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his continent. Our private opinion is that if it were necessary to summon all witnesses in order to prosecute the faro-dealer, the virtues members of society would be amazed at the spectacle. They would find that familiarity with gaming is not confined to men of low degree; on the contrary, is most ardent votaries would be found in the upper crust, and in this fact lies the difficulty of executing the law upon professional gamblers. The proceedings against the persons arrested on Saturday night have not yet made any progress. John A. Worsham and Wm. Burnes, charged with exhibiting a game called faro, were yesterday allowed to renew their bail of $1000 each for their appearance before the Mayor on Wednesday, and the same disposition was probably made of the cases against James McCana and Ben. Degroot. Meanwhile, public curiosity is greatly excited as to the result of the investigation. Messrs. W. W. Crump and Marmaduke Johnson have been obtained as counsel by two of the parties.
on payment of costs. Wm. J. Summerville, indicted for shooting a pistol in the streets, pleaded guilty, and was fined $10 and costs. Commonwealth vs. John A. Worsham. Two presentments for permitting faro bank to be exhibited on his premises. The defendant appeared and entered into recognizance in the penalty of $3,000 in each case for his appearance to-day. A similar recognizance was entered into by Wm. Burnes, also presented for exhibiting faro bank. Commonwealth vs. Benjamin Degroot, and same vs. James A. McCann — presentment for exhibiting faro bank. The defendants were brought into Court by the Sergeant, and remanded to jail. Patrick H. Bailey was tried for stealing $15 from Francis Wilson, found guilty, and sentenced to 30 days imprisonment. The Grand Jury yesterday presented R. S. Vest, in two cases, and Robert B. Lyne, in two cases, for issuing shinplasters; also, a true bill against William Kartang, for an assault upon his wife. Presentments were
The faro Banks and Bankers. --John A. Worsham and William Burnes, charged with keeping and exhibiting a game called faro, appeared before the Mayor yesterday, accompanied by their counsel, Wm. W. Crump and Marmaduke Johnson, Esqs. The Mayor stated that the parties had been presented by the Grand Jury, but the law, nevertheless, required that he should examine them. A continuance was then requested, which was acceded to, the Mayor calling the attention of the counsel to the fact that certain bank checks were found upon the faro table, and the question would arise whether those checks were to be considered as money under the act of Assembly, though his own mind was already made up in regard to the matter. The persons accused were delivered into the custody of the City Sergeant; and a similar disposition was made of the charges against Jas. McCann and Benjamin Degroot.
Gaming cases in Court. --Benjamin Degroot was yesterday tried before the Court of Hustings on a presentment for "exhibiting a gaming table commonly called faro bank."--The prisoner pleaded not guilty, and conducted the defence himself, after which the case was submitted to the jury without argument. A verdict of guilty was rendered, and the fine assessed at five hundred dollars. The Court then ordered that he pay the fine and costs, and be imprisoned in the common jail for the term of 12 months. John A. Worsham, presented for permitting a faro bank to be kept and exhibited on his premises, was next arraigned for trial, and pleaded not guilty. The evidence was partly heard, and the case was adjourned over to this morning, the defendant giving bail in the sum of $3,000 for his appearance. Messrs. Crump; Johnson, and Ould are counsel for the defence.
Petition to the execution. --The Governor has under consideration a petition for the pardon of Benjamin Degroot, who was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment for playing the fashionable game of faro. Impaired health is the ground of the application.
Pardons. --Gov. Letcher, on Monday, pardoned and released Benjamin DeGroot from the city jail, whither he was sent about seven months since for exhibiting the game of faro. Defendant having been fined $1,000 by the Court of Hustings for the offence, and not being able to pay a cent of the amount, and the Governor not being authorized to remit the same, the pardon would have been of small avail had not the Court generously stepped forward and released him from its payment. DeGroot belongsDeGroot belongs to a New Orleans regiment, and will immediately re-enter the army as a private. Samuel Bowyer, who was sent by the Circuit Court of Jefferson county to the Penitentiary for six years for murder in the second degree, was also pardoned by the Governor on Monday, for good cause and at the solicitation of many respectable residents of Jefferson county. The prisoner had served out most of his sentence, and the "clemency" extended was as much a matter of form as fact. On Friday last the G
icted for unlawfully resisting the police in the discharge of their duty, was examined, found guilty, and his punishment assessed at twelve months in the city jail, and to pay a fine of $300 and costs of prosecution. At the expiration of his term of confinement, if the said fine and costs of prosecution are not paid, he is to remain in jail for twelve months longer. J. W. Duncan, charged with obtaining goods under false pretences, was examined, found guilty, and sentenced to confinement in the city jail for thirty days, eight hours of said time each day to be employed in working on the streets, &c. Jesse Eades, indicted for larceny, was was found guilty, and sentenced to the city jail for thirty days, eight hours of each day to be employed in the chain-gang. A nolle prosequi was entered in the case of Wm. Howard, indicted for larceny. A capias was awarded against Benjamin Degroot, charged with exhibiting the game of faro, returnable at the next term of the Court.
The Daily Dispatch: February 20, 1864., [Electronic resource], Suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. (search)
k was required to give accurity for good behavior for twelve months on the complaint of Mrs. Mary Collins, that he had forcibly ejected her from rooms which she had rented of him, and that he had also taken from her the keys which belonged to the door of her bed-room. The Mayor also compelled him to deliver over to Mrs. Collins the keys which he had taken from her, and admonished him that the only proper way to eject an unprofitable tenant was to make an appeal before Judge Lyons. Benjamin Degroot, presented some time since, on the charge of unlawfully exhibiting the game of faro, but who had successfully eluded the pursuit of the officers till the present time, was yesterday before His Honor. He was thereupon turned over to the Hustings Court by that functionary and held to ball in the sum of $5,000, to answer an indictment. A youthful member of one of the batteries in the neighborhood of this city, named John Griffin, was yesterday before his His Honor on the charge of st
Hustings Court. --This Court disposed of the following cases yesterday: A nolle prosequi was entered in the case of Charles Johnson and Jas. C. Ryan, charged with robbing Bryant Bass of $400 in gold and $400 in silver, it appearing that Bass could not be found. Ann Deane, a free negro, charged with using insolent language to Annie Thompson, was acquitted, it being announced that Thompson had left the State of Virginia. In the five cases against R. D. P. Read for exhibiting faro nolle prosequi were entered. The cases of Henry Hungerford and Benjamin Degroot, charged with exhibiting faro, were continued till the next term of the Court.
Hustings Court, yesterday. --Frank Brown, charged with obtaining money ($50, 35) from Mrs President Davis under false pretences, was led to the bar, and thereupon a nolle prosequi was entered by the attorney for the Commonwealth, with the advice of the Court. This course was pursued by the Court because of the youth (seventeen) of the accused, and in consideration of the fact that it had been arranged with the Secretary of the Navy that he should be apprenticed to the navy. The case of Benjamin Degroot, charged with exhibiting the game of taro, was continued till the next term.
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