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Companies. Hanover Troop--Capt. Wms. C. Wickham, Lieut. Wm. B. Newton, Lieut. B. H. Bowles. Henrico Troop--Col. J. L Davis, Lieut. Comm'g B. W. Green, Jr., Lieut. John E. Friend. Governor's Guard, Richmond City--Capt. J. G. Cabell, Lieut. O. A. Crenshaw, Lieut. R. B. Kennon. Chesterfield Troop A--Capt. Henry W. Cox, Lieut. Jos. T. Mason, Lieut. Geo. C. Gregory. Chesterfield Troop B--Capt. Wm. B. Ball, Lieut. Wm. B. Wooldridge, Lieut. Charles B. Rhodes. Charles City Troop--Capt. Robert Douthat, Lieut. Thos. W. Willcox, Lieut. Archibald Taylor, Lieut. Benj. H. Harrison. Caroline Troop--Capt. George. Amelia Troop--Capt. S. S. Weisiger, Lieut. Chas. R. Irving, Lieut. J. M. Gills. New Kent Troop--Capt. Melville Vaiden, Lieut. Geo. T. Brumley, Lieut. Telemachus Taylor. Goochland Troop--Capt. Julian Harrison, Lieut. T. P. Hobson, Lieut. Geo. F. Harrison. Powhatan Troop--Lieut. Com'g John F. Lay, Lieut. Chas. Old, Lieut. T. P. Skipwith. King William Troop--Capt. Bever
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.affairs in Charles city. Charles City N. H., April 27, 1861. I have seen no report in the Richmond papers of military preparations in this county. It may be agreeable to you, and interesting to some of the readers of your paper, to hear something of what is being done in this locality. We have a company of Cavalry, about sixty strong, commanded by Capt. Robert Douthat, fully officered, fully uniformed, well equipped, and ready for any emergency. We have also a Rifle company, about seventy-five rank and file, with a full complement of officers, commanded by Capt. Geo M. Waddill. This company is also uniformed and armed with muskets. It is much to be regretted that these men cannot be supplied with the best rifles, as many of them are known to be very superior shots. These companies have been well drilled, and are anxious to meet the enemy; and when they do, my word for it, they will give a good account of themselves. Our C
Henrico.--Dr. John Garnett, Messrs. Henry Cox, R. A. Mayo, R. Gentry, James Carter, N. F. Bowe, J. B. Crenshaw, Rev. Geo. D. Exall, John F. Wrenn, John Stewart, James Lyons, Fendall Griffin, Garland Hanes, Josiah Dobbs, F. Stearns, Thos. E. Nichols, Henry Satter-white. Hanover.--Messrs. Ed. Sydnor, B. T. Winston, W. C. Shelton, G. W. Doswell, Dr. W. F. Gaines, Col. E. Shelton. Chesterfield.--Messrs. H. T. Drewry, Samuel. Hargrove, W. B. Gates, Augustus Jenks, E. O. Watkins, T. Dorsett, Rev. C. Friend. Charles City.--Messrs. Hill Carter, Robert Douthat, and Dr. E. Wilcox. Prince George.--Dr. Osborne. New Kent.--Dr. S. P. Christian, Mr. H. M. Sherman. Goochland.--Mr. J. M. Trevilian, Dr. Geo. Harris. Halifax.--J. Atkinson. Amelia.--Rev. R. McIlwaine. P. B. Price, Committee. A. S. Lee, Committee. E. Straus, Committee. C. Burnett, Committee. C. R. Barksdale, Committee. C. Bates, Committee. Richmond, July 26, 1861.
Army Promotions. Capt. C. G. Coleman, Jr., of the Frederickshall Greys, 23d Regiment Virginia Volunteers, (encamped near Winchester,) has been promoted to the rank of Major, and Mr. Francis Coleman, of Louisa, has been elected Captain to fill the vacancy thus created. Captain W. B. Ball, of the Chesterfield Troop, has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel of Cavalry, and ordered to report to Gen. Magruder, at Yorktown Captain Robert Douthat, of the Charles City Troop, has been promoted to the post of Major of Cavalry, with similar orders.