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R. Cutter. This was the noted Ammi R. Cutter, youngest brother of Dea. John Cutter, baptized at Cambridge, May 6, 1705, a graduate of HarvGen. 32:26. In the evening to a company of young men at the house of Dea. Cutter from Eccl. 11: 10—present: multis. 1741, Jan. 20.—Vesp. re of persons who hanged themselves, viz., Caesar Cutter, servt. of Dea.—who hanged himself—June 26, 1743, aged 30 yrs., and Joseph Bemis—whxes. In this year a committee was chosen to regulate the school. Dea. Joseph Adams, Mr. Samuel Whittemore and Capt. Ephraim Frost were ad, Seth Russell. For the second ward:— Aaron Williams, Philip Bemis, Dea. Joseph Adams, Aaron Swan, Capt. Benjamin Locke. For the third wardl Estate.Personal Est.Total.Town Tax. Shill'gs£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d. Dea. Joseph Adams349118018912452133 Capt. Wm. Adams17532189618111103 enden179416459 James Fowle1717036 Duncan Ingraham's Est.315315136 Dea. Thomas Hall17216373306175 Abr'm Hill3451471678421157 Ab
tend him in his retirement from his pastoral labors among us. West Cambridge, May 14, 1828. 1828, May 26. Mr. Miles Gardner chosen Deacon. After the death of Dea. John Adams, Ephraim Cutter assisted Dea. Frost in his duties, and, at some time not recorded, was chosen deacon and served as such till his death, March 31, 1841. Dea. Frost in his duties, and, at some time not recorded, was chosen deacon and served as such till his death, March 31, 1841. [Apr. 8, 1841. Voted that Bros. Emerson Parks and Henry Whittemore make provision for the communion and till a deacon or deacons be chosen.] 1829, May 20. Frederic H. Hedge ordained minister of Church and Parish, West Cambridge. Dismissed March 9, 1835. A few more particulars, from the records, regarding Dr. Hedge's 17, shows the First Parish meeting-house of that date. The mansion of Hon. William Whittemore in the foreground, now occupied by Nathan Robbins, Esq. The house of Dea. Ephraim Cutter and Col. Thomas Russell's store to the right, both of which are still standing. In the distance, beyond Dea. Cutter's, is seen John Frost's blacksm
s. John Fillebrown, 1733. John Cutter, 1734. Joseph Adams, 1735-50—thanks extended to him in 1767 for past service. Lieut. Samuel Whittemore, 1751-67—thanks were extended to him, 1767, for past service. John Cutter, Jr., 1758-61. Dea. Joseph Adams, 1762-67—thanked, 1767, treasurer five years. Continued in office, 1768-81. In 1788 compensation was allowed him for 19 years service as Treasurer. Lieut. Samuel Cutter, 1782. Capt. William Adams, 1783, 1784 (1785—declined). Warren, 1779—excused. (A committee was chosen to hire a collector in 1779.) William Cutter, 1781, 1785. Jeduthun Wellington, 1782. Jonathan Perry, 1783, 1790, 1791. Seth Stone, 1784, 1788 (The collectorship set up at vendue, 1788.) Dea. Joseph Adams, 1786. Enoch Wellington, 1787. Eben'r Hall (collector for Mr. Fiske's settlement), 1788. Noah Russell, 1789, 1804, 1805. George Prentice, 1792, 1795-1801, 1806, 1807. Samuel Hunt, 1793. Lieut. James Russell, 1794
s of Woburn and Hannah (Cutter) Brooks, dau. of Dea. John Cutter—see Cutter Book, 45, and Cutter (p, Joseph, of Medford, m. Abigail Adams, dau. of Dea. Joseph, 19 Oct. 1800. Joseph and w. Abigail w31 Mar. 1841, a. 73 (g. s.). After the death of Dea. John Adams [in 1819], Ephraim Cutter assisted Dea. Frost in his duties, and, at some time not recorded, was chosen deacon and served as such tillthing; customary fee a dollar. She was dau. of Dea. Henry Prentice of Camb. He grad. H. U. 1754,h yr.—g. s. Woburn 1st B. G.]. See Wyman, 400. (Dea. Miles Gardner, d. 14 Oct. 1863, a. 87; Lydia,, of Charlestown, 16 Feb. 1800. Dau. of Isaac (Dea.). See Wyman, 682; Locke Book, 67. Muzzey or Rolfe, and William Cutter's widow and widow of Dea. John Whitmore of Medford. She was b. at Newbu A sermon by Rev. Mr. Cooke, On the death of Dea. Winship, &c., No. 673, was delivered Nov. 11, —was adm. Pct. ch. 3 July, 1757. (The wife of Dea. Winship was Elizabeth Wyeth, m. 2 Oct. 1718. [11 more...