 00 274 20 1,475 80 do July 21, 1863 New London, Massachusetts, R. R. Cuyler. Steamer Ouachita 9,800 00 2,167 84 7,632 16 do Nov. 25, 1863 Memphis. Schooner Odd Fellow 7,069 52 1,321 29 5,7