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for 1866, occurs this entry: J. Q. Marr, graduated July 4. 1846. Lawyer, Member of the Virginia Convention. Entered infantry service as Captain of Virginia Volunteers, April 1, 1861. Killed at Fairfax Courthouse, Virginia, May 13, 1861. First blood of the war. Naturally, many conflicting statements as to the last effective shot of the long struggle were made and received as true. The most reliable would appear to be the followingt reproduced from a paper printed by the boys of Mr. Denson's school, in the village of Pittsboro, N. C., in 1866: The accomplished author of that series of interesting papers, The last ninety days of the war in North Carolina, published in The Watchman, New York, states that the last blood of the war was shed near the Atkins plantation, a few miles from Chapel Hill, on the 14th April, 1865. In a later number of the same paper, a member of the First Tennessee Cavalry says that it is a mistake; that companies F1 and F2 of the same regiment to w
exandria, and they decided to sacrifice one of the two places to hold the other. The troops have already reembarked, and are on the way to Alexandria. Fort De Russy takes its name from Colonel De Russy, who formerly commanded in this vicinity, and lives not far distant. Lieutenant-Colonel Bird was in command, though he reported to General Walker, whose headquarters were at Alexandria. The following officers are prisoners: Captains Stevens, Morran, Wise, Wright, Laird, and King; Lieutenants Denson, Fuller, Fogarty, Claydon, Trumbull, (Eng.,) Burbank, Hewey, Assenheimer, Fall, Hauk, Ball, Little, Barksdale, Spinks, Bringhurst, and Stout. From various sources we gather that the rebels here have about abandoned the idea of defending any of their navigable streams. When asked to account for their apparent neglect of so important a fort, they reply that this was considered merely as an experiment in engineering, (certainly a very creditable one, and one which the gunboats alone m
flank, in case of an attack from that quarter. Three detached companies of cavalry, under Captain Denson, were ordered to act as vedettes in the plain south of the city, and to transmit to General d orders from Brigadier-General Fagan, to advance on the Little Rock road with my regiment, Captains Denson's, Miller's and------companies of cavalry, and the section of artillery; make a feint on tht without doing any injury. Immediately the gunboat commenced firing, one shell exploded in Captain Denson's company, wounding three men, and killing three horses. Captain Blocker reported to me wital Holmes to halt at a designated position, as the rear guard of the army. By my direction, Captain Denson's company applied the torch to the negro quarters, which were consumed, together with five te morning the demonstrations of the enemy behind the levee were of a threatening character. Captain Denson, commanding cavalry detachment, rendered efficient service in counteracting his movements an
ke a shear-cut past each other. IV. Cutting-knives upon a cylinder on a horizontal axis in front of the throat, and cutting toward the opening. Spiral-knife straw-cutter. Salmon of Woburn, England, about 70 years since, introduced the oblique knife attached, cylinder fashion, between two wheels and cutting toward the throat of the straw-box; revolving in the same plane of motion as the straw is moved. The feature is also seen in United States patents, Eastman, January 29, 1822; Denson, May 2, 1835. In Fig. 5968, the cutters extend diagonally along the cylinder, being secured at their ends to the rims of the cylinderheads. A sheet-iron band forms the periphery of the cylinder. In Fig. 5969, the hay, after being cut, is crushed between rollers, and winnowed to expel the dust. V. Feed-grinders. Fig. 5970 has a series of circular cutters C on a horizontal shaft. The knives work against an apron J, and the spaces between the knives are kept clear by the fingers L
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Arkansas Post. (search)
