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an, alias Thomas Tooland, a soldier, for drunkenness and a trespass committed upon Clay Street Hospital, was ordered to remain in custody until called for by his officers.--J. M. Worthimer and Solomon Lohenberger were arraigned upon the charge of assaulting and beating William Jacobs. These gentlemen evidently felt much chagrined at being found in such a predicament; but as they had no witnesses, they were required to give security in a small sum ($100) for their future good behavior. --Maurice Dennis was fined $10 for having his house, where ardent spirits are sold, open on Sunday last.--Mary Gleason was fined $10 for keeping her shop open after 10 o'clock P. M., one night last week, and $10 for selling ardent spirits, or a mixture thereof, without a license, and held to bail in $150 for her future good behavior.--Philip Lang was fined $3 for firing a pistol within the city limits, and, with great simplicity, offered the cash to his Honor, who, of course, turned him over to a differe
Wanted --A No. 1 Cook, and one Dining-room Servant. The best of wages and constant employment will be given.--Call immediately at Maurice Dennis's, 17th street, opposite the Vegetable Market. oc 5--7t*
Wanted A No. 1 Cook, and one Dining Room Servant. The best of course and employment will be given — Call immediately at Maurice Dennis's, street, the Vegetable Market.
Wanted. --A No. 1 Cook, and one Dining-Room Servant. The best of wages and constant employment will be given.--Call immediately at Maurice Dennis's, 17th street, opposite the Vegetable Market. oc 5--7t*
Shooting in a Bast room --Yesterday afternoon, between three and four o'clock, an affray occurred in the saloon of Maurice Dennis, near the Central depot, which resulted in the serious wounding of a soldier by a pistol shot. The man who committed the deed was immediately secured, and placed in the custody of Messrs. Mienjah Davis and John Perrin, of the night watch, who took him to the lower station house. He seemed to be considerably under the influence of liquor, and presented the appearance of having been beaten. He says his name is Andy Sullivan, and at first claimed to belong to the McCulloch Rangers; but afterwards said he was attached to an artillery corps encamped near the city. The wounded man's name is Smith, said to be an Englishman by birth, and a member of a Louisiana company. He was shot through the head, and the supposition is that he is fatally injured,--Shortly after the occurrence be was conveyed to the Louisiana Hospital, in the western suburbs of the city
Investigation of a shooting affair. --The difficulty which occurred at the Central Saloon, kept by Maurice Dennis, on Sunday afternoon last, was investigated by the Mayor yesterday. The prisoner, Andy Bullivan, is a man who, judging from his appearance, would be a troublesome customer to any one who chanced to excite his passions. He was dressed in uniform, wearing a sergeant's jacket, with red trimmings. The wounded man, John Smith, is, we believe connected with the Wise Logion. His iley by Dennis's house on Sunday, when be saw the prisoner fire a pistol twice; that he caught hold of him, and took the pistol away. The pistol was fired at the young man Smith, who is now at the Louisiana Hospital. Mary Dennis, wife of Maurice Dennis, testified that on Sunday the prisoner was at their house and called for a snack; that he laid his gloves down, and before his snack was ready, missed them; that he said if he didn't get his gloves he would shoot some one of them, when she ma
inst the same person for an assault upon Young Newby, and the load being more than he could carry, he was committed. John Henry Cooke was arraigned upon a charge of assaulting and beating his wife, Mary Ann. Domestic discipline must be enforced in these times, when it is all important that peace should reign within our borders; but there is no excuse for resorting to blows, when a firm yet mild demeanor will accomplish the same purpose. Mr. Cooke was committed in default of surety for his good behavior. Frank Winga and A. Drugget, charged with threatening to assault Hugo Joseph and Joseph A. Chaventnear, were required to give security to keep the peace, and we believe they complied with the terms. The following fines were imposed for violations of the ordinance requiring bar-rooms to be kept closed on the Sabbath. John O'Neal $5; J. Hogan, $5; E. Francis, $5; Maurice Dennis, $20; and Henry Beekman, $5. Wm. Lee was fined $2 for depositing ashes in a public alley.
Another stabbing case. --A soldier named Dennis McGuire was brought to the cage at six o'clock last evening, charged with having feloniously stabbed another soldier (name unknown) at the drinking saloon of Maurice Dennis, adjoining the Central Railroad depot. The party arrived at the lock-up very bloody and excessively dirty. He belongs to the 5th company of Louisiana Zouaves. The circumstances attending the cutting we could not learn. The locality in which this deed of blood was perpetrated is becoming quite famous for its rude encounters.
Stabbing affair. --Dennis McGuire, a member of the 5th company New Orleans Zouaves, charged with feloniously cutting Wm. Douglas, another Louisiana soldier, was carried before the Mayor yesterday, for examination. The stabbing took place Monday evening, at the drinking saloon of Maurice Dennis, near the depot of the Central railroad. Seth Mack, a witness, deposed that he entered the saloon to get a drink; that shortly afterwards he saw a scuffle between the parties, and that McGuire then drew a knife and stabbed Douglas several times. Another witness, who carried D. to the Louisiana Hospital, west end of Broad street, testified that his bowels came out of the cut; and still another that he was in a very bad condition. No cause (save whiskey) was assigned for the summary use of the knife. McGaire was committed to stand an examination before a called Court of Hustings, on the second Monday in the present month.
Felonious stabbing. --Nicholas McGuire, the soldier charged with stabbing Wm. Douglas, a fellow soldier, at Maurice Dennis's saloon, near the Central depot, was arraigned for examination before the Mayor yesterday; but the principal witness being confined at the Louisiana Hospital, suffering from his wound, the case was laid over until the 21st day of February.
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