l Wilks, commanders 41, enlisted 546, aggregate 587; Arkansas Light Battery (6 guns), Captain Hart, commanders 4, enlisted 79, aggregate 83; Missouri Cavalry, Captain Denson, commanders 2, enlisted 31, aggregate 33. Total present, Friday evening, January 9th, 1863: commanders 107, enlisted 1,690, aggregate 1,797. Late in the ahe line of rifle pits, the rest of the brigade was held in reserve several hundred yards in rear of the line of rifle pits, occupied by the 2d and 3d brigades. Denson's Cavalry was detached throughout the action. This ordered, was maintained with slight exceptions, whilst we held this position. Saturday, the 10th, about 8 os Cavalry (dismounted), killed 12, wounded 17, missing 25; 25th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), killed 2, wounded 8; Hart's Battery, killed 3, wounded 13, missing 22; Denson's Cavalry, wounded 2. Total, killed 25, wounded 64, missing 68; total, killed, wounded and missing, 157. All the horses pertaining to Hart's Battery were either
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
llege Hospital, Atlanta, Ga. De Roche, Frank Grainger, Assistant Surgeon, Aug. 31, ‘63, 16th South Carolina Regiment, absent without leave. Reported Dec. 27, ‘63, to Medical-Director, A. T. Headquarters, Dec. 30, ‘63, Inspector General's office, Richmond. Dec. 8, ‘63, resignation accepted this day. De Graffenreidt, E. F., Assistant Surgeon. Sept. 30, ‘63, 4th Alabama Regiment. Left with wounded at Williamsport, Md. Reported at Dalton, Ga., Dec. 17, ‘63, without written orders. Denson, Cally Adrian, Assistant Surgeon. September 30, unattached. Nov. 30, ‘63, 47th Georgia. Ascertained to be a volunteer. Dent, John Marshall, Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War Sept. 4, ‘62, to rank from Sept. 4, ‘62. Sept. 30, ‘63, 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, Headquarters A. T., Oct. 26, ‘63. Dec. 31, ‘63, 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. Left command, said to have resigned. Deakins, S. R., Assistant Surgeon, A. and I. G. O., Richmond, Feb
leero Sex on, in thigh; W T Wood, in leg; Lewis Burton, in arm; Cornelius Latimore, in arm; Harrison Kennedy, in leg; H M Langford, in shoulder; Charley Hope, in leg; Andy White, in ice. Missing: H Tanner. Company E--Wounded: Privates Wm A J Denson. in hand; Wm M Burges, flesh wound, thigh; Isham West, hand; Thomas J Horton, mortally, head; Ephram Thompson; mortally, hip; John H Denson, slightly, cheek; Jas R Thompson, slightly, arm; George D Cater, mortally, side. Company F--Killed: Denson, slightly, cheek; Jas R Thompson, slightly, arm; George D Cater, mortally, side. Company F--Killed: Serg John Shirah. Wounded: Lieut L Q U McCrary, severely; Serg R C Bailey, severely, thigh; Serg W G Holland, slightly; Corp'l J T Hancock, severely; Corp'l Learcy, slightly; Privates Lewis Hill, slightly; Daniel Sells, slightly; G W Pulling, slightly. James Rowland, slightly; W H Layfield, severely; John H Layfield mortally; Greene Massey, slightly; Jesse Shinholater, slightly; W H Parks, slightly; T J Bynum, severely; J Heart, slightly; Slaughter Hill, slightly; Jno R McGinfy, slightly.
; D Rawles, 2d Miss bat; Jos J Carner, 17th Va; --Hollans 14th Ga; W Alders, 13th Ga; Chas H Macey, 19th Miss Jno Soule 1st S C; F Smith, 2d Miss bat; B A Hill, 15th Ala; W H Moore, 16th N C, Sergt Jas A Thompson, 7th Tenn; Geo Torrence, 37th N C; David Ray, 38th N C; Calvin Pierre, 37th N C; Stephen Lullan, 36th N C; K M Covington, do do; Wm Meyers, 44th Ga; Abner Reeves do do; Wm M Elder, do do; Geo Nolan, do do; Jas C Strickland, do do; Jno C Regers, do do; Joseph Grant, do do; Ensign T J Denson, 1st Tenn; L E Taylor, 44th Ga; Dan't Braton, 1st S C; M F Scarbrough, 1st N C; G P Bryans, 44th Ga; S S Lindford, 1st N C; James Heard, do do; Corp H J Williams, do do; W A Newby, 38th N C; D T Yatcs, 12th Miss; Sergt T L Russell, 38th N C; H N Tomlinson, do do; Jesse Grant, do do; John Brown, 1st N C; Albert Shaw, do do; T S Speed, Marshall's Battery; C H Arnold, 19th Miss; F Draper, 12th Miss; Philip T Bishop, 44th Ga; F M Lipsy, 19th Miss; Wm Henry, do do; Sam Kendrick, 44th Ga; Geo R Oi